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IELTS Essay Corrected 5

IELTS Essay Corrected 5

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Published by BenWorthington
IELTS Essay Question, corrected and reviewed.
IELTS Essay Question, corrected and reviewed.

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Published by: BenWorthington on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Question: The inequality between rich and poor nationsis now wider than ithas ever been before.What do you think are the main causes of this difference and what do you think can be done to reduce the gap?
 Answer:Through the years the disparity among the industrialized and the undeveloped countrieshas1.advanced. It can be argued that the lack of education and2.how the government institution of a state functions
are the reasons behind this experience.The lack of education has a great impact on the economic development of a nation state.Education plays a vital role in3.acquiring jobs, learning new skills and bringing4.comforts of life.
For example,5.my
own country6.Philippines
has been considered to be one of thepoorest countries in Asia. This is due to the declining7.quality education
of the nationcausing poverty. Another cause would be the government8.institution of a nation.Corruption has been a real issue in the governance of indigent nation. For instance, mostEuropean9.state has
been known to be less corrupt compared to African10.state. As aresult, most if not all European11. nation is
12.compared to othercontinents.The solution for this inequality would be a strategic plan to improve the quality of education especially in non-industrialized13.country
through increasing the resources foreducation although this could be easier to14.say than to be done. Moreover, tighteningthe government policies specifically regarding15.anti corruption
16. as well
protectingproperty rights should be given priority by every nation.1.advanced, here increased would be the correct word.2.how the government
of a state functions.How the government managesstate institutions would be a better way to say it.3.acquiring jobs.Obtaining jobs/employment would be better.4.comforts of life.Bringing life's comforts, or bringing a higher standard of living would bemore professional.5.myIN MY OWN6.THE
Philippines(plural needs country= The UK, The Seychelles)7.quality education,quality OF education8.institution of a nation,better to say:
Government running/management of THE nation.

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