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Thomas Karlsson - Uthark

Thomas Karlsson - Uthark



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Published by frateraec

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Published by: frateraec on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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During nine days, the Nordic god Odin hangs in the world tree
He hangs there sacrificed by
Withoutfood or water, deeply wounded by his own spear, he endures thelong nights in thetree,Odin's sacrifice in the tree is not an attemptto save man from his sins. He is not sacrificing himself to redeem asinful world. Odin hangs in the tree by his own free Will. TheNordic world picture does not include belief in an original sin fromwhich man and his world must be saved. The Nordic traditiondoes not emphasize any messiab.
are other reasons behindOdin's sacrifice. He hangs there for his own sake. He hangs thereto gain wisdom and power. Odin hangs in ihe world tree in hisquest for the outmost secrets of the universe, the secrets that hepicks up from ihe depths in a scream of ecstasy.Odin is not a messiab. He is in many ways a dark and demonicgod, feared by most men. But he is a role model. Through hisuncompromising search for knowledge and power we can learnthe secrets known only by him. Odin can become our teacher andinitiator. He will not save us from any sins. But the path of Odinwill reveal a magical initiation of knowledge and power. He canteach us to save ourselves from weakness and uncertainty. Odincan teach us ihe secrets of the runes.This book is an introduction to runosophy, the wisdom of therunes, and to practical rune magic. Trie runes are dynamical symbolsthat characterize hidden forces. The outer shapes of the runes havechanged through history, but the principles that they symbolizeare today almost the same as during old Norse times. 7r»s bookdocs not claim to include a liistorical description of runes or runemagic. Jt is an introduction to a rune magic that is constructedaround practical work with the runes in modern time. The ambilion,however, has been that the runosophy in this hook shall be deeply
rooted in historical Nordic magic. Even if some of the runosophicalknowledge in mis hook can not be recognized from archeologicalfindings, the aim has been io describe keys to the same hiddenreality that unites modem man with our ancestors in the past Timehas passed, but man is Ihe same now and then. Just as the hiddenreality.lb many people the spiritual quest is associated with heavenlyspheres and a striving up towards the light. This reflects the greatinfluence from religion? like ChrisLianity, Judaism and Islam. Inthese religions die divine world exists somewhere in a distantheaven and God is a masculine sky god of light In die older Pagantraditions die divine could also he found on earth and inside it, inthe underworld. There was not only a male god but also as powerfulgoddesses. Man sought not only ihe light. The wise also enteredthe dark in their spiritual quest The night sky with all its stars wasas important as ihe daylight sky. The undeiworld was as importantto visit as the heavenly spheres. This is reflected in the old Norsetradition. In ihe Nordic tradition the darkness is a prerequisite ofillumination. When Odin bangs in the world tree he gazes into thedepth to find die runes. The secrets of existence are hidden in theunderworld.The
consist of a light outer form and a dark inner dimension. Rune magicians during all times have sought ihe inner secretsof die runes, striving with an ironwill like Odin to discover thehidden meanings of the runes. The runosophy of this hook
basedon a disputed thought that the rune row is written in a cipher tohide
secret meaning from uninirJates. The bidden and dark sideof die rune row has been called the Uthark. This has been viewedas die inner esoteric rune row which is hidden behind the morecommon rune row, called die Futhark. When discussing this typeof occult thoughts there are no actual right or wrong, true or Talse.Many have doubted the historical anchorage of the Uthark andmany deep and advanced magical books based on the Futharkhave been written. Bui the Uthark has revealed itself as a verypowerful tool for entering the secrets of the runes and for exploringtheir nightside.

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