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Published by pshenasa

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Published by: pshenasa on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blues Music
The first Blues singers were AfricanSlaves. Their musicgrew out ofdespair of slavery. Even after theirreleasethe slaves were still held down by appalling poverty,and deprived of any kind of privilege.For many thisµfreedom¶ was worse than theslaveryWhen the slaves were set free in1865, they facedpoverty andhomelessness.The nightmare ofslavery was over, but black peoplewere often denied jobs andmistreated in other ways,as thissong tells us:I been hurt an¶ mistreated
µtill I done made up my mind.I been hurt an¶ mistreatedµtill I done made up my mind.Gonna leave dis ol¶ country An¶ all my troubles behindThese words come from a blues song.
First person in Blues Music
Charlie Patton
was one of the first mainstream stars of the Delta blues genre. Patton, who was born in HindsCounty, Mississippi near Edwards, lived most of his lifein Sunflower County, in the Mississippi Delta. Mostsources say he was born in 1891, but there is somedebate about this, and the years 1887 and 1894 havealso been suggested.
In 1900, his family moved 100 miles (160 km) north tothe legendary 10,000-acre (40 km
) DockeryPlantation sawmill and cotton farm near Ruleville,Mississippi. It was here that both John LeeHooker and Howlin' Wolf fell under the Patton spell. Itwas also here that Robert Johnson played and wasgiven his first guitar. At Dockery, Charlie fell under the tutelage of HenrySloan, who had a new, unusual style of playing musicwhich today would be considered very early blues.Charlie followed Henry Sloan around, and, by the timehe was about 19, had become an accomplishedperformer and songwriter in his own right, havingalready composed "Pony Blues," a seminal song of theera.Robert Palmer describes Patton as a "jack-of all-tradesbluesman" who played "deep blues, white hillbilly songs,

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