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Classical Music

Classical Music

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Published by pshenasa

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Published by: pshenasa on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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European ClassicalMusic
Although the classical period is a relatively shorttime (1750 to 1820) in Western music history,the expression "classical music" generally refersto an extended group of styles,composers and written music works (as opposedto traditional music learned by ear). These worksdeveloped in Europe starting from the MiddleAges and spread to the rest
of Western culture throughout the lastmillennium. The study of this music is often divided intoperiods.
Early Music
In Middle Ages (400 to 1400s), music and art ingeneral were mainly ruled by the Catholicchurch. The most important musical treasurefrom that time that still remains is Gregorianchant.During the Renaissance (1400s to 1600s),ancient Greek and Roman ideals of beautyflourished. Artists were inspired by human
nature, and no longer solely by God. During thistime, polyphonic music, which utilized severalindependent voices, had a tremendousdevelopment. The best examples of this arefound in works by Giovanni da Palestrina, Josquindes Prez, Dufay and Orlando di Lassus. Workssuch as "Gaillardes," "Gigues," "Pavanes" or"Saltarellos" were pieces written for dance.
Classical period
In this period (1750 to 1820), composers tried toearn independence from the court. Music movedthe listener with straight "easy to follow"melodies and clear harmoniesand structures, as opposed to the complexcounterpoint used previously. Some genres assonatas, chamber music (duets, trios, stringquartets, etc.) symphonies and opera wereconsolidated. More people began to play andenjoy music at home. Representative composersof the time were Wolfgang A. Mozart, whosepieces include Symphony No. 40, Eine KleineNachtmusik and the operas "Don Giovanni" and

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