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Metal Music

Metal Music

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Published by pshenasa

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Published by: pshenasa on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metal - [ Heavy Metal ]
Metal began in prototype form with BlackSabbath, whose trademark occultismsymbolized life in terms of the eternal andideal, while their gritty, sensual, lawlessguitar gave significance to the immediate andreal. The resulting fusion of the bohemiangeneration with a nihilistic, dark and morbidstreak birthed early metal. Those who hadrejected the hippies and found no solace insocial order embraced this music and lostbohemians everywhere began to find newdirections in this sound.Having been thus born of the rock traditionearly metal remained much within thatframework, with dual lineages existing inBlack Sabbath, the proto-metalarchitecturalists, and Led Zeppelin, the blues-folk-rock extravagantists. While the 1970sstruggled to develop further the innovationsin rock between 1965-1969 the influences
that hit metal were primarily from Europeanprogressive rock. These musicians usedclassical theory to give narrative context tothemes which in the popular music stylerepeat through cycling short complementaryphrases or riffs which center motives. Thistechnique migrated classical styles adaptedfrom acoustic guitar and espoused structureover total improvisation.As metal grew in the middle 1970s, itsfragmented nature brought it bothcommercial success and hilarity as a retardedyounger brother to rock. The rock sidecoupled with trash rock bands and formedstadium metal, which was the apex of metal'spopularity and the nadir of its creativity, withbands being known for musical illiteracy,hedonistic excess and often mind-wrenchingstupidity in interviews. These bands wouldcome into full flower in the 1980s, but markedtheir territory well before the turn of thedecade. On the other hand, however, some of the most dramatic growth in metal occurred
when bands merged progressive leaningswith desires for traditional solid, sing-alongsongs.From this fork in the metal path came threegreats whose influences cannot beunderestimated, birthed in the early 1970sbut becoming most dramatically influential inthe 1980s: Judas Priest, Motorhead, and IronMaiden. Each had musicians from aprogressive background who added newideas to rock and metal, whether theneoclassical guitar duo of K.K. Downing andGlen Tipton or the melodic basslines of SteveHarris of Iron Maiden. Even Motorhead, thesimplest and most basic of the three, wrotesongs with a melodic baroque tendency thatrivalled that of the Beatles, except withoutthe flourishes and happy feelings. Bridgingbetween psychedelic space rock like founderLemmy Kilmister's Hawkwind, aggressivepunk and simplified metal-rock in the style of Blue Cheer, Motorhead sounded like a glass-gargling vagabond and an impromptu jail

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