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ADD Culture

ADD Culture

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Published by Erin Pembroke

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Published by: Erin Pembroke on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The ADD Culture by: Erin Pembroke6/29/2011Have you noticed a certain trend in society? This trend I am talking about seems to have somesort of effect on both the youth and adults. Guess what trend I am talking about; ADD or ADHD. Yep,you are reading this correctly. ADD.I have noticed that everywhere I go, pre-teenagers and teenagers discuss a topic and then fiveminutes later they forget what they were discussing or laugh for no reason (perhaps because they forgotwhat they said). I have also noticed that adults seem to rock back and forth or waver in the chairs theyare sitting on when they have to wait a long time for something. For instance, when I was at a DMV, Inoticed that an older Jewish man sat down and five minutes later, he wavered back and forth in hischair for about thirty minutes. I do not think that this man was aware of what he was doing because if he were, I think he would stop rocking back and forth in his chair.I have also noticed that as young adults and teenagers get more absorbed in pop-culture andtelevision icons, they tend to imitate them or act like them, thus taking in the lack of ability toconcentrate and pay attention because the celebrities do not seem to concentrate or pay attention. Thislack of concentration can be found on “Jersey Shore,” “Jerseylicious,” and any other reality T.V. Show.The viewer ends up taking in this lack of focus and concentration and making it their own personalitytrait. Not only that, but people's minds seem to wonder off more often than perhaps in the past. A person is more likely to stare at a person walking by than look at the person they are talking to. It seemslike the world is just not paying attention.It is a new culture we are living in. This culture is the ADD culture. This is the era where kidscan't pay attention and focus on their homework; the time where kids can't focus on anything butvideogames and it is the videogames and computers that have caused this so called “ADD Culture.”Children all the way to young adults play so many videogames or use so much technology that nothing but those items can hold their attention. A child does not listen to a parent when playing a videogamenor does he or she want to get up during one. Doing any other activity during a videogame or work on acomputer makes one lose a game or die in a videogame or lose track of their progress and work on acomputer. This is the era and the culture where many dinners are actually eaten in front of a T.V. or on acomputer. This is thus, the “alone culture.”When a man or a woman goes on several dates with each other and get comfortable with eachother, one of them is likely to pull out a cell phone and start “texting” during a conversation at dinner when dining out. Yes, it is disrespectful but in this age, people do not realize how disrespectful it is because they are attached to their electronics. Either sex would view it as a sign of boredom while theother may view it as I have to catch up on work or the latest gossip, news etc. However, it can be a signof both boredom and catching up on things. When we immediately pull out that cell phone, we do notrealize how we affect that person and what it says about us and what the other person means to us. Thiseasily accessible electronic scatters out mind because we end up in our own world. We do not listen towhat the other person is saying. It is as if we push them aside and do not appreciate what is in front of our eyes; the person with whom you are on a date!It just seems like people these days cannot sit still, listen, pay attention, focus, or concentrate onone task at a time. It seems like our minds and attention is always diverted elsewhere. We never question what is so important that is diverting our attention. We just let it happen on a regular basis

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LauraNovak added this note
I agree that there is a shortage of patience and good manners. Attention spans have shrunk for a variety of reasons. Everyone can probably improve in social skills but it's also imperative to keep up with how fast the world is changing. (not sure why it's relevant to say "Jewish" man unless it has something to do with WHY he's rocking back and forth. Perhaps just "old man" is sufficient.)
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