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Williams Issues

Williams Issues

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Published by adam1852

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Published by: adam1852 on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Internet In the Classroom - IssuesThe Internet in the Classroom  IssuesAdam WilliamsGeorgia Southern UniversitySummer 2011
The Internet In the Classroom - IssuesArapahoe High School. (2007). AHS blogging policy. Retrieved fromhttp://arapahoe.littletonpublicschools.net/forStudents/AHSBloggingPolicy/tabid/1486/Default.aspxBlogs can be a great way for teachers to enrich and extend their classroom. A blog issomewhat of a daily journal that allows the viewer to see the latest entry first.Arapahoe High School is on the forefront of using blogs in the classroom. They haverisen to meet the needs of the 21
century classroom by establishing a bloggingpolicy for their teachers and students. Their blogging policy is designed so that ateachers blog becomes an extension of their classroom. This policy remindsteachers to be specific, educational, safe and civil. This blog also reminds teachersto be careful with their personal blog that is not part of their classroom because anyinformation posted there is available for the public to see and could possibly beused against them in any litigation. Arapahoe High School encourages their teachersto blog and blog safely.This policy does a good job of bringing awareness to their teachers about blogging.It also does a good job of encouraging teachers to blog. One strength of this policy isthat fact that it brings awareness to potential problems without scaring them not toblog. Another strength to this policy is the fact that it reminds teachers that they arepublic figures and anything they say on another blog could possibly be used against them. Perhaps the one thing that makes the policy very exemplary is the fact that it gives teachers a good example of a blog entry. This sample entry shows teachershow to successfully write a quality blog post. Overall, this policy does a great job of encouraging teachers to blog and uses it to extend their classroom.Though this blogging policy is written very well there are several places that couldbe improved. First, if the district is encouraging teachers to blog they must link tothe various blogging platforms. Many teachers are not considered digital natives,but are willing to try new thing; therefore they would need to know the different blogging services that are available to them. Another weakness is the lack of academic integrity. The policy does remind teachers about plagiarism, but it doesnot encourage them to cite any sources used in their blog post. By operating abovethe standard it would allow for a more open and honest environment on the blog.Though these are minor weakness they could easily be fixed. However, it iscommendable of Arapahoe High School to takes the steps to encourage teachers toblog.
The Internet In the Classroom - IssuesLaramie County School District 2. Safe blogging policy. Retrieved fromhttp://laramie2.org/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/358136/File/Technology/Safe%20Blog%20Guidelines.pdf?sessionid=9f6842643ebe63c3554258d4a1d81ed0Like Arapahoe High School Laramie County School District 2 encourages teachers toblog as a way to enrich the classroom experience. The Laramie County SchoolDistrict 2 blogging policy is very similar to Arapahoe High Schools blogging policy.It encourages teachers to use a blog in order to extend their classroom. It doesremind teachers that a blog is an extension of the classroom and to be abovereproach when it comes to the language used on the blog. It reminds teachers that blogs are about learning tools and to respect the ideas of others. The policy goes onto remind teachers to protect themselves by being specific and by not publishingany private information. The final part of the policy reminds teachers to cite anyinformation used from other sources. It is commendable of the Laramie CountySchool District 2 to encourage teachers to use technology in a manner to extendtheir classroom.This blogging policy has is simple and to the point which makes it a very exemplarypolicy. This policy does a great job of encouraging teachers to blog and it remindsthem of the possibility of problems that could arise from their posting and how toeliminate those problems. This policy reminds teachers that what they post ispublic and not to post anything that they would not say or do with in the walls of their classroom. This policy also does a good job of reminding teachers to bespecific and not argumentative. The Laramie County School District 2 has written astrong blogging policy that will guide their teachers into the 21
Century.Though this blogging policy was well written there are several changes that could bemade. One is to provide the teachers with examples of what an acceptable blog post would look like. Examples will help guide teachers as they embark on their bloggingjourney. Perhaps the greatest weakness is the fact that it advises teachers to usecommon sense. This could cause many problems for the school district becausewhat is common sense to one might not be common sense to another. Thedistrict should be more specific about the following the rules as they are written andeliminate and guess work by the blogger. Though there are weakness the policy isshort and to the point which will encourage blogging and benefit the students of Laramie County School District 2.

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