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Post Test + Key

Post Test + Key

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Published by tariqghayyur2

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Published by: tariqghayyur2 on Jul 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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P ost Test
Name: Date: /07/2011 Marks: 10School:Note: Read the statement carefully and encircle the most appropriate answer.Q1. Leadership can be categorizing into _______level.(a) Two(b) Three(c) Four(d) FiveQ2. “
POSDCORB” elements of managements deal with_________?(a) Luther & Gullick (b) Foyal(c) Norman (d) All of above
Q3. The lowest level of the Cognitive Domain is -------------.(a) Comprehension (b) Knowledge(c) Application(d) EvaluationQ4. The major parts in any communication which is body language, voice, tonality and ----.(a) Words (b) language(c) Listening(d) SpeakingQ5. A dialogue is areciprocalconversationbetween _____________entities. (a) One or more(b) Two or more(c) A and b(d) None of the aboveQ6. Which is not duty of principal?(a) Time Table(b) Morning Assembly(c) Training of Teachers(d) All of aboveQ7. B. F. Skinner was one of the most influential of American____________?(a) Psychologists(b) Politician(c) Economist (d) EducationistQ8. Record keeping is the procedure of saving the history of____________ actions,decisions and future planning.(a) Teacher(b) An organizations(c) None of them(d) All of aboveQ9. Teacher professional development refers to _______________________.(a) Skills and knowledge(b) Higher Education(c) Vocational Education (d) Scientific learningQ10. John Dewy was an________________________?(a) Educationist(b) Economist(c) Industrialist (d) Policy maker

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