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Need a little love PDF

Need a little love PDF

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Published by teresaloves2lol

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Published by: teresaloves2lol on Jul 11, 2011
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Need a little love
by:Teresa marcos
Need a little love
 Category: TV Shows » Hannah MontanaLanguage: English, Rating: Rated: TGenre: Romance/Hurt/ComfortPublished: 09-28-10, Updated: 12-27-10Chapters: 20, Words: 34,713
Chapter 1: You have to open up, when you need a little love
 Miley Stewart had attended her school for 12 years. She's now a senior and she's gonna graduate in about, 6 months. Lilly andDemi are her best friends and they're always together. Today she's gonna meet her new music teacher because their old musicteacher resigned at the middle of the school year. Anyway, she didn't like music class. She did when she was younger, but forsome reason, she stopped loving music. Miley, Lily and Demi met at their lockers to get ready for music class."
So, we're gonna meet our new music teacher today. I hope he's not the terror type." said Miley 
I actually heard that he's gorgeous and handsome." said Demi 
So, the teacher is a guy?" said Lily 
Yeah, a young one." said Demi 
Really? Just, don't he dare mess with me." said Miley 
 Miley, Lily and Demi went inside their classroom, and they sat on their favourite seats, the back row. Few minutes later, a weirdsilence occurred and all eyes turned towards the door, as a handsome young guy probably few years older than them. He hascurly hair and tantalizing brown chocolate eyes.Nicholas Grey, 21 years old, fresh college graduate, got all eyes at him. He managed to stay calm and act normal so he walkedto the teacher's table and placed his study materials on top of it. He faced the class and casually sat a bit on the edge of thetable to act cool.
Miley POV
 I turned my head towards the door as a young man entered it. I just watched him walk towards the teacher's table and I kindagiggled a bit on my classmate's faces and reactions. Some of them have their mouths hanging open, some got wide eyes, somegot dreamy and plastered a silly smile on their faces, the boys got tensed and felt intimidated, while I, Miley Ray Stewart justkinda ignored his pr
esence. Sure he's cute and handsome and has beautiful brown eyes… wait, what am I saying? This is our
new music teacher I'm talking about! I can't like a teacher! I turned to Lily and saw her raise her hand up. The teacher noticedher and nodded at her."
Sir, are you our new music teacher?" said Lily 
 I noticed the flirty tone in Lily's voice and I know she's crushing on our new teacher. I looked back in front and saw our newhandsome teacher smile."
Yes, I am your new teacher for music subject. I am Nick Jonas, a fresh college graduate. I work here in this school and I also owna recording company." said Nick 
 Oh my, he must be freaking rich. He owns a freaking company! What the hell is he doing here teaching?
The company was passed down to me by my father. He's a great guy. I studied music and I've decided to teach here because Iwant to discover, I want to learn more music. I want all of you to learn to love or at least like it. Music is a great part of my life.It's my inspiration and I've never regretted loving it. I want you all to feel what I felt." said Nick 
I was surprised to see a smiling and flirty Demi raise up her hand and Mr. Nick nodded at her."
I thought you studied music? Why do you want to learn more about it?" asked Demi 
It's because I want to learn more about you. Through music, I can be able to understand you, your different personalities and through that, I also got to learn new kinds of music, just like meeting new kinds of people. Speaking
of meeting new people…
why don't you all tell me your names one by one and put in together some facts about you, okay?" said Nick 
Ughhh… I hate "getting to know you" moments. He started the introducing myself thingy and I was very thankful that we're
sitting at the last row. When all of them are finally done except me and Lily and Demi, I started to feel anxious of what wouldmy introduction would turn out to be. I watched Lily tell things about her and actually telling that she's single and available. Igiggled and almost laughed out loud when I noticed that Mr. Grey didn't mind. Haha. Poor Lilypad. It was Demi's turn and it wasa decent one but with hints of flirt and humor. I sighed as I realized that it was my turn. I stood up and looked at him, our newmusic teacher. My heart skipped a beat when my eyes met his. I bit my lip and got nervous as ever. I turned my gaze on theboard instead. I told him my name, my age and where I live. That's it. But before I could sit back down, he asked me something."
What are your interests?" asked Nick 
Uhmmm…" said Miley 
I bit my lip and he chuckled."
You can answer, you know? I won't eat you." said Nick 
 I smiled up at him. God, he's gorgeous and so hot like that."
I… I like watching movies, writing. I like flowers, stars, and other silly things…" said Miley 
 He chuckled again, simply enjoying embarrassing me."
What specific thing do you write?" said Nick 
oh… I can't let him know.
Uh…. Stuff…" said Miley 
What kind of stuff, Ms. Stewart?" asked Nick 
 I got surprised a bit because he knew me by name already, or at least, by surname."
Uhm… just stories… yeah, stories…" said Miley 
Oh… thank you Miss Miley." said Nick 
 He memorized my name too! I sat down on my chair and felt my cheeks turn to red. I turned to my best friends and I saw themlooking at me with their mouths slightly open. Kinda asking me, "What was that?" I rolled my eyes and doodled on mynotebook, ignoring them and our new teacher who looks like some kind of a Greek God. We also got informed that Mr. Greyw
ill be our new class adviser. GREAT…

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