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she will be loved pdf

she will be loved pdf

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Published by: teresaloves2lol on Jul 11, 2011
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She will be loved 
by:Teresa Marcos
She will be loved
 Category: TV Shows » Hannah MontanaLanguage: English, Rating: Rated: TGenre: Romance/Hurt/ComfortPublished: 02-04-11, Updated: 03-15-11Chapters: 17, Words: 30,262
Chapter 1: Look for the girl with the broken smile
 A 10 year old Nick Grey went to an orphanage with his parents. They're spending Christmas day with the orphans.Nick's family was rich and it's their way of sharing their blessings. Nick noticed a shy beautiful girl sitting on thecorner. He asked his mom if he could talk to her and she nodded. Nick walked towards the girl with a box of gift inhis hands. He stood in front of her and handed her the gift. The girl smiled wide at him and he smiled back.
"What's your name?" 
Nick asked.
"I'm Nick Grey",
he added.The girl opened her mouth but closed it again. She placed the box on the table beside her and her hand madegestures. Nick watched her until he realized that the girl can't talk.He read her signs and it said,
"I'm Miley. I can't speak. I hope you understand me." 
 Nick smiled at her warmly.
"It's alright. My mom taught me sign language. She's a teacher." 
Nick spoke and gestured the signs at the sametime.Miley's smile grew wider.
"Why aren't you hanging out with the other kids?" 
Nick spoke while doing the signs.Miley frowned and made signs,
"They don't really like me. They can't understand me." 
 Nick's parents saw him talking to the girl and they both smiled. A nun whispered to them,
"Her name is Miley; she'sborn with a speech disability. Her mother left her here when she was five, she already knew basic sign languageback then, but her mom doesn't like her, it was heartbreaking. The kid is a sweet girl and she loves helping thenuns." 
 Mrs. Grey smiled because she was a sign language teacher and she taught his son back then.
"She seems special. Out of the 50 orphans, she caught my son's eyes" 
, Mr. Grey exclaimed as he smiled whilewatching the two kids.
Nick made Miley open the present,
"Open it. I chose that gift myself when we went gift shopping." 
Miley smiled wider and Nick thought that she's so cute when she smiles. Miley opened the gift and it revealed abrown teddy bear that seems to be the reason why her eyes twinkled with joy.
"No one has ever given me something beautiful. Thank you." 
Miley joyfully hugged the bear to her chest then Nick sat beside her to get to know more about each other. Nickfound out that she's the same age with him, she got left by her mom 5 years ago, and she's born mute.Unfortunately, Nick had to go home and leave her, he knew it the moment he saw his mom and dad approachthem.
"Mom! Dad! I found a new friend, her name is Miley. She can't speak, but she knows sign language, mom!" 
Nick introduced excitingly.His parents smiled at them and Mrs. Grey made signs to Miley,
"It's very nice to meet you, Miley".
Miley smiled and felt shy. She thought of how it feels when she has a mom, but no one wanted to adopt herbecause she's freaking mute.
"Nick, we need to go home already," 
Mr. Grey told Nick and Nick's face fell.
"We're going back, right? I'm gonna see Miley again?" 
Nick asked with big eyes, full of hope.
"Sure, buddy," 
Mr. Jonas smiled at his son as Nick shot him a thankful smile.Nick turned to Miley and took her hand,
"I have to go home, but I'll come back. Don't forget me, okay?" 
 Miley nodded and hugged him. He was her first real friend, he was kind and good to her, and she doesn't want tolose her.She kissed his cheek and pulled back,
"Thank you so much." 
 Nick then went with his parents and Miley was left smiling to herself. She glanced at the teddy bear that Nick gaveher and hugged it, hoping that he'll come back to hang out with her again.Nick went back several times and he even gave Miley a bracelet that says,
"Nick and Miley Best Friends Forever" 
.They became best friends and they both enjoyed each other's company. It was Nick's routine to visit Miley everySaturday and it went on for two years. Everything went good, until one Saturday, Nick went to the orphanage withhis mom, and Miley wasn't there anymore. All that was left was a note.
Dear Nick,
I'm sorry I had to go. I've been adopted and I can't tell you where they'll take me. I'm really sorry to leave you. I'll always bring your gifts with me. You're my one and only best friend, please don't hate me. I hope we'll see eachother someday. Thank you for everything, for making me happy. I love you, bestie.

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