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Pure Report Newsletter Issue 4

Pure Report Newsletter Issue 4

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Published by makeawish

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Published by: makeawish on Jul 11, 2011
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Issue 4. June 2011http://pure-report.moonfruit.com $2.00
ISSUE 4 - JUNE 2011 $2.00
True Knowledge can break through the boundary of our Ignorance, and allow the mind to achieveGreat success
The P.U.R.E Report Staff 
KAMAU P. EMERSON - EditorERIC CATHEY - Distribution Assistant.KAMAU P. EMERSON - State Correspondent.HOWARD GUIDRY - Nation Correspondent.WILLIE T TROTTIE - Legal Correspondent.TONY MEDINA - Staff Writer.MOYO NURU - Staff Writer.SANDIE BLANTON - Co-
Guest Contributing Writersfor this Issue
Preston HughesAnthony DoyleAnthony Francois
Charles “Chucky” Mamou
 Milton GobertLuis Ramirez. R.I.P
My genuine gratitude I give to each of you for your support andcontributions, Indeed, they are profoundly appreciated. Now if youwill allow me to continue the writing of this editorial with a quote
from Barack Obama’s commencement address at Knox colleg
e. Thethen U.S Senator stated:
“One by one, abolitionists emerged to tell their fellow
  Americans that this would NOT be our place in history.That this was NOT the America that had captured theimaginati
on of so many around the world”
Now that particular passage was pertaining to those Brave men andwomen who stood up and fought for the abolishment of slavery.However I be
lieve that Mr Obama’s statement is also (and Indeed
should be) The state of mind of every person that morally understand,that having the death penalty In our society is wrong. Of course forthose who are undecided about their stance concerning the death
 penalty, it’s natural for you to resist the thought, urge, or even desire
to stand up and fight for a person convicted of capital murder. Forthey themselves quite possibly have committed what we may believeto be the ultimate sinful act.However, at the same time, let us be reminded of the words of Jesuswhen he addresses the crowd that condemned the adulteress, where
in it’s written he said : “you without sin cast the first stone”
Essentially Jesus was saying that we all are no different than thepers
on that’s being condemned. Now I’m not saying we should
excuse murderous behavior or treat it lightly, but what I am saying, isthat we should not be so quick to condone the taking of a life. Nowperhaps taking a stance against the Death penalty createsapprehension in your heart, or maybe you are still not convinced that
it’s a good idea to do so. Then bear this important fact in mind….
The gift of life is a precious and sacred blessing that is more valuable
than anything on earth. And it’s a gift that’s
irreplaceable.Furthermore, with the fact that our judicial system is flawed by
corruption, greed, racial bias, and a multitude of other errors, it’s
more than likely that the execution of Innocent people have alreadyoccurred. And that alone should be reason enough to stand upagainst the injustice the death penalty presents. Now I could go onand list the statistics on various areas and give a variety of legalreason why capital punishment needs to be abolished. But I will notdo that at this time. Because I want the focus to remain on thehumanity aspect of things. Especially since in America, the mainstream media have a tendency to make us view the men and womanon death row as less than human. But the fact is, whether innocent orguilty, those incarcerated on the row are human just like you. Theyare men and women, with family, friends and loved ones. They arealso people who have dreams, spiritual beliefs, character flaws, fears,the ability to love and possessing the capability to change. So whenthe state sanction murder of these human beings occur, not only is thegift of life destroyed but a profound devastation transpires in the livesof those who loved those men and women. My friends, we live in agreat nation and the perpetual cycle of legalized assassination shouldnot be part of the legacy we leave behind as a testimony of history.So if you are ready to be like the brave abolitionist of old, then take astance. Get involved in a community organization against the deathpenalty. Also contact your State Representative and let your voice beheard, that capital punishment should be abolished. Because the
world is watching people, and it’s time for a change.
 Peace, solidarity and P.U.R.E love. Editor. Kamau P. Emmerson
Editor’s Introduction
We the people are no longer enslaved,but the credit does not belong to the framers.It belongs to those who refused
to acquiesce in outdated notions of “Liberty”
“Justice” and “Equality”, and who strived
to better them …..
 By Thurgood Marshall
Issue 4
June 2011 $2.00----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In this second segment of Innocence revealed, our interview session is focused on Preston Hughes III, and at forty five, Prestonwho is slightly over weight and wears glasses bears more of a resemblance to a college professor rather than a convicted felon.Now within this interview this outspoken East coast Native shared with us some rather startling insight about the circumstancesconcerning his case. So let us reveal to you exactly what transpired.
Greetings of solidarity and peace Preston. I do hope your day has been well.
: Greetings of solidarity and peace to you also my brother. Yes my day has been going wellconsidering the unfortunate circumstances. I hope all is well with you and your family.
The P.U.R.E REPORT: My family and loved ones are blessed, so thank you for your well wishes concerning them. Now
I’m sincerely glad yo
u could join the P.U.R.E report for this interview on our special segment of Revealing claims of Innocence. Its absolutely appreciated.
I am very happy to be here today to give this interview.
The P.U.R.E REPORT: Now Preston, I like to begin these interviews by giving our readers some history on theinterviewee, that way the reader will gain a better understanding of that person. Now if you will, please give us someinsight on your life and who you are?
 I’m a single African American man, 45 years of age from Buffalo, New York, I moved to HoustonTexas, after I finished high school in June of 1983. I was 17 at the time. I’m a very easy going, fun loving and hard workin
g person, unfortunately
 I’m caught up in a fight to save my life regain my freedom.
The P.U.R.E. REPORT: Would you be so kind to share with us the circumstances surrounding your arrest?
Yes I was arrested on Tuesday, September 27 
1988 at 4:30 A.M. I was wrongly accused of allegedly committing the stabbing deaths of two people on September 26 
1988. The victims were a fifteen year old girl and her 
three year old male cousin….
The P,U.R.E.REPORT: What made you a suspect in this crime?
 According to the Police the girl allegedly “called the name Preston before she died”. I was arrested because my first name is “Preston” (also) because I knew the female victim and lived in the area where they were attacked. Bu
still none of this amounted to enough probable cause to arrest me without a warrant.
The P.U.R.E. REPORT: Can you recall precisely where were you during the time the crime was apparently committed?
The victims were last seen by the female friend of the female victim around 9:00pm on September 26 
1988. At that time I was on a bus that I boarded down town at 8:45.p.m to take me home.
The P.U.R.E.REPORT: So before that bus ride, what were you doing?
 I had been drinking after work with a couple of co-workers and a former co-worker.
The P.U.R.E. REPORT: Did these people you were drinking with make any kind of verification to the police that youwere with them and had left at the time you claimed?
Yes they testified at my trial that it was true.
So you boarded the bus at 8:45 p.m and the victims were murdered at 9:00pm. That’s a fifteen
minute time gap. So can you please tell us what were you doing during that time period?
I fell asleep on the bus and my oversleeping made me miss my stop and I was taken to the end of thebus route. Which is a couple of miles away from where I lived. After being awakened by the Bus driver. I exited the bus and walked to a store to get change, so I could call a cab to take me home.
continued on pg 4
Revealing Claims of InnocencePart 2

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