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How Memory Doubles

How Memory Doubles

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Published by Hal Wechsler
Learn this baby-easy memory strategy and you
will use the rest of your life. It gives you a unique
competitive advantage over your competitors
because you are smarter than they are. Start now.
Learn this baby-easy memory strategy and you
will use the rest of your life. It gives you a unique
competitive advantage over your competitors
because you are smarter than they are. Start now.

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Published by: Hal Wechsler on Jul 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Double (2x) Your Memory ± PermanentlyIf you have a kid in school, or are in college or grad-school, this baby-easy strategyis guaranteed to raise your class rank - one-full-grade. Your exam scores will improveup to 37%, and your opportunity for a scholarship doubles. Works for executives too.Why? It¶s because Memory is Everything. It¶s the secret to academic success, right?V-A-K V stands for ³Vision´, you have to see what you want to remember.A stands for ³Auditory´, you must hear the word or phrase you want to recall.K stands for ³Kinesthetic´, a fancy name for your sense of touch, (feeling, tactile).When you use a pen or type with your word-processor, you activate your sense of touch to double your memory, you must ³feel´ the word or phrase.Handy-Hand Strategy1.
If you are a lefty, use the index-finger of your left-hand to trace the word orphrase you want to permanently remember in the palm of your right-hand.For righties, use your right-index-finger to trace in the palm of your left-hand.2.
Before we start we must mentally announce our memory intention,and get the cooperation of your Inner-Child. Who is he/she? Another name is yourSelf-Talk, Stream-of-Consciousness, Internal-Dialogue, and Subvocalization.Your Inner-Child is the ³still, small voice´ within - that you hear mentally when youare reading. When you ask yourself, ³Should I take an umbrella?´, who are youtalking to? It¶s your Inner-Child that sends you an answer (intuition).3.
Here¶s what you do. Close your eyes and instantly go into Alpha (relaxation).³I want to talk to my Inner-Child (call it by your nick-name or Kiddo). We are goingto play a little game. Help me. I want to permanently remember this word (phrase).Please play with me.´ That¶s all there is to it.You have created Attention-Interest-Desire in your own brain. Now we use V-A-K to make Handy-Hand work. You have the strength of your three-power senses forlong-term memory.4.
Example: Occum¶s RazorI just cannot remember the phrase Occum¶s Razor, the law of parsimony. It refersto using the simplest approach ± Keep-It-Simple-Stupid. We have the help of ourInner-Child, but he/she needs clues to remember. It comes from using multi-senses.
Mentally ± say in your mind, Occum¶s Razor three-times (3x). If you are aloneyou can say the two-words out-loud 3x. Repeat the words with feeling, like you intendto learn them permanently. Your intention to remember - is everything.b.
Notice that whether you repeat the two-words ³mentally¶ or aloud, you involveYour sense of hearing ± Auditory sense. You hear - Occum¶s Razor (3x).c.
Trace the two-words, Occum¶s Razor in the palm of your passive hand usingyour dominant index-finger. So What? You are using your Visual Sense by seeing thewords asyou trace them. You see them in your ³mind¶s eye´ and with your physicalVisual Cortex.d.
Tracing the words Occum¶s Razor in you other hand is a physical act thattriggers your powerful sense of touch (kinesthetic). You feel yourself tracing thewords to be memorized. That¶s Kinesthetic.e.
Ask yourself (Inner-Child), ³Kiddo, what does Occum¶s Razor remind me of?What does it sound like? What pictures (mental-images) come into my mind when Ithink of the two-words ± Occum¶s Razor?Wait two-seconds for an answer, it will come immediately. I get a mental-image of of my Gillette Fusion Razor. I use it daily, and see myself shaving with the Razor.That¶s all I need because I am linking something new, ³Occum¶s Razor´, withSomething ³old´ in my long-term memory. Gillette Razor to Occum¶s Razor, right?What about a rhyme for ³Occum´? Dock-em, Hock-em, Lock-em, and Sock-Em.The last one is very visual, I see a prize-fight and a lot of Rock-Em and Sock-Em.Okay, I repeat 3x the rhythm reminder for Occum. µSock-Em, Sock-Em, Sock-Em.´That¶s baby-easy, I can visualize-mentally, and even feel ± µSock-Em.¶ Now I link them together, ³Sock-Em, Occum!´. Now I add ³Razor´, my own Gillette razor,the one I shave with daily. Fact: I will never forget the two-words, Occum¶s Razor.f.
Last thing, I must show my appreciation to my Inner-Child. ³Thanks forplaying the word-game with me. Is there anything I can do for you? A picture of a Hershey candy-bar comes to mind. ³How about a diet Pepsi, or a sweet fruit,I want to lose five-pounds?´ I hear the µstill, small voice¶ echo, ³OK´.EndwordsYour Inner-Child wants to play games all the time. He/she is available 24/7 toto help you learn, remember or discover creative ways to improving. Just ask in a nice way, and he/she will play with you.Want a new relationship, a promotion/raise in your career, lose-five-pounds?

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