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Leadership Workshop

Leadership Workshop

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Published by Benjamin Chuah

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Published by: Benjamin Chuah on Jul 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leadership Workshop [Games suggestions]
Blindfold rope squareOverview:
The team have 10-15 minutes to create a perfect square shape on the floor using a length of rope whilst blindfolded.
The goal of the exercise is to promote communication between members of the group.Beforehand, we can select a team leader for the task, which will allow them to practise their leadershipskills as well.We can create a scenario, such as: you are in the arctic during winter and it is night time (hence therebeing no light). One of your team is injured and you have to create a square for a helicopter to land inand evacuate him. You have 15 minutes before the weather becomes too severe and the helicoptercant make it. Or something along those lines.
Materials needed:
1 x length of rope per group (ideally around 10 metres)
Blindfolds for each member of the group
n open area, free from obstacles (eg, a gym hall or a field)
Blindfold each member of the group2.
Get the group to stand randomly spread out in the area, and make them spin around on thespot for 10 seconds to disorientate them.3.
Coil the rope and lay it next to one of the group members.4.
The group then have to find the rope, and arrange it on the floor to make a perfect squarewhilst blindfolded.5.
The group are timed and have 15 minutes to do this.6.
Once they have done it and are satisfied the clock stops. If they are within time and havecompleted the task they get a clue/ hint for where to find the next task.
Team members are not allowed to remove their blindfolds.
Comment: Great idea
ach team member is blindfolded and is given 2 card cut-out words. The team cannot see the words (asthey are blindfolded) and so have to work out by touch what each one says. They then have to arrangethe words they are given to make a sentence/riddle, which is the clue for the next task.
The aim is to encourage communication, problem solving and team work skills.
leader can be chosenbefore the task to give a member of the group a chance to gain some leadership skills as well.We can create a scenario, such as: you are explorers trapped in a cave. There is a bomb in the cavewhich is deactivated by a specific code phrase. You have 10 minutes to arrange the words you have eachbeen given to form that specific code phrase, or else the bomb will detonate. Or something like that.
cardboard cut out words (enough for around 2 words per team member, and enough forhowever many teams there are at the same time).
blindfolds for each member of the group.
Blindfold each member of the group and get them to sit in a circle
lace 2 cardboard cut out words in front of each member of the group
Get each person to pick up their 2 words and try to work out what they say by feeling them.
The group then have to construct a sentence using the words provided.5.
The group are timed and have 10 minutes to do this. Once they are satisfied, the clock stops.Reveal to them that the code phrase is actually the hint for the next activity.
Team members are not allowed to remove their blindfolds, but are allowed to trade words if oneperson cant work out what their word says.
Comment: Great idea
Helium stickMaterials needed:
 2 or 3 bamboo sticks (long enough to accommodate the number of group members)
Ideal group size:
8-12 people
anywhere that is big enough to accommodate the number of participants.
1. To encourage the selected leader to give good instructions so that the stick would nottumble/ tilted unevenly on both sides. Also to encourage the other participants to trust,listen and obey the instructions by the leader. To win the game, a strong teamwork isnecessary.2. We can also have the ³Intersection round´ so that groups will have to team up withanother (if the number of participants in a group is less than 8). Also it may be harder,since 2 groups have to work together.
 1. Members are required to line up in two rows which are facing each other alternately.2. They are required to point their index fingers and hold their arms out for the helium stick(bamboo stick) to lay on. The initial start off height for the helium stick to be held is to beregulated so that 2 or more groups will all begin at the same height.3. The challenge is to lower the helium stick to the ground with the fastest group that laythe stick on the ground wins. But, each person's fingers must be in contact with the heliumstick all the time. Pinching or grabbing the pole is not allowed with the helium stick to belaid on top of fingers only.4. Anyone that is caught to have finger that is not in contact with the stick have to restartthe game all over again.
 The catch:
1. Helium stick will be floating up rather than coming down as the pressure created by theparticipants tend to be greater than the weight of the stick. [the more people, the harder tocontrol]2. Participants may also be confused about the paradoxical behaviour of the Helium stick.3. The last part, to have the stick on the ground may be catchy.[Currently, I'm not quitesure how many members are to be arranged in a group. so if the number of group membersin each group is less than 8, I'm suggesting to have "intersection round" as what we've seenin The Amazing Race.
requires each team to pair up with another team toperform certain tasks until further notice. To make the game more challenging and tointroduce more of the amazing race styles]
omment: Good idea with the intersection round, but does it really work with abamboo stick? Because as you mentioned in the catch, Helium stick adds thedifficulty to the entire task as it tends to float up, and bamboo stick does not, so

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