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Published by Louis Zhiping Luo

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Published by: Louis Zhiping Luo on Jul 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prof. Gerhard TrösterInstitut f. ElektronikETZ H 89Gloriastrasse 358092 ZürichSWITZERLANDDear Prof. Tröster,The PhD position of ``Crowd-Sourcing of HumanActivity Recognition on Mobile Phones'' advertised onPASCAL website interests me. My background andexperiences may match it, and I would like tocontribute to this project.I have enclosed my resume and required documentsfor your review.I am currently an engineer working on objectcutout, pose analysis, face detection/tracking, atAdvanced Digital Science Center of University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, which is aSingapore-based joint research center established byUIUC and Agency for Science, Technology and Researchof Singapore government. Color and Depth cameras,like Kinect, ToF, are used in my projects, and somedemos are developed. Those works are in line with theactivities analysis or object recognition relatedtopics.I obtained B.Eng in embedded system from NanchangUniversity, which is one of the universities Chinawill make significant investment in the 21st century.There I gained systematic education in embeddedsystem and software development, and hands-onexperience in coding skills base on WinCE and ARM. Ibelieve this may match parts of project's work well.I received M.Eng in Image Processing and PatternRecognition from South China University ofTechnology, which is one of China's key universitiesoperating under the direct leadership of the StateMinistry of Education, and with high reputation,
focusing on engineering. In the first year, Iattended several programming contests, focusing onmobile and P2P software, and won three of them. Iparticipated in two projects financed by ChinaMobile. From my personal interests, I implementedsome Matlab codes and wrote some papers with myclassmate, for appearance-based face recognition,using the ``Locality Preserve Projects'' algorithms.Those show my programming skills are not bad, andhave experience in mobile programming, and patternrecognition.From Sep. 2008, I did research oriented internshipat Lab for Media Search of National University ofSingapore. There I focus on two topics: a)Machinelearning for large-scale image search. We construct aweb scale image database, in this project, Iresponded to using LibSVM and KNN methods to trainclassifier for each high-level concept. Meanwhile,read papers regarding multi-instance learning forobject recognition; and b)Landmark recognition. This

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