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Published by: Gurusevak Singh Khalsa on Jul 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q 1. Describe the HRP process? Or What do you understand by manpowerplanning? Explain the steps in manpower planning?
The objectives of HR plan must be derived from organizational objectives. Specificrequirements in terms of number and characteristics of employees should be derived fromthe organizational objectives.Organizational objectives are defined by the top management and the role of HRP is tosub serve the overall objectives by ensuring availability and utilization of humanresources.1
Once the organizational objectives are defined by the top management and the role of HRP is to sub serve the overall objectives by ensuring availability and utilization of human resources.Once the organizational objectives are specified, communicated and understood by allconcerned, the HR department must specify its objectives with regard to HR utilization inthe organization.
 HR Demand Forecast 
Demand forecasting is the process of estimating the future quantity and quality of peoplerequired. The basis of forecast must be annual budget and long-term corporate plan,translated into activity levels for each function and department.There are several good reasons to conduct demand forecasting-Quantify the jobs necessary for producing a given number of goods-Determine what staff-mix is required-Asses appropriate staffing levels in different parts of the organization-Prevent shortages of people-Monitor compliance with legal requirements with regard to reservation of jobs
 HR Supply Forecast 
Personnel demand analysis provides the manager with the means of estimating thenumber and kind of employees that will be required. The next logical step for themanagement is to determine whether it will be able to procure the required number of  personnel and the sources for such procurement. This information is provided by supplyforecasting. Supply forecasting measures the number of people likely to be available fromwithin and outside an organization, after making allowance for absenteeism, internalmovements and promotions, wastage and changes in hours, and other conditions of work.reasons for supply forecast are-Helps quantify number of people and positions expected to be available-Helps clarify staff mixes that will exist in the future-Assess existing staffing levels in different parts of the organization-Prevents shortage of people-Monitors expected future compliance with legal requirements of job reservations2
 HR Programming 
Once an organization’s personnel and supply are forecast, the two must be reconciled or  balanced in order that vacancies can be filled by the right employees at the right time.
 HR Plan Implementation
Implementation requires converting an HR plan into action. A series of action programmes are initiated as apart of HR plan implementation.-Recruitment, Selection and Placement – after the job vacancies are known, effortsmust be made to identify sources and search for suitable candidates. The selection programme should be professionally designed.-Training and Development – The training and development programme shouldcover the number of trainees required and programmes necessary for existing staff -Retraining and Redeployment – new skills are to be imparted to existing staff when technology changes-Retention Plan – retention plan covers actions which would help reduce avoidableseparations of employees.-Downsizing – where there is surplus employee, trimming of labour force will benecessary
Control and Evaluation
Control and evaluation represents the fifth and the final phase in the HRP process. The Hr  plan should include budgets, targets and standards. It should also clarify responsibilitiesfor implementation and control, and establish reporting procedures, which will enableachievements to be monitored against the plan. 3

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