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Reeducation to Human Value

Reeducation to Human Value

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Published by Redza
We must become less attached to things and be willing to “let go” of spiritually bankrupt values in order to survive the transformation required to become more balanced with our own sense of a true humanity. What does it mean to you to be a humanitarian?
by Lisa Renee
We must become less attached to things and be willing to “let go” of spiritually bankrupt values in order to survive the transformation required to become more balanced with our own sense of a true humanity. What does it mean to you to be a humanitarian?
by Lisa Renee

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Published by: Redza on Jul 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lisa Renee: Reeducation to Human Value
2011 July 12by Steve Beckow
Reeducation to Human Value
Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, July 11, 2011http://tinyurl.com/63pgjkgDear Family,Many more human beings have been inducted into theAscension process and are nowenduring the pinnacle levels of personal and professional dismantling as the 3D systemstructures are collapsing. All we believed in and thought was the nature of reality is beingchallenged to the very core of our existence. We are being forced to adapt and evolve to themoment to moment whirlwind of changing terrain impacting our way of life.When our coreexistence is challenged during such immense levels of transformation, manyfeel the magnification of the smallest issue be amplifiedso that every choice feels like a life ordeath matter. Indeed problems we used to obsess aboutor believe they were a “big deal” toensure our happiness, are losing their importance in ourlives. There is nothing to hold onto orgrasp any longer. We must become less attached to things and be willing to “let go” of spiritually bankrupt values in order to survive the transf ormation required to become morebalanced withour own sense of a true humanity. Whatdoes it mean to you to be ahumanitarian?
Restoring Humanity
We are undergoing an evolutionary shift in the human race which is the return to “knowing”our own true essence, that which is Hu-Man. Many human beings are sensing a global shiftwhich is requiring an internal dialogue to explore the profound change of our own personalvalues. What we value, what we place importance upon is undergoing a fundamental change.That fundamental change is to be Reeducated to Value All Human life, and to promote lifeforce (All living things within the Kingdoms of Human) for a true humanity to be restored tothis planet. (If that timeline is not possible on this planet, the alternate future choice is beingmade available on other planets for the continuation of human consciousness developmentwithout reptilian enslavement) The only way to value life and create societal structures thatvalue life, we have to comprehend what has brought us to this state. A state of existence whereour values focus on hate, discrimination, corruption and murder as societal norms andpromoted as powerful role models for our children. Is this state of existence pro human? Whois benefiting?Many scientific theories attempt to explain that humans have arrived at this current level of evolution based on Darwinian “natural selection”. This is entirely false. There has been nothing“naturally selected” in the manipulated direction of the human species on this planet for over5,500 years. Extraterrestial involvement has always been a part of the human genetic materialand purposed evolution in the creation of this planet. That fact will be revealed undeniably ascommon knowledge in the future because it is the truth. It will also come to be understood thatthe vibration creating thought forms stemming in hate, discrimination, corruption and murderare not organic human thought forms. They are anti-human, anti-life “reptilian” thought formsthat exist as “forces” as well as “entities” that direct those forces. Human beings in a largemajority have been unconsciously “possessed” or taken over by these forces they do notunderstand.This is how the human race and this planet was progressively invaded by an anti human andalien force. It is similar to an infection that spread virally into the collective mind and collectivebodies without the conscious awareness of how it was actually transpiring. Without consciousawareness that human beings were being consumed, possessed, and enslaved, the human beingwas vulnerable to being manipulated by forces they could not physically detect. This is oneperspective from the Guardians as to why there has been a rare decision to make a directintervention on this planet from multiple ET groups. Advanced ET neighboring races that livein harmony with the Natural Laws have made a collective agreement to participate with the endof these “anti-life” forces ruling the Human kingdoms before it annihilates itself.The organic and natural essence of a human being is not hate, it is love, which is an eternal lifeforce. If a human being consumes itself with hate it is possible to destroy its eternal nature.That choice is what is of critical importance for all human beings during these potentevolutionary times.
The Value of Money vs. The Value of Life
To become transparent to view plainly the corruption running in all controller systems ( andblindly allowing it to continue to infect our lives) we must change the weighted average of valuing money (finite) over life force (infinite). In order to transform how we arrived at thiscurrent human station of disconnect and emotional torment, it requires we take a deep dark lookinto the crevices of our shadow self. We have allowed our shadow self to be manipulated by ananti human sentiment and anti human controller agenda. This agenda now has the strongholdon the mass population based on all that we have given it in terms of societal value and
therefore our human consciousness power.The Value of Money, the Value of Currency has taken over any value of promoting human lifeor protecting any other living thing. Investment in the finite worlds of money have takenpriority in most humans desire to invest in the infinite nature of their consciousness. There areserious consequences to that ignorance. The Reptilian Contingent and its small percentage of human puppeteers have created the organizations that became the corrupted priesthood thathumans worship. As they consume our planetary resources and steal human wealth and wellbeing they laugh at how stupid we are. They could care less about human beings potential orhuman rights to live on this planet with a sense of well being. They enjoy and feed on humanterror and human pain and therefore set up control systems that ensure that happenscontinually. How do we continue to allow sociopaths and their psychosis to be the rulers anddecision makers of our human kingdom? (To see a profile of sociopathic traits/reptilian mindsets making up our world ruling class : http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html)As we in the mass human population continue to place value on what the sociopaths feed us inlies, it is their centralized power center that continues to carry out the Negative Alien Agendathrough multiple subsidiaries. Ultimately at the top of the “food chain” it is the Negative AlienAgenda that is behind the manipulated control of our World currencies and their markets.Money is the controller group tool of manipulation given to the corrupted human “power elite”.This group has been given the power from our misaligned values to ultimately decide who hasresources or not, who lives and dies, who gets to eat or starve, who gets an education and whodies of cancer or can be healed. Most of what is made available to the human masses asaccepted standards of contaminated food, medical treatment or technology would not betouched by a power elite family with a ten foot pole. And this is all propagated in amanufactured belief that humans are free and have free will in this enslaved control system. Aslong as we allow them to assign and control our human value, we are never free.
Surrender without Submission to Negativity
The Golden Rule to remember with surrendering to Spirit is: DO not manipulate. For thoseresisting these life changes from the fear of the unknown, it has been a brutal time. Stay alertand awake and walk through your dark night without the mind manipulating for control. Theanti life force primary tool is manipulation. If you emotionally manipulate others or manipulatecircumstances from your own fear, you just allowed them a big weak spot to exploit in yourlife. If you are a Lightworker or Starseed the impact is 1000 times greater to impede yourgreater purposes and will submit your work to negativity.The acceleration from recent planetary shifts is impacting people at all levels of spiritualdevelopment and who are experiencing a forced submission into surrendering to What IS. Thestate of “What Is” is very different than the story that most people believe and have been tellingthemselves as the nature of reality. The more you think you are in control of your life from theego by manipulating What IS, the worse the onslaught of negativity that will return to you. Inthis new architecture, if you have begun the process of spiritual ascension, manipulation isamplified as a heavy external price to pay for your rapid learning.To be peacefully initiated into the world of a changing paradigm this time period requiresbalance and calm be attained even when panic ensues. For those of us who have been involvedin our personal evolutionary work on the road to self responsibility and energeticaccountability, this is par for the course. We saw this coming as the global macrocosmmovement has led the way to the same patterns to manifest at the microcosm levels of our own

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