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SPS Winter 2011 Newsletter

SPS Winter 2011 Newsletter

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Published by DePaulPublicService
college of liberal arts & sciences


2010–2011 vOLuME TWO

Letter from the director: J. Patrick Murphy Faculty profiles

Schwieterman, students research technology use on public transportation
The research of five School of Public Service students working under the guidance of SPS professor Joe Schwieterman is receiving national attention in transportation publications and news programs. Their work to assemble a comprehensive database
college of liberal arts & sciences


2010–2011 vOLuME TWO

Letter from the director: J. Patrick Murphy Faculty profiles

Schwieterman, students research technology use on public transportation
The research of five School of Public Service students working under the guidance of SPS professor Joe Schwieterman is receiving national attention in transportation publications and news programs. Their work to assemble a comprehensive database

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Published by: DePaulPublicService on Jul 12, 2011
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The research o ve Schoolo Public Service studentsworking under theguidance o SPS proessorJoe Schwieterman isreceiving nationalattention in transportationpublications and newsprograms. Their work toassemble a comprehensivedatabase about howtravelers use portableelectronic devices is breaking new ground in understandingwhy rail and bus travel are becoming so popular.“Privacy Invades Public Space: The Rising Use o PortableElectronic Devices on Planes, Trains, and Buses, 2009–2010,” a paper available on the Chaddick Institute website,received attention in Business Week and National PublicRadio’s “All Things Considered” program during January.Schwieterman’s research team ound that technologyusage—particularly complex devices with LCD screens—is growing steadily higher on “tech-riendly” modes suchas high-speed trains, conventional Amtrak trains, and newbus operators such as Megabus compared to airplanes,commuter trains and Greyhound. Students Steven Fieldand Brian Izzo traveled to western and northeastern statesto create a representative national data set encompassingmore than 10,000 passenger observations.  At randomly selected points, Schwieterman’s report showedthat 48 percent o travelers on Amtrak’s highest speedtrains are using technology, compared to 43 percent lastyear. Similar growth took place on express bus routes andregular trains, with “visually oriented tasks,” particularlythose involving tablets and netbook computers, growingrapidly. The team also is administering a bus-rider surveyand estimates year-over-year change by comparing resultswith data collected last year by Erin Menke and SusanUrbanczyk, who now are SPS alums.
DePaul dedicates the Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley Building
SPS hosts reception
college of liberal arts & sciences
2010–2011 vOLuME TWO
DePaul University ocials named the academic buildingand home o SPS, 14 E. Jackson Blvd., the Richard M.and Maggie C. Daley Building in December to honor themayor and his wie’s commitment to education, the artsand community revitalization. The School o PublicService hosted the dedication ceremony at its oce onDecember 21. Mayor Daley, a “Double Demon,” said the buildingdedication was a great honor rom his alma mater.“It’s my hope that or years to come this building will servethe students o DePaul University as they continuetheir education and work towards making Chicago aneven better place to live,” he said.DePaul President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider said theDaley amily’s name—synonymous or steadastdedication to DePaul’s Vincentian values—is an ideal tor the building.“Many o the skills taught and values conveyed throughDePaul’s work in this building—creativity, dedicationto public service, compassion—refect qualities embodiedby Mayor and Mrs. Daley,” Holtschneider noted.“In a recent global survey o the world’s best cities, Chicagowas ranked sixth,” Mary Dempsey, chair o DePaul’sBoard o Trustees added. “It is hard to imagine Chicagobeing in such an enviable position were it not or theeorts o Mayor and Mrs. Daley.”
Letter rom the dretor:
J. Pk Muphy
Falty profles
Stdent profle:
My J Du
SPS stdentrepresentates
 Almna’s SPSexpereneomes ll rle
study abroad
Lessons learnedn a rant ltreThanks or therde, Ara
chaddick hay
Stdents stdyommnty deelopmentHay pdates
SPS Annal LetreSPS hostsappreaton reakast ARNOvA conerene
Schwieterman, students research technology use onpublic transportation
Mary Dempsey, chair o the DePaul University Board o Trustees;Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley; his wie, Maggie; and theRev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., DePaul president, celebratethe newly named Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley Building onthe DePaul Loop Campus.
scHool of PUblic serVice
Falty Aheements
Chris Einolf
Mike Frigo
Joe Schwieterman
Raphael Ogom
I write on the eve o the Super Bowl, days ater the big snow, and days beore our annual lecture—accompanied by a deepreeze in Chicago. But by the time you read this we will have our rst class o students in Brazil and our rst aculty tripto Haiti to scout study abroad opportunities there. Domestically, students are registering or spring quarter when we will oera course in San Diego at the end o March at a nonprot management education conerence sponsored by the Nonprot Academic Centers Council. The NACC membership elected me president last summer and I am proud to have students andaculty attend. I like what our students will learn rom this international meeting and I like those attending rom otherprograms around the world to meet our students.We recently announced an accelerated version o our M.S. in public service management degree as a daytime, cohort-basedprogram where students complete their degrees in one year. We are taking applications now or a July start. Students asked ora program like this; it will be a serious, compact degree program or excellent students. I cannot wait to launch it.We have launched an alumni speakers series or students. Students are planning a conerence or and by students or early allquarter. Good things are happening around the school—by and or good people.We are celebrating the 40th anniversary o our ounding this year with a birthday party in the spring or students, alums andriends. As it turns out, we have never been stronger, better or older. We will send more inormation soon.
Caitlyn Brennan
 Admissions and Marketing Manager 
Adrienne Holloway
Visiting Assistant Professor 
John Newman
 Adjunct Faculty Member, Internship Coordinator 
Rebecca Steffenson
 Assistant Professor 
Degree canddate:
 Public Service Management“Gade yon peyi,” was the rst line o my personal statement or the SPSprogram—a Haitian Creole expression meaning, “Look at the country.It is an expression I learned when I rst came to Haiti or a one-week tripin 2003. Much like Haiti itsel, this expression stayed with me andultimately helped me select public service as not only a degree but asthe way I try to live.Ater my rst visit to Haiti, I elt destined to return. That rst trip never letme—I was in love. In 2006-2007 I volunteered as a teacher in Haitiand traveled between there and the U.S. The experience taught me thevalue o education and what important opportunities it presents orHaiti’s uture. I decided to pursue an advanced degree and learn to create sustainablechange in Haiti—that is where SPS t or me. DePaul’s public serviceprogram integrates a mission-orientated curriculum among colleagueswho encourage me to continue asking important questions about theway I see the world.When the earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, I received a textmessage as I was heading to my public policy class. As I sat through therst hal o class, I elt like I was in another world. Unable to comprehendwhat had happened and not knowing i my riends were alive, I sat inthe room and stared at the wall. During the break, several classmatesconsoled me as I tried to call riends in Haiti. Immediately ater class, myellow students and riends rom the program reached out to me. Thecalls and e-mails solidied my love or the SPS program and veriedmy colleagues’ investment in serving others. That night, I vowed to returnto Haiti. Ater switching to the SPS online program to continue my coursework,I traveled to Haiti in July, working as the country program coordinatoror Outreach International. Outreach supports a network o 90 schoolsthroughout Haiti—28 o which were destroyed or severely damagedin the earthquake. I work with mostly local sta on the ground andreceive wonderul support rom the Outreach sta at headquarters. I lovemy job.“Gade yon peyi,” is the way we open each o our sta meetings. I posethe question to my sta with hope that they will not only assessthe situation in the country, but also that it inspires them to be thechange in Haiti.Greetings and happy New Year to School oPublic Service students! We welcome our newestSPS students. We are planning the next twoquarterly speaker series—our goal is to providequality speakers or April and May. I you havesuggestions or would like to volunteer, pleasecontact Cait at callen25@depaul.edu or Antwon atabaile15@depaul.edu.We are working to meet the needs o our student body. Cait is workingto lay the groundwork or a student journal. Please e-mail her i you areinterested in assisting with this project.We encourage students to start the year o right: develop a relationshipwith your advisor, attend events, network with your ellow studentsand plan your course path early with the help o Kylie and aculty. I youneed assistance, please contact us. Best wishes or a productive,healthy year.
Mary Jo Dnne
Stdent Aheements
Jacob Adams
Joan Pinnell
recentlyreceivedascholarshipfromHeartlandInternationaltoparticipateinanexchangeprogramforemerginggrassrootsleaders.Theprogramfocusesonthedevelopmentofgrassrootsorganizationsforwomenandcreatesjointprojectsbetween Americanandinternationalparticipants.InNicaragua,BelizeandtheU.S.,Pinnellandparticipantswillsharebestpractices,promotemutualunderstandingandaddresssocialjusticeissuescommontoallthreecultures.Theprogramwillbeginwithathree-weekcapacitybuildingtrainingprograminChicagoinMarchandendinNicaraguaandBelizefora14-daytrainingprograminAugust.Students,sendusyourrecentmilestonesandachievementsincludingawards,newinitiativesandpublishedworkstosharewiththeSPScommunity.Pleasee-mailsubmissionstoecurtis4@depaul.edu
Message rom SPS Stdent Representates
c a d aw by
SPS student Mary Jo Dunne visits withchildren at a school in Cite Soleil,the biggest and most dangerous slum in Port-au-Prince. Outreach International supports fve schools in the Cite Soleil area. (let)Dunne helps distribute UNICEF school supplies and recreation kits to a school in Leogane, the epicenter o the earthquake. (right) Antwon Bailey andCaitlin Allen

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