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The Future

The Future

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Published by Antiquity Ken
Welcome to tomorrow in this book-length fiction.
Welcome to tomorrow in this book-length fiction.

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Published by: Antiquity Ken on Jul 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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book zero:
the story of tomorrow
By Ken WaltersBack Cover Welcome to tomorrow.In an interesting blend of fiction and speculation,
 Antiquity,book zero: the story of tomorrow 
is a timeline of what if…What if genetics make short work of the molecule of life, butquantum physics cannot quite do the same for the basis of the universe? What if the developing world developed?What if corporation married government? What if this, or something like this is tomorrow.Back story to a planned series of futuristic novels, thetimeline stands alone as anintriguing extrapolation of science, politics andeconomy. The plot stemsfrom our yesterdays; theaction rumbles from our today; and the charactersevolve from our tomorrows.As always, for my wife Joyce,I love you
I am the sole author of the following work, and by US law, it isautomatically copyrighted. As stated in the Forward that follows, onebasic motive of this work is to serve as back story for future novels. If words in this timeline inspire your short stories, I am flattered. Your works are not official back story, but I would love to read them.Copyright 2011.
You are browsing through and perhaps about to read a work of fiction. I do not forecast these events, but rather make theideas available. This timeline is a step that has taken considerable time in my preparation for a series of novels. Thatpath began with a true historic timeline, and now with a future one.I am a fan of science fiction. I even enjoy it when it is bad. For me, the fiction can be bad for many reasons, characters Icare little about, plot lines that adhere only by coincidence, unreasonable turns taken by writers that do not appear to haveread their own work. The science can fail for the same or other reasons. I have often wondered why aliens whose onlypurpose in life is to consume violently have developed technology capable of breaking laws of relativity. The sciencefiction that makes me think holds me for all of the right reasons. I want my fiction to make you think.Early in this timeline, early so that I will not spoil it badly, geneticists complete the mapping of DNA and learn how to cloneorganisms. They almost have reached the former and can perform the latter. Reasonably, next ability in the sequencewould be the creation of unnatural organisms, and likely this discovery would first turn to microbes. Genetic engineeringcould instill desired genetic traits. Natural microbes are reasonable for decay and composting. If geneticists couldproduce more effective decay, they could accelerate decay. Decay was the first step in the formation of certain types of fossils, namely oil. Oil is basic in our current lifestyle, and supplies are becoming exhausted. Effective fungi might lead torapid fossilization. That idea is a stretch. Fossilization took millennia, but if the fungi are effective enough, perhaps…The science and politics I reveal are items of fiction, but I have tried to make most reasonable, whileplanning out the background to my actual novels. I think they are interesting enough that you mayenjoy. I want your comments about anything related. Sometimes, my science passes reasonability.Let me know if it is too fantastic. I may need what I have written for my novels, and simplyappreciate your interest; or, perhaps the error comes from my lack of expertise and a little changingcan correct it. Please, comment, whether you enjoy this work or not. Please, check my other sites,including samples from the actual first novel. The egg takes you to the novel’s blog. Click “ThePast” for my historical timeline of “The Novel” for the first few chapters of the novel. “The Future”returns you to this site.

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