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Ben Greenfield Podcast 150

Ben Greenfield Podcast 150

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Published by bengreenfield
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/06/episode-150-ben-answers-your-burning-questions-about-weird-weight-gainand-more/
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/06/episode-150-ben-answers-your-burning-questions-about-weird-weight-gainand-more/

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Published by: bengreenfield on Jul 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Podcast #150fromhttp://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/06/episode-150- ben-answers-your-burning-questions-about-weird-weight-gain-and-more/ Ben: In this podcast, rapid weight gain, female endurance athletes whoget fat, high blood sugar, intermittent fasting, do birth control pillsreduce athletic performance, prolozone therapy, hand swellingduring exercise, and my favorite podcasts. Well, folks, after nearly 21 days of not being at home, I am officially  back and have access to my podcasting studio. And I’m really rolling out some great interviews for you over the next few weeks.This is podcast #150. And in this podcast I’m going to be catchingup on some fabulous listener questions, answering your burningquestions about weird weight gain and more. And then next week, we’ll be launching into a series of interviews that are going to bepretty mind blowing. You’re going to love some of the guests that Ihave coming over this summer. So, that being said, we’re going togo ahead and jump into this week’s special announcements. Andthen, move on to the listener Q and A.So, first of all, to those of you who have donated a dollar to help thisshow keep going, thank you so much! And remember, you candonate by going toBenGreenfieldFitness.com and clickign the donate $1 button. That’s right there at the right hand side. Now,the next thing is that many of you have sent me pictures of you wearing the new  BenGreenfieldFitness.com t-shirt. And I have scheduled, and you know who you are, I have scheduled phoneconsults with you. Individual, one on one phone consults with thepeople who grabbed that t-shirt, which you can get atBenGreenfieldFitness.com.And you can modify the shirt actually. You can have it be a hoody, a tank top, and an exercise shirt, whatever you want it to be when you grab it from that website atBenGreenfieldFitness.com.Send me a picture of you wearing thatshirt. Specifically, send the picture into the Ben Greenfield FitnessFacebook page and tag it with Ben Greenfield Fitness on Facebook. And I will contact you to schedule your phone consult with me.Now, the next announcement that I have is about these amino acidsthat I talk about all the time. And I actually was finally able to get a10% discount on those amino acids. I’ll put a link to them in theshow notes. These are the Master Amino Pattern amino acids. Andamino acids, if they are a high quality amino acid, are notinexpensive. And so this 10% will hopefully really help those of you who have been wanting to start taking these before your work outsto get all those benefits. But maybe you needed a little bit of adiscount on them. And then the last thing is that if you haven’t been to the website lately then you probably didn’t see the article
that I wrote about the craziest work outs asking you what yourcraziest work out is. So I still want to hear from you. I didn’t get aton of crazy work outs on that post and I know my listeners havedone some crazy things. So go check out the 3 crazy work outs thatI posted. And then let me know what your favorite crazy work out isand you can do that atBenGreenfieldFitness.com on the post that’s right underneath this post for Episode #150. Alright, let’s go aheadand jump in to this week’s Listener Q and A after a special message.Listener Q and A:So remember, if you have a question you can call toll free to 877209 9439. Youcan use the Ask Ben form ov er on any of the show note episodes at BenGreenfieldFitness.com.Or you can use the Ask  Ben button right there on the free iPhone or free android app. Youcan grab either of those apps at BenGreenfieldFitness.com.So, our first question this week comes in from Lisa.Lisa: Hi there Ben! My name is Lisa. I’m calling from Chicago. I have aquestion for your podcast. The local gym in my area offersmetabolic testing. They can measure your resting metabolic ratesand tell you your respiratory quotient. So, I looked up therespiratory quotient. And from what I’ve learned, if someone’seating exclusively carbohydrates, their respiratory quotient will be1.0. And if they’re eating mixed fuel, they’ll be closer to 0.7. So my question is, do you value this test? Do you encourage people toknow their respiratory quotient? If I work to get the test and I thenknew my number, how would that help me? I’m assuming I want to be closer to the 0.7 indicates I’m burning mixed fuel as opposed torelying on carbohydrate. So what are your thoughts on the test and your feedback on the cost, it’s about a hundred fifty dollars. Wheredo you think that is as far as the cost and value ratio? Thanks somuch Ben! Appreciate it! Bye!Ben: Well, for 4 years after I graduated, I oversaw a metabolic laboratory here in Spokane, Washington. Where we did things like metabolictesting and specifically calculated for people, among other things,this respiratory quotient. And all that respiratory quotient is it’s aratio. It’s the ratio of how much carbon dioxide that you breatheout to how much oxygen that you actually consume. And so, whathappens is when you breathe out carbon dioxide, we know that youare exhaling x number of carbon units. And we also know thatcarbohydrates and fat are made up of, among other things, carbon. And so, the actual calculation gets a little bit more specific than we’ll get into on this show. But basically, what happens is as you breathe out carbon dioxide, you can approximate very closely how much carbohydrate you are burning. And therefore also, how much
fat you’re burning. Now, we cannot calculate your actual proteinconsumption using an RQ test unless we’re also measuring nitrogen. And you can measure nitrogen during the test via respiratormeasurements but you can also measure nitrogen via urinary excretion as well. Most tests are only going to give you yourcarbohydrate to fat utilization ratios. Now, the interesting thing isthat technically, somebody who is very calorie-deprived or on a very low carbohydrate diet, they’re going to have a lower respiratory quotient based off of what Lisa mentioned a respiratory quotient of 0.7 indicates that you’re burning almost purely fat. A respiratory quotient of 1 indicates that you’re burning almost purely carbohydrates. So if you don’t have many carbohydrates on boardto burn or you’re burning a high amount of fatty acids as fuel, yourrespiratory quotient is going to be very low. And a lot of times when I would test people, I would find that they were two categoriesof people that tested very low in their respiratory quotient. One waspeople who were calorie-deprived and on very low calorie diets. And in that case, unfortunately, a low respiratory quotient was alsoaccompanied by low metabolism or a low metabolic rate. And thatis not ideal. Basically, what that means is you’re eating so little foodthat your body kind of shuts down metabolic activity. But the othergroup that would have a low RQ would be a group that was living ahealthy lifestyle, either through limiting starchy-processedcarbohydrate consumption, so not eating lots of bagels, chips,candy, pasta, and things of that nature. And then also the people who were exercising and specifically I would see this more often inendurance athletes because what happens is during enduranceefforts your body learns how to use fats more efficiently. And so acombination of eating a higher fat higher protein-based diet,limiting processed carbohydrate consumption, and also includingsome aerobic exercise into your training protocol can all lower yourrespiratory quotient. And yes, that would be a good thing. So, it isa legitimate test. And you can find out from that test whether or not your efforts to increase the amount of fat that you burn as a fuel areactually being productive. And then, as far as the price of that test, what we charge here in Spokane to do that test was about a hundreddollars. And what that included was you would find out yourmetabolic rate, included a consultation with me where we talk about your nutrition and your recommended calorie intake and your meal plan based on your metabolic rate. And then of course you also find out this respiratory quotient. And typically, we wouldpair a test like that with VO2 max testing or blood lactate testing which we won’t get into right now. Now, I love doing those types of tests, but I no longer do them frankly because we really didn’t havequite enough business here in this small area of Spokane, Washington, to allow that to thrive on its own. Now I was pairingthat with quite a bit of personal training. Now, I do most of my 

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