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Assange Court Day 2 minutes 12 july 2-5pm julian paul assange v. swedish judicial authority

Assange Court Day 2 minutes 12 july 2-5pm julian paul assange v. swedish judicial authority

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Jul 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assange day two part 2double criminalitymishapelementsmay ultimatelyone of the isuesmontgomery that matters(storysearcher hands DVD to assange from australian filmmaker who explained to me that assange hadrevealed the docs showing lies of UK child protection case which split up children unfairly from their father back in july 2010 b4 he ws so famed in UK)as waiting to go in, beside assange within evesdrop to his 66 north iceland bodyguards)“66northenergy company? No iceland.securityiceland air over (with iron maiden propaganda final frontier advert on outside and 66 north advertinside) bumpysayg4s is wackenhut which is guantanamog4s was on iron maiden in norwaynorway has a lot of human traffickingif we could get g4s on it then we'd be done”let joseph know john andrews the security guard was grabbing my arm and disrupted my minutesdownstairs guardstold I do not want to be meddled with again, I do not want my arm gropedthat he touched the backs of three girlsget front seat in gallery on rt sideMINUTES 2pm12 july 2011in five minutes timecourts just look at conduct
 bad luck commonwealth systemway to achieve thatrequiring criminal parliament in 1989legislative commissionrejection jury acctsanalyzing eventsanalyzing stylesimply recognizingmay not that judge 2mental ingredientno ct has addressed the propositionmorris mayfail formalisticcomplain of morrissherman actthe only cognate of british lawquiet business cts can failwhat the americans say how americans can infer illustrative of the exceptionthis is how they saythe terminologyjust the issue of the court has no jurisdictioncharge where nomontg: point made based on swedish bjorn hurtigrelied in sweden coersion not consentingthe position is
so far as the framework is concernedso far as the analysis is concernedit is made explicitthe position is that that has gone off for the cart for develosgalaxythis meant that plan by disposed planeuro ctheld on the contraryfor dual crim to diappear in their generic formin their opinion a matter only for the issue authorityI cite it but alsoso can I just pick up whereabouts pick upthisdue to framework catch defensesnothing to suggest that it is criminal that the concept of rape is diff in sweden UK montGOMERYif so I ask forensically so whatthe reasoning of the courtirelandyou cannot untick a box22

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