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Chapter 3 - The Basic Wardrobe

Chapter 3 - The Basic Wardrobe

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Published by: Kashien Arianna Reglos on Jul 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Basic WardrobeFashion FinesseGuidelines in avoiding mistakes in developing your personal style:1.Always aim for appropriateness. The best rule is always to dress within the bounds of classic goodtaste. A sense of propriety, dictated by the occasion and the company, isnecessary. Good materials and lines embellished with elegance – rather thanflamboyance or modish extremes are the unfailing guidelines that willensure you comfort and ease. Appropriateness is determined by a number of factors, and can change dramatically from situation to situation. Outside orindoors, mixed ages or peers, geography, building, event, and the weathercan affect one’s mode of dressing.2.Fashion is serious.What you wear reveals a significant message about you and yourworld. Even if you do not care about clothes per se, they communicate muchabout your attitudes towards the occasion, your company, and yourself. Inthe morning you make a decision about what to wear to which othersrespond all day long. Think of your clothes as the most communicative factorafter your face and eyes personal style is how you send nonverbalmessages.3.Dress for others, as well as for your own image.No one wants to fade into the woodwork; it is nice sometimes to leadthe pack, and quite naturally you want your clothing to communicate thatyou “belong.” Your goal is a wardrobe of clothes that are right for your body,your personality, your environment and the specific occasion. The first step in learning who you really are is to take a good look at yourself and what you do. Decide in which general category of style you feel mostcomfortable in. Whether it’s sporty, tailored, romantic, or sophisticated, alwaysremember that your choice is not static and does not forbid crossing over for varietyand experimentation.In creating your own personal style, ask yourself the following questions:
Has my body size, weight, height, proportion changed?
Has my lifestyle changed?
Has my attitude changed?
Have my friends, school, or workplace changed?
What amount of time do I have to devote to the upkeep of mywardrobe?
What are my monetary limitations?
What impressions do I want to make?
Do I want to make any changes in my current style?
How can I express my adaptation of the season’s trends withoutsacrificing my fashion statement?
Is there a role, or roles, I would enjoy acting out through dressing as Iseek to discover varied facets of my nature?First Impression
-the instant judgment people form when they meet you (on a subconsciouslevel)-on a visual level and crystallizes even before you open your mouth-ninety percent of which is composed of your clothing, and the rest is formedwhen you utter your first sentenceHow is your first impression formed? The following are the factors that help the viewer form the first impression:1.Economic level
Is he rich or poor?
Is he working or unemployed?2.Educational level
Is he a high school or college graduate?
Is he an attorney or a doctor?3.Social position
Does he live in one of the villages?
Does he belong to the upper socio-economic level or the lower level?4.Level of sophistication
Is he the party-hopping type, the social register type?
Is he the “provinciano” type?5.Family background
What is his social, educational, and economic heritage?
What is the position of the family in the community?
Are they known by their family names or not?6.Successfulness
Is he successful?
Does he have a car, a house and lot?
Is he important in his company?
Is he known by his business associates and peers?7.Moral character
Does he look honest?
Is he the type who will put one over others?
Will he cheat me?ASSEMBLING A BASIC WARDROBE1. Clean up your closet2. Know your figure3. Shop wisely and wellShopping Traps to Avoid1.
Think twice before shopping with a friend.
A friend is a distraction andmay keep you from focusing on what you came for.2.
A friend’s taste and aims may be different from yours.3.A friend may choose clothes which he/she would choose forhimself/herself, but not appropriate for you.
Avoid shopping out of loneliness.
Bake a cake or take up some sportinstead. Shopping for the wrong reasons bring out wrong results.
Don’t shop for bargains.
Don’t judge a merchandise by its price tag.LINES IN CLOTHES1.The Vertical Line
 The line which runs lengthwise from head to toe
Creates an illusion of height
Makes a person look taller
Ideal for the plump person2.The Horizontal Line
 The line cutting across from side to side
Cuts height and adds widthCOLORSThe first principle in decorating yourself is understanding not only what colors areright for you, but which shades you should wear. Your Color Spectrum1.Primary Colorsa.Redb.Bluec.Yellow2.Secondary Colorsa.Greenb.Violetc.Orange3.Tertiary Colorsa.Blue-Violetb.Violet-Red

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