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Commit to share; what we can each do for our country and Kaye Beach

Commit to share; what we can each do for our country and Kaye Beach

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Published by: CostitutionalAllianc on Jul 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Commit to share; what we can each do for our country and KayeBeach July 13, 2011
21 July 2011, in eight days Kaye Beach will be arraigned for driving with an expireddriver’s license.Many people are doing what they can. Ten dollars a person would be an enormous help. There are those that have given considerably more. At the very least we each can shareKaye’s story by forwarding the Constitutional Alliance web-site to every person we eachhave on our own contact listwww.constitutionalalliance.orgThose that lead groupsand/or organizations can post this document on their individual web-sites. On the web-site there are additional articles about Kaye’s legal fight. You may contribute to Kaye’s effort by sending a check or money order to:Kaye Beach, P.O. Box 722381, Norman, Oklahoma, 73070 (please write legal defensefund in the memo section of your check or money order).For those that wish to use a credit card (click here to donate) to Kaye’s legal defensefund.Once Kaye has been arraigned (July 21) the court will set a trial date.It will not be known until the arraignment what the trial date will be. Regardless of whathappens in traffic court you can expect the battlefield to move into district court andeventually into an appellate court. There are many reasons that involve the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, Tenthand Fourteenth Amendments that attorneys can present in Kaye’s defense. The statedriver’s license not unlike the social security card has been and is being used for farmore than its intended purpose. Perhaps some would say that is necessary. I do notintend to argue now what a driver’s license should or can be used for. I do insist thatcitizens at least be told what information is being collected including their SSN’s &biometrics and who that information is being shared with. We each should insist thefederal government inform citizens what they are doing with the information they aregetting from the states. If you do not know it the federal government is moving onseveral fronts to have access to the information in your state Department of MotorVehicle database and asking states to collect even more information on the federalgovernment’s behalf. When one former homeland security advisor to the President wasasked what citizens should be told when they become aware that their personalinformation is being used for much more than what they, the citizens are told, theresponse the advisor gave was the citizens will “Just have to get over it.”It is the foremost responsibility of all citizens to ensure we pass on to the children andgrandchildren of today the rights, liberty and freedom we each inherited at such great
sacrifice to previous generations. For Christians there is the responsibility to preach theGospel which is and will be much more challenging if possible at all as our rights arebeing eroded. In the book of Acts it is clear that when confronted with man’s law andwhat God would have us do we must obey God. Not all Christians believe precisely asone another but it is important to recognize one day it may your beliefs that are beingattacked. Christians should stand together.How can those that are Jewish allow themselves or others to be enrolled into a globalsystem of identification and financial control given the history of Jewish people? Real IDand other laws as well as current legislation being considered do and will assign eachcitizen a number.Kaye Beach is making a sacrifice not just for herself, her family but for each of us. Shecannot even get a prescription filled nor do many other “things” without a state driver’slicense or other “government” acceptable ID. Kaye is saying “No” to federal governmentguidelines that call for international standards for state driver’s licenses. Kaye is fightingto protect the sovereignty of our country.Can we put egos and personalities aside long enough to protect our rights? I believemany good people and groups are in a battle to protect the rights of citizens and states.Unfortunately there are those that have to put their own egos or their groups self servinginterest ahead of the goal most of us have which is to fulfill our foremost responsibility of citizens and for Christians to protect their rights so they may continue to preach theGospel without the required government ID.Our government’s ability to create a 24/7 digital footprint of the who, what, how, whenand where of our lives will be on trial as Kaye’s legal journey through the court systemmoves forward. Kaye is preparing to take her fight, our fight to the highest courtnecessary to prevail.We can leave money and/or a good education for our children but the money willdisappear and the value of the education will diminish unless we protect the rights,liberty and freedom we inherited and I would contend God provided. There is not time to fight the good fight in each state legislature or elect the bestcandidates in the 2012 election. Everyday laws are being implemented and new lawsare being proposed that turn our rights into privileges. By supporting Kaye in whateverway we are each capable of we can do something now rather than later.Mark Lerner Co-Founder of the Constitutional Alliance and the Stop Real ID CoalitionFor more information go tohttp://constitutionalalliance.org

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