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Gods, Giants and Carbon Emissions

Gods, Giants and Carbon Emissions

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Published by Sally D'Souza

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Published by: Sally D'Souza on Jul 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gods, Giants and Carbon Emissions
14.07.2011Once upon a time, in the Ancient Land of the Vikings, there lived two great Gods, Thor and Loki, wholoved and hated each other so very (very) much; and (in the land of the Vikings) they were known as:the
Blood Brothers.
 Thor wasn
t a particularly striking fellow, but he had a mighty strong physique with red-hair and red-beard. But he has a tendency to act first then think later; a flaw, which has often landed him in hot (hot)water. He was known as the God of Thunder, and with his mighty hammer, Miolnir the Mullicrusher, hecaused havoc across the skies of Midgard in his chariot (drawn by two giant goats) with loud thunderclaps and lightning bolts whenever he was
battling the giants and hunting the trolls.
 Loki, on the other hand, wasn
t as scary as Thor. He was sweet and enduring and was known for hisgreat (great) charm, wits and his good looks. But to Nordic people, they called him, the Great Pretender:the mischief-maker, the shit-stirrer; a flaw, which often lands him in hot (hot) waters too, but he(somehow) manages to find his way out of it.Even though they are not related by birth; the two were inseparable and together, Loki and Thor, wouldtravel across the Land (of the Vikings) to find themselves in all kinds of interesting
Tales of their adventures would spread across the Land and were even told to many (many) children overcountless generations as
they are even a comic series and films about them :)
One of their ever-popular fables about these rowing Blood Brothers spoke of a time when Loki and Thorwere arguing about whether or not, strength is more beneficial than strategic thinking. Neither couldagree on either one, and so to settle the dispute once and for all, they travelled the long andcumbersome journey to the Land of the Giants
- with an unaccompanied 
boy after he took asecond serving of Thor 
s delicious
goat roast when they stayed a night at his father 
s farm -
to seek their counsel.In a bid to shut the both up, the Chief Giant summoned each of them to a super challenge: that
s right,like a God vs Giant one. There were three rounds: Loki had to cook faster than a
s boy had to run faster than
the Biggest Giant,
and Thor (who really wanted to do themarathon but thought it was only fair to let the kid
have a go
) was set with a drinking contest (but of the non-alcoholic beverages kind, of course) as well as a couple of endurance tests. Unfortunately, muchto their dismay, not one of them won against Team Giants in each of the three challenges because, lo
 and behold, as it turned out they weren
t really Giants after all but figments of their
 Unbeknownst to Team Gods, the Chief Giant was also known among his peers as the
Giant Who TricksGods When Force To Sort Out Their Problems
and decided to serve this name fittingly by placing beforethem
Giants, made of elements of Fire, Air and Water respectively
- but not Earth because it has a tendency to go
when in the presence of the other elements
that not even Godsthemselves (and obviously, an unaccompanied farm boy) could beat these natural phenomena willingly.

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