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Vortex Based Math

Vortex Based Math

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Published by Sylvia Cheung

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Published by: Sylvia Cheung on Jul 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jan/Feb/Mar 2010
Marko Rodin has discoveredthe source of the non-decayingspin of the electron. Although sci-entists know that all electrons inthe universe spin they have never discovered the source of this spin.Rodin has discovered the underpin-ning geometry of the universe, thefabric of time itself. Marko hasdone this by reducing all higher mathematics (calculus, geometry,scalar math) to discrete-number mathematics. With the introductionof Vortex-Based Mathematics youwill be able to see how energy is ex- pressing itself mathematically. Thismath has no anomalies and showsthe dimensional shape and functionof the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. This is thetemplate for the universe and it is allwithin our base ten decimal system!The physics, computer science andspirituality of Rodin’s pinnaclenumber conglomeration is stag-gering; it is universally applicablein mathematics, science, biology,medicine, genetics, astronomy,chemistry, physics and computer science. Rodin’s discovery willrevolutionize computer hard-ware by creating a crucial gapspace, or equi-potential major groove, in processors. Thisgap space generates underpin-ning nested vortices resulting in
far higher efciency with no heat
 build-up.Rodin’s discovery replaces the bi-nary code with a new code called the binary triplet which will revolution-ize computer operating systems. Itcombustion engine.Rodin’s discovery can even be ap- plied to ending pollution and foodshortages by creating an inexhaust-ible, nonpolluting energy source.Because Rodin´s Vortex-BasedMathematics enables him to con-dense a trillion-fold calculation toonly a few integer steps and becausehe is able to solve all the mathemati-cal enigmas, Rodin‘s mathematicswill revolutionize computer infor-mation compression.Rudimentary versions of theRodin Coil, have been created
The Rodin Coil
The Rodin Coils pictured above arebore-silicate glass coil forms, with an
induced plasma core using rareed
noble gases.Rodin Coils implement a mirror symmetry via it’s star wound geom-etry that create a toroidal pinch effect.When correctly made incorporate theuse of wavy ribbon wound conductorsthat have a changing aspect ratio.
Basis for the ExtraOrdinary Rodin Coil
Mko rodi
Cto d Ivto 
Th 4 Colos show i th img(lft) psts oly o widig,illusttig tht th coducto wps oud th cicumfcof th tooid 4 tims pio to ch-ig th poit of oigi. Wps isquc od : rd, blu,G, Yllow, rd.
Rodin Coil Winding
“Vortex Based Mathemat-ics has no anomalies andshows the dimensionalshape and function of theuniverse.”
will transform physics and astro-
 physics by nally answering how
 black holes and pulsars work. Spacetravel will be revolutionized by re-actionless drives that are unaffected by the weight they pull, making the present day combustion engine ob-solete. The revolution brought on byreactionless drives will far surpassthe societal changes wrought bythe shift from steam engines to the
 present day
Jan/Feb/Mar 2010
Jan/Feb/Mar 2010
Derivatives of the
Mathematical Fingerprint of God 
1 = 12 = 24 = 48 = 816 = 732 = 564 = 1128 = 2256 = 4512 = 81,024 = 72,048 = 54,096 = 18,192 = 216,384 = 432,768 = 865,536 = 7131,072 = 5262,144 = 1524,288 = 21,048,576 = 42,097,152 = 84,194,304 = 78,388,608 = 516,777,216 = 133,554,432 = 267,108,864 = 4134,217,728 = 8268,435,456 = 7536,870,912 = 51,073,741,824 = 12,147,483,648 = 24,294,967,296 = 48,589,934,592 = 8The number is onthe left, horizontaladdition result ison the right.Notice how the
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In the past, most scientific research wascarried out by amateurs; and amateurs,by definition, are people who do some-thing because they love it. And althoughamateur naturalists and freelance inventorsstill exist, they have been marginalized. . .I envisage a complementary relationshipbetween non-professional and professionalresearchers, the former having a greater freedom to pioneer new areas of research,and the latter a more rigorous approach, en-abling new discoveries to be confirmed andincorporated into a growing body of sciencesolving our most fundamental problems.
300002 -Svn expimnts ...........16.95
This tour of anomalous research makesclear what the establishment denies: plentyof hard experimental evidence already ex-ists for cold fusion, paranormal phenomena,bioenergy, and the effectiveness of alterna-tive medicine. Because these subjects andtheir investigators are continually denied le-gitimacy by the “paradigm police,” the publicis led to believe that all claims made aboutsuch topics are completely groundless. Inmany instances, the scientific orthodoxyacts with rigidity in the face of the evidence.Faraday, Roentgen, Edison, and even theWright Brothers were thought to be char-latans by their contemporaries. The reader can only wonder if there is not somethingfundamentally wrong with the way that sci-ence is currently being practiced.
300001 - altntiv Scinc .......... 16.95
 Alternative Science
richd Milton
 A Do-It-Yourself Guideto Revolutionary Science
rupt Shldk
Seven ExperimentsThat Could Changethe World
and tested by leading scientist AlHenderson, president of SignatureAntenna and were used by the U.S.Government in antennas that protectthe four corners of the continentalUS increasing their range a thousandfold. Potentially life-saving medicaldevices based on crude approxima-tions of the Rodin Coil are now being manufactured and used inthe treatment of patients for a largerange of miladies.Marko Rodin has never publishedkey concepts such as the phasingand energizing of the Rodin Coilalthough there has been a virtualstampede to get at this work. Thecomplexity and scope of Rodin’sdiscovery requires advanced anima-tors and skilled technical writers to put the work into a form that peoplecan learn from without Rodin per-sonally walking them through it.
Introduction to Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics
As Russell Blake, senior researcher from Microsoft, has said of Marko’swork,
This fantastic coherence hasexisted since the beginning of time but has yet to be harnessed by mankind and the potential istruly mind-boggling! Not only is the Rodin Torus threedimensional, but actually fourthdimensional and higher!
Mathematics as we know it today isonly a tool to symbolize quantities.
Vortex-Based Mathematics
(VBM)is completely different because itis a dynamic math that shows therelationships and thus the
quali-ties, substance
in 3-Dspace of numbers rather than just thequantities of numbers.Marko studied all the world’s greatreligions. He decided to take TheMost Great Name of Baha’u’llah(prophet of the Baha’i Faith) whichis ‘
and convert it into numbers.He did this in an effort to discover the true precise mystical intonationof The Most Great Name of God.Since the Baha’i sacred scripturewas originally written in Persianand Arabic, Marko used the Abjadnumerical notation system for thisletter to number translation. Thiswas a sacred system of allocating aunique numerical value to each let-ter of the 27 letters of the alphabet sothat secret quantum mechanic phys-ics could be encoded into words.What Marko discovered was that(a=1, b=2, h=5, a=1) = 9. The factthat The
Most Great Name of God
equaled 9 seemed very important
 to him as everything he had read in both the Baha’i scriptures and other religious text spoke of nine beingthe omnipotent number. So next hedrew out a circle with nine on topand 1 through 8 going around thecircle clockwise. Then he discov-ered a very intriguing number sys-tem within this circle. Marko knewhe had stumbled upon somethingvery profound. This circle with itshidden number sequence was the“Symbol of Enlightenment.” Thisis the
 Mathematical Fingerprint Of God.
Follow along as the amazing prop-erties of this symbol unveil them-selves to you. Put your pencil onnumber 1 and without picking upyour pencil, move your pencil ina straight line to number 2, then 4,then across the center to 8. Noticethat you are doubling. So nextshould be 16 and it is, but 1+6=7.So move your pencil to 7. Then 16doubled is 32, but 3+2=5. So moveyour pencil to 5. Then 32 doubledis 64 and 6+4=10 and 1+0=1. Andyou’re back to 1. So move the pencilacross the center and back up to 1.The significance of the Mayancalender is that 64 is one completecycle of infinity. Then it beginsagain with 64 doubled is 128 and1+2+8=11, then 1+1=2. And so on.
This picipl is th foudtio of ctio d symmty. You c’thv symmty without ivsio.Th Fmily num Goups  180dgs opposit ch oth. Thum 6 is 180 dgs opposit12 which illustts tht th hlf-wypoit is th logst most xtmdistc wy fom itslf.
The Principal of Inversion
Movigth pcil i  
ptt, vls th
Innity Dened...
Numerical Tableof a Doubling Circuit
Jan/Feb/Mar 2010
Jan/Feb/Mar 2010
You will never get off this track as you keep doubling. Notice the
innity symbol has formed under 
-neath your pencil, creating an ever-repeating pattern of 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5.Amazingly, this number sequencestays intact as you half numbers aswell. Start again at the 1 but this
time go backwards on the innity
symbol. Half of 1 is .5, so moveyour pencil to the 5. Then half of .5 is .25, and 2+5=7. So move your  pencil to the 7. And half of .25 is.125 and 1+2+5=8. So move to the8. Next half of .125 is .0625 and0+6+2+5=13 and 1+3=4. So goacross to the 4. And half of .0625is .03125 and 0+3+1+2+5=11 and1+1=2. So move to the 2. Forever staying on the route of 1,2,4,8,7,5even backwards.At this point some of you might be thinking, “What in the worlddo these number patterns have todo with real world applications?”These number groupings piecetogether into a jig-saw-like puzzle pattern that perfectly demonstrates
the way energy ows. Our base-ten
decimal system is not man made,
rather it is created by this ow of 
energy. Amazingly, after twentyyears of working with this symboland collaborating with engineersand scientists, Marko discoveredthat the 1,2,4,8,7,5 was a doubling
circuit for a very efcient electrical
coil. There was still one more veryimportant number pattern to be real-
ized. On the
Mathematical Finger-print Of God
which has also beencalled the Symbol of Enlightenmentnotice how the 3, 9, and 6 is a dotedline and does not connect at the base. That is because it is a vector.The 1,2,4,8,7,5 is the pathway thatmatter in the form of any continuousmedium such as air, water, electric-ity or even a solar system travelsthough space in the third dimensionwhile the oscillation between the3 and 6 demonstrates the higher 
fourth dimensional magnetic eld
of an electrical coil. The fourth di-mension is always coupled together with the 9, which is a sustainingFlux known as Spirit, Prana, Chi,Tachyon, Inertia Aether, Maxwells’Monopole or Dark Energy.The 3, 9, and 6 always occur to-gether with the 9 as the control. Infact, the Yin Yang is not a duality but rather a trinary. This is becausethe 3 and 6 represent each side of the Yin Yang and the 9 is the “S”curve between them. Everything is based on thirds.
We think that the
decaying spin of the electron. Numbers have temporal, spatial andvolumetric qualities. For example, physics is the base ten number system. In other words numbershave bilateral or mirror symmetry
and line up in stratied layers of 
horizontal planes. This is the same
The strong force is merely a manifesta-tion of Coulomb’s electric force, bothqualitatively and quantitatively. Thisbook expands the concept of the spiralfield that leads to the unification of strong electric, and gravitational forces.A presentation discusses the new primeelements of Nature, the torix and thehelix, which are based on positive andnegative energy.Matter, ether, electromagnetic waves,and neutrinos are decribed by the verysame fundamental equations. Gins-
berg’s unication of strong, gravitational,and electric forces conrms a possibility
of instantaneous transmission of waves.
Furthermore, it identies likely candi
-dates for “dark” matter, while outlining
a road map for the unied eld theory.
Well illustrated, this book explores theleading edge of physics. (280pp)
593000-Uifictio Gv/elc ... 14.95
Call (520) 463-1994
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1st Item: $8-US; $11-Can/Mex; $15-Other Each Add’l Item: $3-US; $4-Can/Mex; $7-Other 
TeslaTech, Inc
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For the rst time in humanhistory, a scientic foundation for the
existence of God is presented, sup-ported by the same empirical data usedeveryday by physicists. Through a verysimple observation noted 100 yearsago by Charles Coulomb, the electro-magnetic units have been corrected of an error that has led physics astray for so long. Now, electrodynamics can beexpressed in simple dimensional equa-tions, the neurosciences can now beunited to quantum and classical physics,and the precise geometry of subatomicparticles can be modeled.
592000-Sct of th ath ..... 64.95
The Secretof the Aether
by David Thomsonand Jim Bourassa
Unication of
Strong Gravitational& Electric Forces
Vldim Gisg
the Coil and can be visualized ina 2-D form shown on the opposite page. The 2-D number map formsthe 3-D skin of the Rodin Coil andthus demonstrates the concept of thewinding of the coil.
The 9 demonstrates the Omni di
-mension which is the higher dimen-
sional ux emanation called Spirit
that always occurs within the center 
of the magnetic eld lines.
The last number left to be explainedfrom The
 Mathematical Finger- print Of God 
is the number 9. Thenumber nine is Energy being mani-fested in a single moment event of occurrence in our physical worldof creation. It is unique because itis the focal center by being the onlynumber identifying with the verti-cal upright axis. It is the singularityor the Primal Point of Unity. Thenumber nine never changes and islinear. For example all multiplesof 9 equal 9. 9x1=9, 9x2=18, but1+8=9, 9x3=27, but 2+7=9. This is because it is emanating in a straightline from the center of mass out of the nucleus of every atom, and fromout of the singularity of a black hole.It is complete, revealing perfection,and has no parity because it alwaysequals itself. The number nine isthe missing particle in the universeknown as Dark Matter.The number nine lines up with the
center of the innity symbol and it is
from this center that the linear ema-nations we call Spirit emanate fromthe center of mass outwards. Spiritis the only thing in the universe thatmoves in a straight line. Spirit is theinertia aether that Einstein postulat-ed. Spirit is what makes everythingelse warp and curve around it. The perfect number patterns are actu-ally created by this Spirit energy.Without Spirit the universe would become destitute and void. Spirit
ow is the source of all movement
as well as the source of the non-as physics’ parity. There are ninesimple multiplication series (one se-ries for each discrete number 1-9) inVortex-Based Mathematics. Thesemultiplication series are based uponreducing all products to single dig-its via horizontal addition formingmeaningful number sequences. Nature is expressing herself withnumbers. The symmetry of our decimal system is a principle of na-ture. The 9 axis causes the doublingcircuit and it is the point towardswhich matter converges and awayfrom which it diverges or expands.Thus the polar number pairs will bemirror images of each other, both
owing in opposite directions from
the central axis. There is perfectsymmetry wrapped around a single point coiling outwards the way that petals are wrapped in a rose, or a
universe is based upon dualitiesbecause we see the effects and notthe cause.
When I say the oscillation betweenthe 3 and 6 what I mean is that 3doubled is 6 and 6 doubled is 12, but 1+2=3, and then 12 doubled is24, but 2+4=6 and 24 doubled is 48, but 4+8=12 and 1+2=3. So the 3 and6 go back and forth in their ownseparate dimension. This creates theother important pattern of (3,9,6; 6,The Ancient Symbol correctly
dened with it’s three
The Yin Yang is Trinary
( continued on page 08 )Between the hole in the vortexand the number nine is a perfect diamond.
Nine is THE Zenith thatrepresents ALL knowledge.
Mko rodi
explaining themathematical connection tothe Seal of Solomon and theGreat Pyramid of Giza..
“Spirit is the only thing inthe universe that moves in astraight line while causing allmatter to precess and warp”
9,3; 3,9 ,6). Now lay out the number pat-terns on the 2-D grid. Place the3,9,6,6,9,3,3,9 number pattern inthe center of the 1,2,4,8,7,5 num- ber pattern going forward and the1,2,4,8,7,5 number pattern going backwards this continuation createsan amazingly perfect number map.The
 Mathematical Fingerprint Of God 
is a legend or blueprint for 

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