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Table Of Contents

An Overview of the World Wide Web
A Brief History of the WWW
How the Web Works
What Is a Web Server?
The HTTP Protocol
New Features in HTTP/1.1
HTTP Request Methods
Observing the HTTP Protocol in Action
Apache and Other Servers
Who Are the Major Players?
Alternatives to Apache
The Free Servers
The Commercial Variety
The Features of Apache
Further Benefits
The Architecture of Apache
New Features of Apache Version 2.0
Making Apache
Installing the Apache Binaries
Which Modules Are Included?
Red Hat Package Manager
Binary Distributions
Running the Server
Using Apachectl
Running Multiple Apache Servers
In Sum:
The Apache Core Directives
Using Apache Directives
Securing Obsolete Configuration Files
Directive Scope and Context
Defining the Main Server Environment
More General-Server Directives
Controlling Server Processes
Defining How the Server Listens for Connections
The Container Directives
Perl Sections
Apache’s Order of Evaluation for Containers
Setting Up User Home Directories
Specifying Username-to-Directory Mappings
Redirecting Requests for User Home Directories
Enabling/Disabling Mappings
Using suEXEC with User Directories
Simple Request Redirection
Providing Directory Indexes
Fancier Directory Indexes
In Sum
Apache Modules
Types of Apache Modules
How Modules Work
Installing Third-Party Modules
The Two Linking Methods
Making the Choice
Using Dynamically Linked Modules
Where to Find Modules
Example of Installing a Module
Using the Included Makefile
Virtual Hosting
Virtual Host Directives
IP-Based Virtual Hosting
Virtual Hosts
Network Interface Aliasing in Linux
Name-Based Virtual Hosting
Supporting non-HTTP/1.1 Clients
Dynamic Virtual Hosting
IP-Based Dynamic Virtual Hosts
Guaranteeing Sufficient File Descriptors
Avoiding DNS Dependence
Rules for Virtual Hosting
Server-Side Includes
Configuring Apache to Run SSI
SSI Tags
Flow Control
HotWired’s Extended SSI (XSSI)
Installing HotWired’s Extensions
Java Server-Side Includes (JSSI)
Installing Apache JSSI
Sample JSSI Application
Scripting/Programming with CGI and Perl
The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
How CGI Works
Identifying CGI Resources
Controlling the Environment
Modifying the CGI Environment
Securing Your CGI Scripts
Debugging CGI Scripts
Using CGI.pm
A Script to Return the Environment
A Simple Database Query Example
How FastCGI Works
Installing and Compiling mod_fastcgi
Modifying CGI Scripts to Use FastCGI
The mod_perl Perl Accelerator
Installing mod_perl
Running Perl Scripts with mod_perl
Improving the Performance of mod_perl
Checking the Status of mod_perl
Programming With mod_perl
Other Apache Scripting/Programming Tools
PHP Documentation
PHP 4.0
Database Support in PHP
Installing PHP as a Red Hat Package
Installing PHP from Source Code
Configuring Apache to Run PHP
Optional PHP Configuration Directives
Installing Apache JServ
Configuring Apache JServ
Servlet Zones
Multiple JVMs
Automatic Class Reloading
A Database Query Using Apache JServ
Java Server Pages (JSP)
A Simple Java Server Pages Example
The Database Example in Java Server Pages
Aliasing and Redirection
The mod_rewrite Module
How mod_rewrite Works
Setting Up mod_rewrite
The Essential Rewriting Directives
A Simple Redirection Example
Conditional Rewriting: The RewriteCond Directive
An Example of Automatic Page Creation
An Example of Reusing Conditions
Special Considerations for Per-Directory Rewriting
The RewriteOptions Directive
Logging Rewriting Actions
Setting a Base URL: The RewriteBase Directive
Mapped Rewriting: The RewriteMap Directive
An Example of Randomly Generated URLs
User Home Directories with mod_rewrite
Controlling Apache
Controlling Apache Manually
Controlling Apache with Linux Signals
The apachectl Utility
Starting Apache Automatically
GUI Configuration Tools
TkApache and Mohawk
Apache’s Built-In Web Monitors
Apache Logging
Error Logging
Request Logging
The Common Log Format
Defining What to Log: Using LogFormat
Creating the Log File: Using CustomLog
Logging for Virtual Hosts
Logfile Security
Tracking User Sessions
Session Tracking
Analyzing Logs
Advanced Log Analyzers
Rotating Apache Logs
Using logresolve
Proxying and Performance Tuning
Performance Directives
Controlling Client Connections
Using Apache as a Proxy Server
How Proxies Work
Reverse Proxying
The mod_proxy Module
Configuring a Browser for Your Proxy
HTTP/1.1 Support for Caching
The Via Header
Squid: A Proxy Server for Linux
kHTTPd: An Apache Accelerator
Controlling Web Robots (Spiders)
Basic Security for Your Web Server
Apache’s Basic Security Tools
Restrictions Based on Client Origin
Restrictions Based on User Identification
Basic HTTP Authentication
Message Digest Authentication
“Anonymous” Authentication: the mod_auth_anon Module
Authentication Servers
Secure Sockets Layer
Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption Schemes
Implementing SSL in Apache
Installing OpenSSL
Installing mod_ssl
Using the SSL Server
Client Certificates
Getting Certificates from a Commercial CA
Commercial SSL Servers
Metainformation and Content Negotiation
Passing Metainformation to the Apache Server
The MIME Content Type
MIME Language
MIME Character Set
MIME Encoding
How Apache Uses Metainformation
Instructing the Browser
Setting a Handler
Content Negotiation
Apache Directives
Online References
WWW and HTTP Resources
General Apache Resources
Resources for Apache Modules
Apache Security Resources
General Programming Resources
PHP Programming Resources
Perl-CGI Programming Resources
Java Programming Resources
Usenet Newsgroup Archives
Transferring Files to Apache
Using Samba
Using FTP
FrontPage 2000 Extensions
Using Apache Documentation Effectively
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Tuning Apache

Tuning Apache

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Published by: Ramesh Reddy on Jul 14, 2011
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