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Assange's 40th Wing-Ding * Nimrod Kamer * 7/2011

Assange's 40th Wing-Ding * Nimrod Kamer * 7/2011

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Published by Nimrod Kamer
Julian Assange's 40th Birthday Eyewitness Piece.

July 10th 2011.
Julian Assange's 40th Birthday Eyewitness Piece.

July 10th 2011.

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Published by: Nimrod Kamer on Jul 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assange's 40th Wing-Ding
Nimrod Kamer
Brad Pitt, his wife, Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and a bunch of other A-listers wereinvited to Julian Assange's bday bash last Sunday. None of them showed up,in what turned out to be a no-donors-overly-hyped Suffolk soiree. It is mostunfortunate first and foremost to Assange's depleting bank account. To thedefense of the invitees, neither Gore nor Winfrey, although "liberals", everclaimed alliance with Wikileaks or the person in question.It was a bit klutzy, as if Ed Miliband invited Blair to his knot tying without firstasking if he's into him. "Is Assange really 40?" some of the guests queried,pointing out he looks much younger and vigor, ready to handle an evengreater leak, if only it wasn’t for that sex(t)ing-while-sleeping rape charge he'sfacing back home in Scandinavia.The affair took place outside a 10 bedroom farm-house, not far from Bungayand Diss, where the whistleblower is staying on expanse of the Smith family,Vaughan and Pranvera Smith, who also run Frontline, a £5,000 lifetimemembership journalists club. Assange's driver stated he's positive thoseSmiths's got something to do with W H Smith. I found no evidence to that.Soon upon arriving I noticed Julian, already perched, settled and stewedcenter staged on a round table inside a tent they've built on the front lawn.He was num, letting a few pettish, peevishly overly-proud-of-him womenliterally shout his praise on the microphone. At one point they pleaded allguests to say 'Hooray' for what Julian did, times three. "It's funny howreactionary idols must always endure those oldfangled would-be activists.." agirl next to me noted. Assange's new lawyer stood aside too, glancing,gorgeous as she was, along with two HBO executives planning to make a 'TVdrama or mini serious' based on the man's escapades.
One other individual, looking more doughy and feeble than Assange, was saidto be his ghostwriter. Just like in Polanski's film, the chap carried out assomeone waiting for a GPS fixed SUV to relegate him anywhere, as long as it'sGatwick. A week ago it was learned the memoir jotted down in name of Assange, which the writer swore not to leak, will never be printed. Juliancalled off the £850,000 deal quite abruptly, no one knows why, subsequent totaking an advance from Canongate Books.Next, a debutant named Jemima Khan debuted the premises. For a shortwhile it was as if everyone were perplexed, not be to witnessing an activistbut an actual Independent associate editor with a sound check book. It thenstruck me a bit odd, the whole 'Wikileaks in dire need of donations' thing. A)One never heard of any Wikileaks members in existence other than JA. B) Itdidn’t seem like the Smiths "freedom of info" types as they were, and loadedwith cash, will ever refuse to endorsement. Having said that, it's obviousJulian would face much harder time getting money whilst in Sweden, theequivalent of daytime prison for him. (Sun never sets wise).I then discovered that a different kind of guest, priceless (and missing). Hisname:
Slavoj Žižek, the Slovenian philosopher and one of Assange's closest
pals. On July 2nd the two eBayed lunch with themselves at the Ivy, only to geta few thousand quid per person in return. Not only that, all eight winnerscame from the same consulting firm. Assange must've wanted to hang himself right there just out of yawn.In any case, appeased by those who did come, wearing an all white endless-vacation suite and rampant hairdo, birthday boy seemed gleeful, some wouldsay not waving but drowning, but still very much gratified. Two satin-gownedgirls running around gave it the feel of a proper summer wedding after-all.From a distance I wished him 'many happy returns'. He seemed transfixed,swiveled at me while omitting to nod.

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