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Facebook Best Practices

Facebook Best Practices

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Published by Nuno Fraga Coelho

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Published by: Nuno Fraga Coelho on Jul 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FacebookBest Practices:Building YourBrand & YourCommunity
Copyright © 2010 ThreadMarketing, A StrongMail Company. All rights reserved.
While marketing via Facebook
may require specifcchannel expertise in terms o strategies, tactics andexecution, the approach is not dissimilar to the basictenets o Marketing 101:
Understand your consumer and defne yourbrand’s value proposition
Build awareness and acquire ans
Deliver value and engage your base
 Test, track and measure perormance
Optimize your eorts based on your learningsand perormanceEasier said than done? Not really. By sticking to theollowing best practices or marketing on Facebook,you can build your community one step at a time.
Copyright © 2010 ThreadMarketing, A StrongMail Company. All rights reserved.
Brand Audit
- Type your brand’s name into the Facebooksearch bar. This is a simple, quick and ree way to takethe pulse o the nature o conversations about your brand. Any given brand may have several dierent kinds o pagesorganically created by consumers that have distinctdiscussion tones and trends. Segments o consumerswho build and engage with these brand pages can includebrand enthusiasts (usually positive in tone), brand bashers(negative tone), and employees or ormer employees (tonemay vary). Track and understand the nature and topics o the conversations on these existing pages – not just whenyou are starting out, but also as part o the never-endingprocess o listening and learning. I you are working withFacebook, you may even consider coordinating with themto move “unofcial” pages over to your ofcial page onceyou are prepared to launch.
Leverage traditional market research
to collectinormation about how your consumers use social mediaand what kind o content and conversations are importantto them. Survey your consumer base through databasemarketing, website intercept surveys, third-party researchpanels and other touchpoints at your disposal. Conductocus groups to drill down into the attitudes o yourFacebook consumers and even how they interact withdierent eatures and unctions on the site.
Utilize powerful listening tools 
that crunch throughthe immense amount o discussions and activity onsocial networks and organize that inormation in clean,understandable dashboards and reports. These listeningtools, such as those rom providers like Radian6 andStrongMailcan help monitor conversations on Facebookand identiy discussion key words, sentiment and othertrends associated with your brand.
 As an example, when Castrol USA sought to dedicate additional resources to operate a Facebook page, it rstconducted a rigorous listening and monitoring exerciseto identify a shared passion among its consumers. That shared passion – racing – served as the foundation of content, conversations and engagement on its revamped Castrol USA fan page. With the right passion identied  and propagated, your brand page can quickly evolve into an interactive community that is a true collaboration between your brand and your consumers.
Listen.Then Frame theConversation.
Beore attempting to develop a ull Facebook an page or your brand, you must frstdetermine the nature o the conversation between your brand and your consumers.When it comes to raming the conversation, the brands that build successul Facebookcommunities take their cues rom their consumers and don’t try to dictate or dominatethe relationship. They do this by listening. The ultimate goal o listening is to identiy a shared passion among your consumers. That passion will serve as the thread or discussion and driver o engagementthroughout your community. Brands should tap into multiple listening sources in orderto uncover and defne points o shared passion:

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