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DOS Gen c

DOS Gen c

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Published by Robert Quinn

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Published by: Robert Quinn on Jul 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5/25/11Robert Quinn18 Lakeview Drive SouthHaines City, Fla. 33844863 439 3212rlqretired@aol.comDanial E. NordbyGeneral CounselDepartment of StateR.A. Gray Building500 South Bronough StreetTallahassee, Florida 32399-250Dear General Counsel Nordby;SUBJECT – Irrefutable evidence a crime has been committed that will lead to electionfraud here in Florida in 2012.Please accept this letter as a complaint and request for an investigation into whether thenew Certificate of Live Birth for President Obama, produced on 4/25/11 by Director Fuddy of the Hawaiian Department of Health and placed on the White House website on4/27/11, is a forensically valid image copied from a page in a open book of birthcertificates, or a computer generated composite made up to look like a copy of a page inan open book.The evidence it is a forgery is overwhelming and irrefutable. In support of this charge Ifirst offer the attached Affidavit of Douglas B. Vogt, a well qualified expert to conduct aforensic analysis as to the authenticity of this new document the president has proudly placed upon the White House website and will be used to prove his eligibility to run for  president in Florida’s 2012 election. I also attach the 22 page backup report.Director Fuddy and the presently unknown state employees that participated in the illegalcreation of this forged Certificate of Live Birth have committed a classic criminal felony.There is no Hawaiian statute, rule or regulation that gives the Director of Health the legalauthority to produce a totally fake Certificate of Live Birth, under any circumstance, andthat is precisely what the attached affidavit has proven with irrefutable evidence.This is not, as claimed by Director Fuddy, a factual copy of an authentic originalCertificate of Live Birth copied from an open book onto security paper. It is instead, acomposite computer generated forgery made up to look like it was a page copied from anopen book onto security paper. This is an exceptionally poor quality forgery and thosethat participated in its creation have committed a most serious national security crime, byfabricating a fake birth certificate to prove a person is qualified to be President of theUnited States of America and Commander in Chief of our Military Forces. 

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