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My Commentary on the Debt Ceiling

My Commentary on the Debt Ceiling

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Published by msf31538
My Commentary on the Debt Ceiling
My Commentary on the Debt Ceiling

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Published by: msf31538 on Jul 14, 2011
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by Martin S Friedlander on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 2:30pmI am ready to make my forecast for the next month based on the following facts that Iperceive and the body language of the negotiators, and boots on the ground in thehinterlands. Some of which will surprise you. That is why I am going down on paper.1. The Democrats and Republicans will never reach a deal on the debt ceiling. Bothsides are tied too close to their base of support. Therefore the Debt Ceiling will not belifted by August 2, 2011. Therefore what will happen?2. All of the major corporations and financial institution are loaded with cash havingpredicted this as there is no financial model for ANY economist to forecast the future aswe have never been here before. Everyone is a "virgin" in "virgin" territory. All of theUnions and left wingers are loaded with cash. Obama has raised record sums to fightthe battle of the century. Ideology. It is class warfare no matter what any historian oreconomist will tell you. We will not fight this new "Civil War" with guns but with moneyand organizational skills of the combatants. Dust off your volume of the "Art of War" aswe will need it.3. Ideology makes it impossible to negotiate if one party or both parties do not act in anyreasonable matter. Get prepared to try this case until one or both sides are exhausted.It will be a "civil" "Long War", incorporating Tom Hayden's characterization into myargument.4. My visit to Jackson Hole Wyoming for 4 days gave me an opportunity to askquestions of the guys and gals in shorts with kids in tow. The heartland of a vacationspot for those who can afford to travel to a beautiful location in the USA. I spoke towomen from Utah who were Mormons confessing in advance that I was a Democrat onthe Liberal side. What they told me shook me up as it was totally unexpected. They toldme that Orrin Hatch is up for reelection in Utah for the umpteenth time. We all agreethat he is a conservative and supports Conservative Causes and Supreme CourtJustices. They told me that there is a "grass roots" movement in Utah to prevent hisreelection and they may primary him in the Republican primary with a "moderate".Shocked. Spoke to at least another dozen of what I perceived to be the "common folks".They are not ideologues and they want the T Party defeated very badly as they arecrazy with religion and demons that are not there.5. Look at the Bond Market. All those who were fortunate to invest in Fed Agency Bondsor Tax Free Munis a few years ago and looked for "safe" income investments instead ofa "killing" are finding that their face value of their Bond Holding are at or above par. That
means your "net worth" has increased. Those who invested in high yield strong equitiesare producing income. A 5% or better income yield in today's world is great. Dividendsare taxed at 15% and Munis are not taxed at all. Capital gains if you hold 1 year orlonger are taxed at 15% not at ordinary interest rates. That is what the Bush Tax cutshave produced.6. Obama now pulls a Harry Truman to sell the T Party into oblivion. He can do thatsince Cantor "shorted" the stock market with Insider Information as part of his bet. Thatis illegal "insider trading" in violation of the SEC, for which there are both criminal andcivil penalties. Cantor bet against AMERICA. Obama is so pissed off at Cantor for hisdisrespect for both the office and the man that he may turn Holder, the AG, and the FBI,on Cantor to serve an SDT for his trading records. Then there will be one big publicshow trial. It will be all drama Obama. The T Party threw the "monkey wrench" inObama's dream for America. No red states, no blue states, but the United States.7. Obama held out his hand and got it "slapped". Obama has a very "thick skin" but ifyou read the new biography of his father, he may have some "mean spirited" genes, nothis mother's genes who was duped by this "crazy father" from Kenya. Obama and hisfather never reconciled. Obama has the brains of both his parents and the quietness ofhis mother. That is what made him an enigma. He made himself into the very oppositeof his father and advanced himself to the Presidency while his father was a dead drunkalcoholic who womanized 2 white women to marry him and many black women to marryhim. He duped them all and deserted all of his children including Obama.8. The bottom line is that we are not going to lift the debt ceiling by 8/2/11 contrary toreasonableness. Obama will then pick and choose what to pay and who to pay. If hehas a long memory, (I will remind him) then he can accomplish a lot on little. He will payhis friends and supporters. He will hold up payments to the defense contractors and theenvironment violators and deniers. He can pull more troops out of Asia and the MiddleEast. He will work out a deal with China as both economies are symbiotic.9. If he plays his hand that was dealt to him by the T Party he can take back the House,win 60 votes in the Senate, and pass all of his legislation. He will appoint more liberalSupreme Court Justices who will not pervert the Constitution like Roberts and Scalia.10. As to Scalia, he misrepresented the original intent of the prefatory clause to the 2ndamendment. We all agree that the Revolution began in Mass and that John and SamAdams were leaders and founding fathers. Virginia and Mass produced the founders. Iwill now point out Scalia's lies with respect to the 2nd Amendment. As far as I know, nolegal scholar has made the observation that I now make.
 The US Constitution was initially drafted at the Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia. InNYC the Congress ratified the Constitution and its Amendment on March 4, 1789.
Amendment II read:
well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of afree state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
 Through some language "razzle dazzle"
Scalia disregarded the "prefatory" clause as not being part of the original intent of the founders.
In 1780 the State of Mass enacted the MASSACHUSETTS BILL OF RIGHTS OF1780. ARTICLE XVII
people have a right to keep and bear arms for the
common defense
. And as, intime of peace, armies are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be maintained withoutthe consent of the legislature; and the military power shall always be held in an exactsubordination to the civil authority, and be governed by it."
Our founders did not want a "standing army" and the right to bear arms was forthe common defense not for individual defense.
Therefore it follows that the originalintent of the people of MASS was that there was no absolute right to bear arms.
Scaliathus sold us a BILL OF GOODS for political purposes.Article VI of the MASS Bill of rights showed a "disdain" for corporations
. Read it.
obviously did not when he decided the
Citizens United Case.Paragraph 13 of the Virginia Bill of Rights enacted in 1776 prefaced the right tobear arms was for the common defense as "standing armies were dangerous".Section (4) of the 14th Amendment means what it says according to the SupremeCourt's decision in the 1930sWE HAVE BEEN SOLD DOWN THE RIVER BY A SMALL MINORITY AND THEYHAVE TO BE PUT DOWN AS WE PUT DOWN ALL OTHER ENEMIES OF AMERICA.

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