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A History of True Religion

A History of True Religion

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Published by joe
This work is on the History of the Church from the Ephesus era to the Sardis era.
This work is on the History of the Church from the Ephesus era to the Sardis era.

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Published by: joe on Sep 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A HISTORY of THE TRUE RELIGIONTRACED FROM 33 A.D. TO DATEbyA. N. Dugger and C. O. DoddOriginal Edition, 1936Second Edition, Tebet (January) 1968Third Edition, Jerusalem, Israel, Sivan (June) 1972---------------------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTSPreface, About the AuthorsChapter 1 -- IntroductionThe Church Founded on the Rock Chapter 2 -- Brief Prophetical AnalysisThe Two Churches Contrasted -- The Woman Clothed with the Sun,and the Woman Clothed in Scarlet upon the Beast -- The ChurchName in Both Old and New TestamentsChapter 3 -- The Dragon and Beast Make War on the ChurchThe Period of Great Tribulation -- Prophetical ScriptureShowing the Dark AgesChapter 4 -- Thirty-Three to One Hundred A.D.The Apostolical Church -- The Apostle Paul -- Simon Peter, theApostle -- John the Revelator -- The Early Protestant Church-- The Church at Jerusalem -- Man made Names -- Ebionites --Nazarenes -- Jewish Christians -- The Real Bible Name -- TheDay of RestChapter 5 -- One Hundred to Two Hundred A.D.The Rise of Christian Sects -- The Great Apostasy -- FalseDoctrine -- Easter -- Infant Baptism -- Invocation of Saints-- Holy Oil -- Use of Images -- Sign of the Cross -- Sunday
file:///C|/Downloads/A%20History%20Of%20The%20True%20Religion.txt (1 of 177)9/14/2008 7:57:35 AM
Sun worship -- Immortality of the Soul -- Early Writers --Church Fathers -- The True ChurchChapter 6 -- Two Hundred to Three Hundred A.D.The Church at Pella and Jerusalem -- Origin of Other Sects --Sabbath-Sunday -- False DoctrinesChapter 7 -- Three Hundred to Four Hundred A.D.Continued Persecution -- Constantine the Great -- Bishops --Popes -- Doctor Arius -- Nicean Council -- Change of thePassover -- Sunday Legislation -- Easter -- The Trinity --Sunday -- The Sabbath -- False Doctrines -- Nicean Creed --Julian the Apostate -- The True Church -- Sabbaths -- Meats --Circumcision -- HypsistariiChapter 8 -- Four Hundred to Five Hundred A.D.From Bishop to Pope -- Worship of Bones, Martyrs, Saints,Relics -- Candles -- Celibacy of the Clergy -- The Eastern andWestern Popes -- Roman and Greek Catholics -- Christians of NoHierarchy -- Messalians -- Lord's Day -- SabbathChapter 9 -- Five Hundred to Six Hundred A.D.The Flight of the True Church to the Wilderness -- ValleyDwellers -- Vaudois -- True Church in Dispersion -- Seeds of the ReformationChapter 10 -- Six Hundred to Seven Hundred A.D.The Church of God Scattered Abroad -- CharacteristicDescriptive Names of God's People -- In Spain -- Britain --Scotland -- Germany -- Justinian -- Separation of Clergy fromTheir Wives -- Sabbath Condemned at Council at Constantinople-- Paulicians -- Bulgaria -- France -- Albigeois -- Montenses-- Nonconformists -- Translation of Scriptures into SclavonianTongue -- Waldenses -- Seed of the Primitive Church Hold toTrue DoctrinesChapter 11 -- Seven Hundred to Eight Hundred A.D.A True Light Amid Gross Darkness -- Rome Never Universal evenin Italy -- The Protestant Bible -- Moravia -- England --Charlemagne -- Images -- Charles the Great -- Triune-baptism-- Anabaptists -- Infant baptism -- TransubstantiationChapter 12 -- Eight Hundred to Nine Hundred A.D.
file:///C|/Downloads/A%20History%20Of%20The%20True%20Religion.txt (2 of 177)9/14/2008 7:57:35 AM
Increase in the Popedom -- Persecution of the Church --Martyrs -- True Church Never of Rome -- Commandment Observers-- Protestant Bible in Waldensian Tongue -- The Perfect andthe Imperfect Classes in the Church -- The Lord's SupperChapter 13 -- Nine Hundred to Ten Hundred A.D.The Woman in the Wilderness -- Sabbath-keepers -- CommandmentObservers -- True Christians -- Gospel Seed Covered Europe --MartyrdomChapter 14 -- Ten Hundred to Eleven Hundred A.D.Heresy and Truth -- Blood Not Eaten -- Candlemas, Palm Sunday,Cross Adoration -- Good Friday, Easter -- A Hundred ThousandMartyrs -- Christ the Mediator AloneChapter 15 -- Eleven Hundred to Twelve Hundred A.D.Peter Waldo -- The Cathari -- Waldo's Bible -- Waldo inGermany and Bohemia -- Persecution and Martyrdom -- WaldensianChurch of God -- Richard, The Lion Hearted -- General Remarks-- The Commandments of God -- Church Sabbatarians --Believer's Immersion -- Commandment-keepers -- Luther --Doctrine and Discipline of the Waldenses -- Ordained Pastors-- Synods -- A Humble and Consecrated People of GodChapter 16 -- Twelve Hundred to Thirteen Hundred A.D.Rome Continues to Harass the Church of God -- Dispersions --Puritans, Leonists, Arnoldists, etc. -- Saints Extirpated --Persecutions of the Waldenses -- Enemies of Rome -- TheInquisition -- A Public Discussion -- General State of theRoman Church -- Dominicans and Franciscans -- Corruptions of Rome -- Real Christians Only Among Waldenses and LollardsChapter 17 -- Thirteen Hundred to Fourteen Hundred A.D.The Lollards and Other Protestants -- 80,000 True Believers inBohemia -- Lord's Supper Observed Annually -- Belief andPractice of the True SaintsChapter 18 -- Fourteen Hundred to Fifteen Hundred A.D.The Climax of Popery -- The Protestants Throughout the Dark Ages -- Sabbatarians -- Anabaptists -- The Hand ThatIntervened to Deliver -- Invaders Panic Stricken -- Armies of Aliens Put to Flight -- Inquisition -- A Covering CloudProtects
file:///C|/Downloads/A%20History%20Of%20The%20True%20Religion.txt (3 of 177)9/14/2008 7:57:35 AM

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