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Breaking Free - The Moon Card Story

Breaking Free - The Moon Card Story

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Published by KH Tang
A short article to get people out of their comfort zone.
A short article to get people out of their comfort zone.

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Published by: KH Tang on Sep 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To those of you who know something about the TarotCards, you would likely to recognize the pictures inthe front page. It is a collection of the number 18
 –“The Moon” from many different decks of 
Tarot around the world.This article is not going to explain the spiritualmeanings or predictions of the card (For that, it can
be found from the web if one is interested…).
Instead, it try to explain this card in the mundanemanner which can be related to the current physicalworld that people live in.*
This Tarot card portrays, starting at the bottom of the card and proceeding upward.First a pool of water, then ashore lined with somerocks and plants. A path starts at the edge of the pool and winds up thru the middle of the card and ends off to the left upper top side of the card. At the start of the path and just coming out of thewater is a crayfish. In the foreground of the scene aretwo animals, one, a wolf, is on the right side of the path and the other, a dog, is on the left side of the path.In the middle of the card-scene is like a gate way withtwo high towers where the path passes through. Thehigh towers symbolize the boundary between the
 physical plane and the “Unknown” plane.
Now, here is the story.....In the pool, there is a crayfish. Well, the crayfish is us, youand/or all of humanity. After years of formal education andtraining from the system, we are surrounded by, a
hard shell
of all our conventional options and ideas. (Something thatothers want you to learn in order to fit into the system.)After years of staying in the pool (working life) , the crayfishstart to think of making a journey to the peaks of thosemountains in the background. Because the crayfish hadstarted to get tired with the system, and intuitionally wonderif the water in the pool may be dry up one day, or is there analternative or better place to stay beyond the current knowworld??? That is to move to the territory beyond the twohigh tower
the unknown world...So, it cautiously trying to get out of the pool... While in
trying to do so, it notices that there are “Enemies” blocking
the way... A dog and a wolf!!! (Which represent thepressure and fear created by the current system where welive in... It also represent the resistance from both inside andoutside...)As it is at night, THE MOON light does strong enough toshow that there is a chance for the crayfish to go through,and it is also too weak to give it a guarantee sure-winsituation.
So. Most Crayfish will wait and see…
See until when?Well, see until the pool really get dry up.
Story by KH Tang , 4
June 2008

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