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Crowley Ripper

Crowley Ripper

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Published by WLLM

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Published by: WLLM on Jul 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crowley’s Ripper
The Collected Workof Roslyn D’Onston
Edited by Jarett KobekA Kobek.Com Klassic Reprint2005/2006
Many writings on the topic of Roslyn D’Onston may befound online at Casebook: Jack the Ripper, the finest existingresource on those unsavory murders:http://casebook.orgThis revised edition updates the previous 2005 release,reformatting the pages and including D’Onston’s “AfricanMagic” piece.In a less savage time these works would have been consideredpart of the public domain. Times change but not always. Dowhat thou wilt.
The Whitechapel Demon’s Nationality:and Why He Commited the Murders.
by One Who Thinks He Knows
1 December 1888
Pall Mall Gazette.
In calmly reviewing the whole chain of facts connected with thesedaring and bloodthirsty atrocities, the first thing which strikes one isthe fact that the murderer was kind enough to (so to speak) leave hiscard with the Mitre-square victim. But this most important clue tohis identity, which ‘he who runs may read’, seems to have baffled thecombined intellects of all grades of the police. This admits of no question,because we find in all the journals a note from Sir C. Warren to the effectthat
no language or dialogue is known in which the word “Jews” is spelt“Juwes”.’O! most sapient conclusion! Let us see what
can make of theword.It will be remembered that a chalk inscription (which it is not deniedwas written by the murderer) was found on the wall in Mitre-square, justabove the body of the murdered woman. It ran as follows: ‘The Juwes arethe men who will not be blamed for nothing’, and was evidently intendedto throw suspicion on the Jews. This writing was seen by the police bymeans of artificial light, and was unfortunately obliterated by them beforedaylight.
Hinc illae lachrymae.
Why did the murderer spell the word Jews ‘Juwes’? Was it that he wasan uneducated Englishman who did not know how to spell the word; washe in reality an ignorant Jew, reckless of consequences and glorying in hisdeeds; or was he a foreigner, well accustomed to the English language, but

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