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Solving Word Problems_1

Solving Word Problems_1

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Published by Cookie Empleo

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Published by: Cookie Empleo on Jul 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Solving Word Problems 
I. Learning Objectives Cognitive:
Solve word problems involving subtraction of whole numbers includingmoney with minuends up to 99 without regrouping
Follow the steps in the problem solving
Show attentiveness
II. Learning Content Skill:
Solving word problems involving subtraction of whole number includingmoney with minuends up to 99 without and with regrouping
chart, flash cards, pictures, drill board
Attentiveness in class recitations
III. Learning Experiences A. Preparatory Activities1. Drill/Review 
Divide the class into 4 groups. Using their show me board, read the problem writtenon the chart. The first group will answer what is asked; the second group, answers thegiven data; the third group answer the word clue/clues and the opeartion needed; and thefourth group will change it into a number sentence.My father earns P96 in driving a tricycle. Onemorning, he bought a loaf of bread for P32. Howmuch was left to him?Icebreaker song: (Tune: Clementine)Two minus 1, _____Ten minus 5, ____Four minus 2, ____Five little fingers in my hands.Six minus 3, are ____ for meEight minus 4, _____ 
2. Motivation
 Is your father working? What does he do? How much does he earn from his work?Let's look at the word problems and find out what other fathers do and how they earn.
B. Developmental Activities1. Presentation 
a. Read the word problem:Sheila's father is a baker. He earns P78. One day, he bought a kilo of rice for P17. How much money was left to him?What's the work of Sheila's father?How much does he earn?What did he buy?How much is a kilo of rice?What is asked?What are given?What is the word clue?What operation will be used?Write the number sentence.What is the answer to the problem?Read another word problem:Joshua had P85. He gave P45 to his sister.How much money was left to him?What is asked?What are given?What is the world clue?What operation will be used?Write the number sentence.What is the answer to the problem?
2. Activity 
Ryan planted 62 pechay seedlings. A snail ate 30 pechay seedlings. Howmany pechay seedlings were left?
 What isasked?What aregiven?What is theword clue?What is theoperationneeded?What is thenumbersentence?What is thecorrectanswer?3. Fixing Skills/Practice 
Read and solve.Mary Ann has a bag costing P 85. Melissa's bag costs P 50 only. How muchcheaper is Melissa's bag than Mary Ann's? Draw 2 bags. Mary Ann's bag and Melissa's bag with a tag rpice in each handle.One group writes the questions in strips of yellow cartolina, while the other group writesthe answer on green cartolina. Let them show it to the class and match the answers to thequestions.
4. Generalization 
How do you solve word problems involving subtraction of whole numbers and money?In solving word problems, identify what is asked, what is/are given, the wordclue and operation to be used. Change into number sentence and then compute to getthe correct answer. 
C. Application 
Game : “The Boat is Sinking”Call on 25 pupils in front.The leader will say, the boat is sinking, group yourselves into1) 15; how many were not included into the group?2) 20; how many were left?3) 23; how many were left?4) 12; how many were left? Record the data for each round, then apply the steps in solving the problem. Use the strips of yellow catolina (from Activity 2) in asking questions.
Will you be able to understand what your teacher is saying if you are playing or doing something? Of course not, so,w hat will you do? You should be attentive, so that youwill easily understand it. Who among you have been attentive while we were having our lessons? For those who were not, what will you do?

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