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Yogas Described in Jyotish Sangraha-4

Yogas Described in Jyotish Sangraha-4

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Published by Balasubramanian
This is the fourth part of a long series on Yogas which I intend to present to the Astrological community
This is the fourth part of a long series on Yogas which I intend to present to the Astrological community

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Published by: Balasubramanian on Jul 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4
Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma
(Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)
I have received some mails indicating corrections in my translation of the earlier two articles onthis subject. I have uploaded the said article tohttp://scribd.com/yenbeeyes along with the corrections mentioned by the scholars. Readers are requested to kindly verify the web page alsoto note the correct translations/interpretations of some of the slokas.From this article onwards, all my translations would be reviewed and edited by Sri Chandrashekar
Sharma, an eminent astrologer and author of the Book “
Astrology demystified.”
अथ ीनमोग्।
Sri Nanda Yoga
भीन   ेशशत   े   ु   क   ेदशाच  कत।
तृतीमादश   ेऩाऩ ीन दाो मशद॥२२॥
धनी भानी स   ुखी बोगी भ ोऩासनतय।
ीन द    े   ुनयो जात शा तोऽ तग   ुणी बव   े   ्॥२३॥
Venus and Moon in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and malefics in the third and eleventhhouse constitute a yoga called as Sri Nanda Yoga which will give fame to the native. He willbe in possession of wealth, will be held in honour, will be comfortable, will be a personenjoying worldly pleasures and will be very well versed in worship through recital of Mantras. Sri Nanda Yoga person will be calm in disposition and will be having very goodqualities.
Chandrashekar’s Comments: This is a variation of Matta Matanga Yoga mentioned 
in Chandra Kala Nadi.
अथ वऩमोग्।
Vipatti Yoga
राब   ेया स   ु   ेशौय भ  कान   ेभहीस   ुत।
वरोत   ेयव श   ुो मोगो वऩनाभ॥२४॥
अन   ्मोग   ेनयो जातो फारहा ता ऩ   ुया।
 दया  कबौभाना नववीजाऺयो जऩ॥२५॥
Rahu in the 11
house, Saturn in the 5
house, Mars in the 10
house andaspected by Sun and Venus creates Vipatti Yoga. A person having this yoga in his birth chart
Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4
Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma
(Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)
2would have killed a child in his previous birth. He should chant the nine Bhijakshara Mantraof Saturn, Rahu and Mars.
One of the name given to Shani as per Sarvartha Chinthamani is ‘Souri’
Here in this
work the author refers to Saturn as ‘Shouri’. Vipatti means calamity. For the given combinations,
Ketu will be with Saturn and Rahu as well as Mars will be aspecting Saturn. It is not clear as to theaspect of Sun and Venus. As both have got only the 7
aspect, we should take it that they are placedin the 4
house and thereby aspects Mars. To aspect Saturn or Rahu they must have been placedeither with Saturn or with Ketu respectively and in such a case the author might have said itexpressly that Sun and Venus are also placed therein. Since the aspect point stated is following theposition of Mars, we can conclude that Sun and Venus are aspecting Mars only. Results arising out of this yoga has not been stated by the author. In the subsequent slokas it has been stated that bydoing Mantra Japa as well as giving donations, happiness of son results. Hence this Yoga must relateto some calamity to progeny especially son.
The reference to aspect of Sun and Venus is with respect toaspect on Mars in 10
bhava. What is happening here is that Saturn-Ketu in the 5
indicative of possibility of giving up of progeny and Mars’s aspect thereon confirms the
 possibility some violent end to the progeny. The author seems to relate this to previous birth
of the jataka. Sun’s aspect on M
ars seems to add to the malevolence of Mars. The learned author has excluded Mercury from Sun-Venus as its aspect would strengthen the 10
bhavaand would tame down the malevolence of Mars. Sun in the 4
and Mars aspect on 4
alsoindicates loss of happiness to native. That is perhaps why the author recommends recitationof the beej mantra of the malefics involved in the yoga and excludes Shukra from this. Theheavy affliction to the 5
house obviously means that in this life too the Jataka may not have progeny (unless the remedies suggested are done).
अथ चदाभनीमोग्।
Chakra Daamini Yoga
   ुधऺ   े   ेमदा जीवो जीवऺ   े   ेमदा बृ   ु।
   ुऺ   े   ेनशानाथो मोगोऽम चदाभनी॥२८॥
चात   ु  क   ुणस ऩ ाभालो
स च दीघ  कजीवी ायानाथ ताऩवान   ्॥२९॥
In the house owned by Mercury, Jupiter is placed; in the house owned by Jupiter,Venus is placed and in the house owned by Venus, Moon is placed then such a position istermed as Chakra Daamini Yoga. Persons born with this yoga will have mental adroitness orskill.; will have less libido and his eyes will resemble that of a lotus. He will definitely havelong life and will become lord of the earth and will be a King.
In Saravali under Chapter on Nabhasa Yogas we find the listing of Chakra and Damini astwo separate Yogas. Chakra Yoga is formed when all the 7 planets (excluding the nodes) are placedin six odd houses. If all the seven planets occupy 6 rasis then Damini Yoga is formed. We can note
Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4
Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma
(Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)
3that there is a subtle variation in the two yogas. However here the author has taken intoconsideration only four planets viz. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Moon. Hence we have to concludethat this yoga has nothing to do with the Nabhasa Yogas.
s Comment:
This is certainly a different yoga.
अथ ताननाशमोग्।
Santana Nasa Yoga
   ुखतो मदा या ऩ चभ   ेश शनम   ु  कत।
आदौ ऩ   ुम ीण ऩा   ु स  ूमत   े॥१३०॥
मशी ऺीणा त ा   ुिरो फबृवान   ्
ऩ चयचन   ेदऺो फारहा ता ऩ   ुया॥ ३१॥
अऩ   ुभवाोत भ या   ुजोऽ  कज।
जऩ ऺ तत    ुमा  का
Îan < 
दाऩम   े   ्॥३२॥
ऩयदाययतो न    ु एो न जीवत।
  ूरद    ेहो धनी दानी रास    ुभान   ुष॥३३॥
When Rahu is placed in the fourth house and 5
lord has conjoined Saturn,Santana Nasa Yoga is formed. To such a person initially there will be two or three femalechildren and a son will be born later. He will be a famous person, will be morose and willhave many servants at home. He will be of evil design, skilled in managing his family and inhis previous birth he has committed infanticide and hence he will be without sons. He has tochant the mantras for Rahu, Mars and Saturn followed by donations at the earliest. (To clear
from the dosha of infanticide). He will be enjoying other’s wive
s and not even one son willremain alive. He will have a fat body; will have wealth; will be a charitable person and aperson with modesty.
The next sloka tells about the remedies to be done which I have omitted.
अथ वऩयीतमोग्।
Vipareeta Yoga
जीवऺ   े   ेमदा बान   ुबा  क   ु   े   ेमदा बृ   ु।
 दायच ा भ   ेषा यप   ेवा अभ   ेगता॥३५॥
तदा वऩयीतमोगोऽमभ   ुो खबाग   ्बव   े   ्

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