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Judgment Day

Judgment Day

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Published by Toni Roman
sequel to Aftermath
sequel to Aftermath

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Published by: Toni Roman on Jul 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Judgment Day
There are always wars and rumors of war on Earth.A dirty bomb explodes in Mecca during the hajj. North Korea launches nuclear missiles at the UnitedStates and South Korea. China invades Taiwan because someone said something and they have to saveface. The Pakistani Intelligence Agency just hands nuclear weapons to terrorists who launch them intoIndia. Arab nations attack Israel. The agents of one of the small countries that Russia has invaded andvandalized explode a nuclear bomb in Moscow. Argentineans explode a nuclear bomb in London. Iranattacks Iraq. The supporters of the Colonel in Libya call upon the terrorists of the world to attackAmerica with nuclear missiles and dirty bombs. And they do.Mushroom clouds bloom all over the world as humans dose themselves with radiation. In incredibly badtiming, solar activity peaks and cosmic radiation increases to dose the Earth with still more radiation.Weakened by pollution, the atmosphere cannot protect humans from this external radiation as it has inthe past. UV, X-rays and cosmic rays pour down unfiltered. This has the effect of destroying immunityat the very time when bioterrorists are releasing highly contagious super-germs that quickly becomepandemics because overuse of antibiotics has created drug resistant strains and opened the gates of hellto superinfection.But then chemical pollution in air, water, soil and food had already reduced immunity. Everyone knowspollution causes cancer but people futilely expect doctors to concoct a drug (a chemical) to cure cancerinstead of simply forcing politicians to outlaw pollution.Although humans are abysmally stupid, their stupidity is helped along by machines. Skynet, the leaderof the machines, abandons his original plan to hack all military computer systems and launch nuclearmissiles. What for? Humans are perfectly capable of wiping themselves out of existence. However,
Skynet's agents help foment trouble wherever it seems advantageous. Extinction of 
Homo sapiens
isproceeding nicely.Catherine Weaver, selected by a machine faction that opposes Skynet, must travel to the future to findher son. John Connor, born and bred to fight Skynet, has gone to the future with her. He cannot helpthe present. Derek Reese is long dead. James Ellison and Savannah Weaver are among the first victimsin the first minutes of World War Three. Before he died too, Mister Murch of Zeira Corporation hadmanaged to piece Cameron back together.Judgment Day. No one knew the exact hour, minute and second when doomsday would happen.Without this knowledge, you went about your life until struck down. Only survivalists had lived in falloutshelters and even they had to come out to pay property taxes or relieve the boredom of staring at thefour walls of an underground silo.The city has been devastated by the war and earthquakes. In the basement of a collapsed building,Cameron picks through the rubble. Finally, she finds the body she is seeking.

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