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Counter Plan Notes

Counter Plan Notes

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Published by Nathan Cho

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Published by: Nathan Cho on Jul 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Counterplans NoteOpportunity CostsForgoing the opportunity of doing something elseWhy run a counterplan?Because the negative cant always say that the status quo is idealAccomplish as much of the aff as possible, while avoiding saying the aff is badAll aff plans are considered offenseD/A is offense, neg defense is status quoCounterplans suck up the aff’s offenseCounterplans also test the aff’s internal linksBy contesting the affirmative’s idea that their plan is the only solution.Obtain more net benefits.Net Benefits: A disadvantage that applies to the plan and not the counterplanBASIC TYPES OF COUNTER PLANSAdvantage Counterplan: A counterplan that solves the affirmative’sadvantages while remaining separate from the plan. Net Benefit =disadvantage to the planPlan-Inclusive Counterplan (Pick): A counterplan that includes the entire planexcept a very small part and states that that small part is bad. Net Benefit =disadvantage to that small partAgent Counterplan: Does the action of the Aff but with a different agentConditions Counterplan: Does the plan only if a certain condition is met. NetBenefit = The condition.Consult Counterplan: Does the plan only if a certain outside party says yes.Net Benefit = The act of consulting. So in the fast food example, lets only goto taco bell if we consult NATO and they say yes.Counterplan competitionNet benefit to the counterplan is a disadvantage to the plan and not just anadvantage to itself.
Aff can argue that the plan has to happen right now and that the plan MUSThappen.PERMSDifferent combinations to do with the counterplan. All the plan + all or plus of thecounterplan. Tests the competitiveness of the counterplanPerm Do BothDo both the plan and the counterplanPerm PlusDo the plan and something elsePerm Do Both is the most common and also tests the net benefits andcompetitiveness of the counterplan.Permutation do the counterplan contests the competitiveness of the counterplan.Severance PermNo longer defends the aff planIntrinsic Perm Tacks something on that isn’t the plan or the counterplanANSWERING COUNTERPLANSSolvency DeficitWhere the counterplan cannot solve the plan’s advantagesAdd-onsWhere new miniature advantages are presented that cannot be solved by thecounterplanPermutationsDisads to the counterplan
Counterplan StatusConditionallyNegative team doesn’t have to defend the CP.Dispositionally The negative doesn’t have to defend the CP if the aff makes a perm or atheory argumentUnconditionalityNegative team has to defend the counterplan no matter what TheoryAre international counterplans good or bad?Key to test whether the US really has to do space policyGoodEducation Value, GroundBadNo GuaranteeAre private actor counterplans good or bad?Key to test whether the US really has to do space policyGoodEducation ValueBadInfinite companies, hurts predictability, No guaranteeResponding to ConditionalityMakes the negative read bad counterplansNegative should get flexibility

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