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Published by kel56

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Published by: kel56 on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Craftworlds, though spacecraft,are vast beyondcomprehension.They arenot merely hugecapital shipsploughing through space witha surroundingescort of smaller vessels.They arenot evenakin to vast cities,assomeof thelargest star forts of theImperiummight beconsidered,but rather areimmense spacefaring worldsaccompaniedby vast armadas, thelikes of whichmightotherwisebe set aside todefendanentire systemor evensub-sector.Wholebattlefleets cluster aroundkey pointsand stations allacross the thousands ofmiles of thecraftworld’s exterior as smaller,nimbler craft rushandsurgeacross its surfaceinaconstant shimmeringpatrol.Beneath this dizzying tideof vessels, under clear crystallinedomes through whichgroundand stars mightgaze upononeanother, theEldar live their lives aboardthese spaceborne worlds.Since theFallof their raceandthedeclineof their empire, thoseEldar who seek tocontinue their ancient way oflifehavedone soaboardthesecraftworlds,onanaeons longcourseacross thegalaxy,as muchinflight as in searchofany kindodestination,for theEldar raceis adyingone,andeven theexodus of thesegreat craftworlds willdolittle toavertthat.
 With suchgargantuan vessels at their control,it may seemsurprising that theEldar rely uponafleet at all,but thecraftworlds shouldnot beconsidered ships inany realsenseof the word.Mobile they may be,but their own vastsizemakes themfar toomassiveandcumbersomeaproposition toinvolvedirectly inany fighting.Insteadacraftworld’s army must bedelivered todistant battles by means of the warfleets of theEldar,andmore specificallby theEldar’s ancient Webway.TheWebway is alegacy from thedays when theEldaruled thegalaxy from themany trading ships which wouldlater form thebeginnings of thecraftworlds themselves.Inthesemerchant vessels theEldar journeyedacross thegalaxy througha series ofintricately connected warptunnels, returning to real spaceby means of warpportalsor ‘wraithgates’ which theEldar had seededacross thestars.By means of this Webway theEldar couldmovealmost unhindered throughout thegalaxy.It is still thissameancient system which theEldar use whenmovingtheir armies to war.TheWebway is not perfect,however,and thebirthof theGreat Enemy,Slaanesh,didmuch tomakeits usehazardous to theEldar.Many portals had tobepermanently sealed toprevent theforces ofChaos spillingfrom theWarp,and themilleniaof struggle which theEldar have sinceenduredcontinues todiminish theoncegreat extent of their Webway.
TheCraftworldat War 
It is possiblefor anEldar to simply traverse theWebway onfoot,movingdirectly fromacraftworld toa wraithgateonsomefar distant world.Suchportals,however,areinvariably far too small toquickly deploy anentirearmy,andhence suchmethods are usedby few amongst theEldar –only theRangers, theHarlequins andother distant wanderers tread these slender paths.Onoccasionhowever, theEldar’s destiny willdraw themtofight ona worlddisconnectedfrom theWebway by themilleniaof tragedy whichhavebefallen theEldar.TheEldar warhosts may bedispatchedaboard vast wings of Eldar attackcraft –VampireRaiders and thelike– whichareable toferry susbstantialforces rapidly via theWebway. At other times,aforce so vast may be required that theaircraft and skimmers of theEldar army itselfareinsufficient.It is at such times that theEldar battlefleets willbe readied.The warhosts of theEldar willassembleaboard thefleet, which will thendepart thecraftworld,itself using the webway.As such,acraftworld’s docks arenot really simpleholdingareas for its fleet,but rather they areimmense wraithgates attached to thecraftworlditselffrom wherethefleet may enter theWebway.Suchafleet is thenable toexit theWebway by another point elsewherein thedepthsof space usingare thelargest of theEldar’s wraithgates – portals so sizeable that wholefleets may emergefromthem whenactivated.
 AlthoughEldar Corsairs areaconstant threat tomerchant shipping, they very rarely poseamajor threat toImperialbattlefleets.The samecannot be saidof thedozens offleets ofEldar ships thatprotect eachEldar Craftworld.Eachof theseCraftworld warfleets is adeadly andhighly potent forcethat is capableoflaying waste toanentire sub-sector.
by Matt Keefe
Fan03_06-19 3/4/04 7:29Page 6
Thesejourneys may bringafleet intoorbit directly aroundtheir chosendestination,or it may benecessary for themtoemerge somedistanceaway,but either way thepaceof  whichEldar vessels arecapableofmovingmeans they willdescend upon their target very swiftly indeed.Eldar fleetsemploy theWebway in this manner inorder tolaunchhorrifyingly suddenattacks upon unsuspectingenemy  vessels,emergingfrom theWarp while their enemy remains unready andill-preparedfor battle. Whenit is theEldar’s will toattacka world, theemergingfleet will take uppositionaround their chosenplanet asquickly as possible.Thelargest craft inanEldar warfleetpossess internal wraithgates, through which they canswiftly deploy their armies to theground whileat the sametimeprovidingorbital support andfurther landings fromtheir notoriously fast attackcraft.If the world tobeattackednolonger possesses any viable warpportals, theEldar willinsteaddescend uponit inahowlingflockof  VampireRaiders,Phoenix bombers andNightwingfighters, tearingapart their enemies so rapidly thatdefenceis allbut animpossibility. Acraftworld’s courseis alsoaidedgreatly by themany  wraithgates spreadacross the stars.As acraftworld’s Seersscryeout its course, small shoals ofShadowhunters movefar ahead through theWebway,huntingout potentialenemies and scouring the way clear.Ifencountered,enemy fleets or patrols whomay present adanger to thecraftworld’s safepassage willlikely find themselves theunsuspecting targets of theEldar’s powerful warshipslongbeforeevenbecomingawareof thecraftworld’simminent arrival.
TheEldar Warfleets
The sheer sizeofacraftworldmeans that eachindividual vesselpossesses severalfullbattlefleets, stationedatconvenient points along thecraftworldas it journeysthrough space.Eachfleet might typically number from tento twenty warships andis commandedby anElda Admiral, thoughit willinevitably also rely greatly onadviceandcounselfrom thecraftworld’s Seers.The vessels themselves arecrewedby thoseEldar whohavechosen thePathof theMariner, symbolisedby theblueand whitefeatheredbirds ofEldar myth whoguide theEldar southwardand westwardover the seas.HelmsmenandWayfarers,dedicated specialists within this path,eachprovide their own valuable skills as part ofa vessel’s crew,allowing theEldar tonavigate theWebway withamasterunknown tomost.TheShadowhunter patrols usually remainindependent of thesebattlefleets,moving toandfroabout thecraftworldas they please.These smaller vessels lack thededicatedcrews of thelarger capital ships andareoftencrewedby thoseGuardians who wereonceembarked upon thePathof theMariner.Thecompact sizeandcustomary agility othese sleekescorts allows them toapproachmuchcloser to thecraftworld than wouldbeexpectedfor truespacecraft.Shadowhunters put these unique traits togooduseas they defend thecraftworld’s delicate wraithboneexterior fromencroachingasteroids or spacejunk whichmight beattractedby theforceofgravity,blasting suchinterlopers intopieces smallenough to rainharmlessldownon thecraftworldbelow.At other times theShadowhunters canbe seenplayfully stalking theEldar fighters whichpatrol thecraftworld’s lower atmosphere,trackingandchasing the smaller vessels withaprecisionunthinkablefor escort sized vessels.As needdictates,smallgroups ofShadowhunters willeschew their normalrole,band together andjoin their larger counterparts indefenceof thecraftworld.
Thenew Eldar fleet inallit’s glory
 AllEldar ships add+1 to theLeadership scoregeneratedon theLeadership tableonpage10,giving themaLeadership valuebetween 7 and10.Due to their uniquemethodofmovement, theEldar may not use thefollowing specialorders:AllAheadFull,BurnRetros,ComeToNew Heading.Note:becauseEldar shipscannot useAllAheadFull specialorders, they alsomay notram.
Themovement rules below replace thenormalmovementrules for Eldar ships.Assumeanythingnot modifiedbeloapplies normally to theEldar.Eldar ships movein their Movement phaseandin theOrdnancephaseof their ownturn.Note that they donot movein theOrdnancephaseof theenemy’s turn.BeforeanEldar shipmoves,it may turn tofaceany direction.It always turns beforeit moves and thenremains facingin that direction until the start ofits nextmove. Workout the speedanEldar shipcanmoveat after it hasturned.Its speeddepends onits facing towards thesunward tableedge.AllEldar ships have three speeds (for example,10/20/30).Thefirst is usedif the sunward tableedgeis in theEldar ship’s front firearc; the secondis usedif the sunward tableedgeis inits rear firearc; and thethirdis usedif the sunward tableedgeis inits left or rightfirearcs.If the sunward tableedgelies on thelinebetween twofirearcs, theEldar player may choose whichhe uses.Eldar ships havenominimummovedistances.They movefrom zero up to themaximumdistanceallowedby thedirectionof the sun.After their initial turn they travelinastraight lineandmay not makeadditional turns as they move.
 AHelleboreclass escort has Speed10/20/30.At the start oits move,it turns in thedirection shown, so that the sunward tableedgeis inits left firearc.This gives it a speedof 30cm.It can thenmove up to 30cm straight  ahead.

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