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Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

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Published by fratersi

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Published by: fratersi on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ORTHE CRYSTAL AS A STEPPINGSTONE TO CLEAR VISIONA PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE REALVALUE OF CRYSTAL-GAZINGBYFRATER ACHADAuthor of "Q.B. L. or THE BRIDE’S RECEPTION" and "THE CHALICE OF ECSTASY."Copyright, 1923By C. STANSFELD-JONESChicagoInternational CopyrightAll Rights ReservedDedicated to ThoseWhoHaving Realized the Difficulties of the PathHave Sworn to Overcome All ThingsTranscribed and convertedto Acrobat formatby Benjamin Rowe, September 6, 1998
The Purpose of this little volume is three-fold. (1) To give those who areinterested in the art of Crystal-Gazing a clear and concise method of procedure, notalone in the practice of the work, but also in the preparation of the crystal itself, so thatit becomes a true material basis or link with other planes. (2) To show that the AncientMethods of Working -- if properly understood -- are more scientific than modern ones,since they were designed to insure a definite type of vision and to put the Seer in touchwith definite Intelligences of a Higher Order. (3) To point out that there are otherCrystalline Spheres besides the crystal ball at first used to contact them; and thateventually the practice may lead to very high results, if the necessary steps are taken toinsure success.With these objects in mind, the Author has done all in his power to make thisbook of real value to all who may obtain it.In the hands of the beginner it may lead to a wider conception of the Nature andPowers of his, or her, own being. Those who have already traveled some distance alongthe Occult Path may still find help through the study of the more advanced, if lessunderstood, methods of the Ancient Seers. Those who are seeking to make their ownVision more Perfect, so that the Light of Truth may focus itself within them, will alsofind hints as to the means of accomplishing their True Purpose.Thus, it is hoped, all will be satisfied; and should their satisfaction be equal tothat of the Author at this opportunity to herald the Light -- however faintly -- of theUltimate Crystalline Sphere, Whose nature is Light Itself, he will be more than repaidfor his efforts.FRATER ACHAD.

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