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Published by Larry Williams

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Published by: Larry Williams on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mobile Markeing Whie Paper
In-he-Know abou On-he-Go:Adobe Capures Wha Mobile Users Wan
able o conens
Wha users wanKey mobile rends o wachTapping ino he mobile marke—mobile markeing bes pracicesAdobe mobile markeing soluionsCase sudy: NBC UniversalConclusion
Te mobile age has arrived and is here o say. Worldwide shipmens o mobile devices areexpeced o grow o 270 million unis in 2012 (compared wih 173.5 million unis in 2009),
andmobile adverising spending is expeced o increase o US$12.8 billion in 2011 (compared wihUS$1.7 billion in 2007)
—an increase o 758%. Despie his explosion, we’re sill in he early dayso mobile markeing. Forreser Research esimaes ha oday’s mobile markeing is analogouso websie markeing in 1999.
Many online markeers are unsure o how bes o reach, engage,and conver mobile users ino valuable and loyal cusomers. Ye hose markeers who reach ouo mobile users now, and do so eecively by providing engaging experiences, can increase sales,conversion, and marke share while opimizing heir mobile markeing spend.
Widespread adopion o mobile devices means ha markeers mus include mobile markeing in heir overallmarkeing mix. As wih any markeing channel, mobile websies and mobile applicaions (apps) mus be measured ohe same degree ha oher channels are measured, looking a key perormance indicaors and business objecives.Te Adobe mobile experience survey: Wha Users Wan rom Media, Finance, ravel & Shopping, conduced byKeynoe Services in Augus 2010, oers crucial insigh ino mobile web user behavior o help companies betercreae, measure, segmen, arge, and opimize mobile user experiences ocused on engagemen, conversion, andloyaly. Te survey idenied specic mobile user ineres levels, pas spending levels, ime spen on mobile devices,preerences, and overall saisacion levels when accessing mobile sies and apps in he ollowing aciviy areas:shopping, nance, media and enerainmen, and ravel.
Wha users wan
Adobe surveyed more han 1,200 Norh American mobile web users o learn wha hey wan mos rom heir mobilewebsie and app experiences. Paricipans shared many valuable insighs wih markeers across muliple aciviyareas. Addiionally, Adobe idenied dierences in preerence based on gender and age. In general, jus as mobileusage is greaer among younger demographics, a higher percenage o survey respondens skewed younger.
1 IDC, “Worldwide Converged Mobile Device Marke Projecions Raised 10% or he Year,” Sepember 7, 20102 Garner, “Daaques Insigh: How o Move he Mobile Adverising Marke Forward,” ole J. Har and Andrew Frank, March 3, 20083 Forreser Research, “Mobile Services: How o calculae he ROI and jusiy he budge you need,” Julie Ask, January 11, 2010
Mobile Markeing Whie Paper
Age Gender Device ype
Key mobile rends o wach
Media and enerainmen are king
Above all, mobile device users like o be enerained. Media and enerainmen experiences—including social mediaplaorms like Facebook®, witer®, and ohers—are he clear leaders in mobile user aciviies across age, gender, anddevice ype. Fory percen o users spend hree hours or more weekly on mobile media sies, conrased wih only10% o users who repored accessing no mobile media aciviies in he pas six monhs. And even hough only 44%o he older crowd (hose aged 60 and above) repored making any mobile purchases in he pas year, when hey did,hey also showed a clear preerence or movies, music, and games.
Which media and enerainmen experiences do mobile users engage in mos?
Mobile engagemen wih social media is he mos popular (76%), ollowed by reading local inormaion such as evens,weaher, and maps (73%); news (68%); music (63%); games (61%); video (56%); and more. Tose in he 18–24 and30–49 age groups spend he same amoun o ime on media aciviies, hough here are dierences in he ypes o mediaha each age group preers. Tose aged 18–24 end o access social media, music, and games, while hose aged 30–49preer o access news.
Mobile Markeing Whie Paper
How oen do mobile users access conen?
Even hough users engaged in numerous media and enerainmen aciviies during he previous 12 monhs, morehan hal (57%) won’ pay or i. Furhermore, 75% o respondens would raher wach ad-suppored conen hanpay a subscripion ee so ha hey can view conen ree o adverisemens. O hose who are willing o pay ormobile enerainmen media, games are he mos purchased orm o enerainmen across all age groups.Key akeaways:
ake advanage o social media. Wih social media opping he lis o aciviies ha mobile users inerac wihdaily, online markeers across all indusries—no only media and enerainmen—can ake advanage o mobilemarkeing opporuniies by creaing eneraining and viral, brand-cenered conen delivered hrough requensocial media ouchpoins like Facebook and witer. Tis will help esablish and build cusomer relaionships,srenghen brands, and deliver increased engagemen.
Deliver conen ypes by requency o engagemen. Mos mobile users access cerain ypes o conen—like socialmedia, games, and music—daily and oher ypes o conen—like videos and blogs—weekly. Tereore, releasingcerain ypes o conen daily and oher ypes o conen weekly may be opimal o align wih mobile user mediaconsumpion paterns.
Consider delivering new orms o engagemen media. Te populariy o games across all age caegories creaesbrand-cenric and cobranded game developmen opporuniies or markeers. Mobile user engagemen wihsreaming and downloaded music and audio also highlighs he value o creaing or sponsoring podcass and oheraudio conen.
Consider developing new markeing relaionships. Wih more han one-hird o mobile users engaging wih localconen daily or weekly, markeers should consider sponsoring local evens or oering geocenric adverising anddiscouns.
Shopping on mobile devices is gaining adopion, bu or ravel, research sill leads adopion
As users become more comorable wih making purchases rom heir mobile devices, shopping is on he rise.weny-nine percen o respondens spend a leas hree hours each week shopping on mobile sies, and 24% spenda leas hree hours per week using mobile shopping apps. Across mos caegories, hose aged 30–49 reporedshopping he mos.Te op purchase caegory was “shrinkwrapped” and downloadable enerainmen—including music, games, andmovies—ollowed by apparel, oowear, and jewelry. Men lead women in mobile shopping requency, houghspending amouns or boh men and women are modes, wih 45% spending less han US$249 in he pas year.

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