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Published by Aristel Ianolide

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Published by: Aristel Ianolide on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2 A. M.
 Walter C. Lanyon
I say no man has ever yet been half devout enough,None has ever yet adored or worshiped half enough,None has begun to think how divine he himself is,and how certain the future is.I say that the real and permanent grandeur of theseStates must be their religion,Otherwise there is no real and permanent grandeur."
Walt Whitman.
 This book was written, for the most part, at 2 A.M.- that is the
of the name. Awakened at thathour nearly every night for more than a year, greatbursts of Light and Revelation came through andso I jotted them down. I thought you might like tobrowse through them - so many of them haveproved workable.Here they are. Only one page in the entiremanuscript had to be partially rewritten; the rest ofthe book is exactly as it came through, except ofcourse for punctuation and spelling. I never couldspell very well - how about you? Do you have anydifficulty making words sort of grotesque?Do you sometimes throw in an occasional mute"e"?I make all sorts of excuses for myself as you maydo, too. Once I had to spell in three languages; andof course there is always solace in the fact thatseveral great men couldn't spell. Well, who startedthis argument about spelling? If a governess, acouple of tutors and a flock of professors couldn'tchange it, why worry? All I intended to say wasthat I went through all this twice, leaning heavilyon the Unabridged!From the very start this book took on a happy life -almost like a song - a rapidly moving cadenza,interspersed with grace notes of Divine Humor.There was joy in being awakened as fresh as adaisy and feeling the Laughter of God searchingevery part of the Temple.Sometimes I thought well enough of something Ihad read to copy it for you, and so here is my 2A.M.I hope some of the joy I had in writing it permeatesyour mind and makes the sunrise a little moreglamorous. W.C.L.

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