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Rebuild the Dream Dream Meeting Agenda

Rebuild the Dream Dream Meeting Agenda

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Published by Alex Tango Fuego
July 17 House Meeting Agenda - Rebuild the Dream - Van Jones
July 17 House Meeting Agenda - Rebuild the Dream - Van Jones

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Published by: Alex Tango Fuego on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review2.What is the American Dream Movement?3.Sharing Our Stories
 Agenda time: Approximately 2 hours
Challenges we ace in this economy
Questions to help develop your story 
ell a story about an experience you, a loved one, or someoneyou know has had struggling in this economy.
Moments that show us what’s possible
Tink of the time in your life when you felt most proud of your community or of America.
What happened? When did this take place? Who was affected? What sticks out most in your mind about this experience? How does it make you feel? What happened? Where were you? Who was with you? What were you feeling in that moment? Why do you think it made you feel that way? What does this particular moment and feeling tell you about what the AmericanDream should—and can—be? 
Hosted by
Rebuild the Dream
Powered by
MoveOn.org Civic Action
4.A Contract or the American Dream
Opening go-around:
1. What’s your vision o the American Dream or your own children or or the youngpeople in your lie? What does that vision make you think about the Contract?2. I you had the power right now to begin rebuilding the American Dream, what’s therst thing you would enact? Is that one o these ideas, or is it something dierent?
How your meeting will help shape the contract:
You and other participants will rate the top 40 ideas—out o 23,000 ideas submittedand 5 million online ratings—to help shape the Contract or the American Dream.The goal o every meeting is to identiy the top three ideas or each o the ourContract categories. Your host will report back the top ideas rom the meeting, and you will also receive a survey to report back on your personal avorite ideas.
To use this idea ratings sheet, ollow these three steps:
when prompted by your host or small group leader, rate each o the ten ideasor the Contract category your group is discussing. These are just your preliminary ratings you’ll share with the rest o the group next—so don’t worry i you’re not totally sure which ideas are your avorite yet.
share which ideas you rated highest and why in 90 seconds so that everyonehas a chance to share.
ater hearing rom everyone in the group, do a nal review o the ideas—reevaluate or not based on what you just heard—then circle the number o your topthree ideas in the let column o your ratings sheet. The host or small group leader willcollect your ratings sheet to determine the top ideas rom your meeting to include inthe Contract or the American Dream. So that you can remember or the survey later,write down your avorite three overall ideas or here:
Hosted by
Rebuild the Dream
Powered by
MoveOn.org Civic Action
How do we create good jobs and investin a sustainable uture or Americaand our kids?
Good Jobs Now
Move Toward a Clean, Green, Independent Energy Future
Invest in American businesses that create, make, and install green sources o energy like wind turbines and energy ecient light bulbs; install solar power in homes and buildings throughout the sunbelt; replace ossil uels withgeothermal heat; and manuacture high-powered batteries or hybrid and electric cars, retrot oces and homes.
Stop Paying Corporations to Oshore American Jobs
It is absurd that corporations literally get a tax break or shiting jobs overseas. But that is exactly what happens.We need to end the tax breaks or companies that ship jobs and prots overseas.
Invest in America’s Inrastructure
 We should be rebuilding our crumbling bridges, roads, water and sewer lines, and investing in high-speed internetand a modern, energy-saving electric grid. That will create good jobs and rebuild America. We need a NationalInrastructure Bank to pay or these projects as well as state and local inrastructure banks like the CaliorniaInrastructure and Economic Development Bank.
End the Huge Waste o the Wars and Invest the Money in Peace-Building
 We should end the massive waste o unding wars and instead provide the unds or investing in job-creation.This would create thousands o jobs immediately.
Create and Enorce Ethical Trade Laws
 One o the reasons why our economy is stalling is because or decades corporations have turned good jobs in theU.S. into bad jobs in India, China, and around the world. Corporations abuse workers, hire children, poison the airand water, pay wages that keep workers in slums, and still are allowed to sell their products here. We must enact andenorce ethical and air trade laws.
Cut CEO Pay. Boost Workers’ Pay.
 Corporations receiving any kind o tax incentives or public subsidies should not be allowed to pay their highest-paidemployee more than 50 times what they pay their lowest-paid employee. Workers should have the same incentivestructure as executives; i the CEO gets a 10% bonus, her secretary should get a 10% bonus.
Keep America Moving
 Put Americans to work building 21st-century transit systems that reduce trac, get people to work aster, and cutpollution. Invest in high-speed rail, which will save energy and make travel aster. Promote and support improved busservice. Make sure that transportation is built equitably so that poor and middle-income communities benet.
Put Americans Back To Work
 I we wait or the private sector, we won’t reach ull employment or at least a decade. That’s a moral outrage. Atemporary Back to Work public jobs program would help provide much-needed community services in education,child care, and health care and could help rebuild America’s roads, schools, and bridges. The ederal governmentshould give local and state governments the unding to create millions o temporary public jobs now.
Stop the War on Workers
 Governments and politicians should support air minimum wages and living wages, the right to organize andcollectively bargain, the right to negotiate wages, and the right to sae conditions in the workplace. Corporate andright-wing assaults on these rights lower wages and benets or all o us, and they must be outlawed and prosecuted.
Create Care Jobs
 Every eight seconds, an American turns 65. More and more members o our communities need quality care in thehome, and more and more workers need good, dignied jobs. We should create new jobs in home care and improvethe job quality or the existing jobs so all care workers and the individuals and amilies they support are treated withdignity and respect.
Hosted by
Rebuild the Dream
Powered by
MoveOn.org Civic Action
When you’re ready, circle the 3 ideas you rate highest.
Fill in the Stars to Rate the Ideas. 1 Star = OK, 3 Stars = Average, 5 Stars = Great Idea.

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