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PAM BONDI. Answer to BITCH Florida Attoreny general

PAM BONDI. Answer to BITCH Florida Attoreny general

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Published by Mario Herrera
Meanwhile the Florida Attorney general Pam Bondi will be hidding my indictments (one of them against Barack Hussein Obama) I will call here openly and publicly a FUCKING BITCH!!!
Meanwhile the Florida Attorney general Pam Bondi will be hidding my indictments (one of them against Barack Hussein Obama) I will call here openly and publicly a FUCKING BITCH!!!

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Published by: Mario Herrera on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RE: Attorney General Pam Bondi's New Website
elMayo elMayo
(mayitoh@hotmail.com)Sent:Saturday, July 16, 2011 8:37:55 PMTo:pam@pambondi.comCc:FBI Washington (washington.field@ic.fbi.gov); miami@ic.fbi.gov; Gitte Toldsted(gitte_toldsted@hotmail.com); edit.features@wsj.com; editor@scotlandsoracle.co.uk;editor@usatoday.com (editor@usatoday.com); editorial@nytimes.com(editorial@nytimes.com); Vaterland1 (redaktion@vaterland.li); ANSA IT(redazione.internet@ansa.it); ElPais (redacciondigital@elpais.es);redaktionen@eb.dk; redaktionen@horsens-folkeblad.dk; redazione@romepost.it;news@scotlandsoracle.co.uk; newsdesk@wsvn.com (newsdesk@wsvn.com);newseditor@independent.co.uk; newsfeedback@wsvn.com(newsfeedback@wsvn.com); newshour@pbs.org (newshour@pbs.org);news-tips@nytimes.com (news-tips@nytimes.com); letters@guardian.co.uk;letters@latimes.com (letters@latimes.com); letters@newsweek.com(letters@newsweek.com); letters@nytimes.com (letters@nytimes.com);letters@observer.co.uk; letters@time.com (letters@time.com); letters@usnews.com(letters@usnews.com); letters@washpost.com (letters@washpost.com)Character set:
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Florida attorney general. You Florida Attorney general
Pam Bondi
, you are a
, when you asked my vote and you are nowhiding my case in your office!!!I will call you in wherever place a
Floridaattorney general PAM BONDI. You are a corrupted mafia-style attorney general, and youknow that you are obstructing the justice fucking bitch whenyou hide the
26 indictments
that are in your office. It is yourobligation BITCH to give me my case numbers from each of one of the 26 indictments.In these 25 indictments are included
Barack HusseinObama, Hillary Rotham Clinton
Bill McCollum
among others.
Windows Live Hotmail Print Messagehttps://col121.mail.live.com/mail/PrintMessages.aspx?cpids=...1 of 67/16/11 8:44 PM
This case of corruption, torture and kidnapping against a USA citizen is well know by the
Barack Obama
, the Queen of Denmark 
Margrethe II
, and Mexico president
FelipeCalderon Hinojosa.
Today I am waiting to be taken in prison here in Denmark after a Danish court overrule my freedom of expression, sincesentence last November 9, 2010, You know
Pam Bondi
verywell this because you already received two legal warnings....BUT they are not carrying yet the sentence because theydo NOT know what the FUCK to do, because I got theCOJONES to record the court video and it is exposed in publicin Youtube and where it is clear see both the USA embassy didnot presented to court despite to the legal warning to USA ambassador
Laurie S. Fulton.
and the Danish corrupt judge
H.S. Kristoffersen
receiving evidence in his own hands.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ljF1wVLSXo& feature=channel_video_titleThey do NOT know what to fucking do with me now............and that is why you fucking bitch corrupted Pam Bondi, youare hiding my cases numbers for each of the 25 indictments inyour office since MarchIf I would be taken to jail here in Denmark because myfreedom of expression, I will make you the first one to facethe justice for conspiracy against my rights and deprivation of my rights under the color of law, fucking BITCH. You fucking bitch, you are there to respect the USA Constitution and justice do not to practice MAFIA-style justice.
Lincoln Diaz Balart
Mario Diaz Balart
these two
Windows Live Hotmail Print Messagehttps://col121.mail.live.com/mail/PrintMessages.aspx?cpids=...2 of 67/16/11 8:44 PM
" they have to face justice like everybody else,these two
swore to protect me as USA citizenas well like YOU and I will make to call all of you to fail onthat.Not because you want to save their punk ass to these two
I would be in silence. They, likeyourself, are violating my
and that's mean 10years in prison. ......Remember that BITCH!!!
 You do not respect my freedom of expression and let me go toa jail here in Denmark, I will call you in every public media a
and I will wipe my ass (and my COJONES)with your Attorney general position.If something happen to me or my family (whatsoever happen,a mysterious accident, etc) I want the USA justice goes overyou mother-fucking-bitch-
Pam Bondi
in first place.I am convinced that If I were a Jew, you would be sucking mydick!!! Fucking fake blond racist Pam Bondi.These Danish racist policemen
Nicolai Cedesrkjold, AndersBitch
Jens Rasmussen
, who you are hidden from toface USA justice despite to be a treaty of extradition betweenDenmark and USA and their committed torture, kidnappingand violation of VCCR against a USA citizen, by the way, thesepolicemen will tray you with racism as well.By the way, these racist Danish policemen will see you as a
Windows Live Hotmail Print Messagehttps://col121.mail.live.com/mail/PrintMessages.aspx?cpids=...3 of 67/16/11 8:44 PM

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