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Published by Myra Mains

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Published by: Myra Mains on Jul 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Original document: http://www.wftv.com/pdf/22918231/detail.htmlTAPED TRANSCRIPT OF LISA HOFFMANCASE NUMBER 08-74777CONDUCTED BY CORPORAL ERIC EDWARDSRECORDED ON DECEMBER 12, 2009CE
LISA HOFFMANCorporal Eric Edwards Orange County Sheriff's Office. Sitting in a car with...(Sergeant John Allen). And can you state your name for me ma'am? LisaHoffman. And we are currently in... where are we? Dickinson, Texas. We're inDickinson, Texas. (Laugh) And today's date is 12/11/2009 and it's noon 12:01.
CE Urn, Lisa, we'd like to talk to you today regarding urn, some events thatOccurred during the search for Caylee Anthony. Are you willing to do that?LH Yes.CE Can you raise your right hand for me? You swear that what you'll say todayIs gonna be true?LH Yes.CE Alright. Thank you.LH Uh-huh. (affirmative)..CE Urn, we have received information from some individuals that we've, we'veInterviewed that were urn, involved in the searches. That there was anincident with ah, at the Anthony home. Where there was gonna be a mark
made on a map possibly where the body would be recovered. Can you, the
best of your recollection can you tell me about what occurred there?
LH Ah, the four days that I was in the house the did bring out a map. Ah, I witnessed
A map on the kitchen table and Cindy and, and ah, Tim were looking at it.But other then that I mean I never seen no mark made so.CE Okay.SA What...
CE There was conversation about a mark?
10 LH There was conversation about the map, yeah.
CE Okay, who was, who was involved in those conversations? Was George
Anthony Involved in that or...
LH I think George had something to do with it and Cindy and Tim were talking.
CE Okay. Was Casey in the house at that time?
LH Casey was I believe in her bedroom.
CE In her bedroom. And ah...
LH And Tracy was there. That works for um, Leonard Padilla.
CE Okay, so Tracy witnessed the event as well?
LH She knew about it.
CE She knew about it. Okay. You said that during that time you may have
Come and gone from the inside to the outside to smoke outside?
LH Right, correct.
CE And you did that with her as well. With Tracy?
LH Uh-huh. (affirmative)..
2Lisa Hoffman/Case #08-74777/GB
CE Okay. Now it was brought to our attention that Tim was frustratedabout um, there was a point where Casey may have been willing to make amark on that map. Um, but that was stopped. Do you.. what., what's yourrecollection or what were you told by Tim about that?LH Um, I heard that he was upset because they were so close to having thatmap marked and then it was backed up because Cindy got upset.CE She kick everybody out of the house or...LH Yeah, she pretty much told everybody to leave.CE You had to leave that day. Was that the last of the four days?LH Uh-huh. (affirmative)..CE So...
LH I believe it was.
CE Okay.
SA Do you remember when, ah, obviously you remember Tim talking about it,
saying it. But the day that Cindy kicked y'all out, do you remember what
she said and what she was upset about? What did she say to y'all when she
said you got to get out of here?
LH Oh, because we were looking for possibly a deceased child instead of alive
and she wanted to believe that the child was still alive.
SA Okay. Did she, did she say anything... was she angry over the, over the map?Did she say anything about the map?
LH She wasn't very happy about it.
SA Do you remember what she said about it a map?
LH Not.., not really to my knowledge no I don't.
3Lisa Hoffman/Case #08-74777/GB

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