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T2 bab 17

T2 bab 17

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Published by cikguanuar

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Published by: cikguanuar on Jul 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Which pair of devices
not use the principle of lever?AScrew and laddeBFishing rod and pliersCNutcracker and paper cutteDWheel-barrow and bottle opener 
PMR 2008
2.Which crowbar uses the least effort to pull out the nail?
PMR 2008
3Diagram 14 shows the position of a worker’s hands lifting sand using a spade.AMove both hand to P.BMove the right hand to Q and the left hand to S.CMove the left hand to S without changing the position of the right hand.DMove the left hand to R without changing the position of the right hand.
PMR 2007
4Diagram 15 shows a nail being pulled out uing tools, P and Q.Which of the following statements is correct about the effort that was used?AP needs less effort than Q to pull out the nail.BQ needs less effort than P to pull out the nail.CThe distance of the nail from the fulcrum does not influence the effort used.DIf the distance of effort is nearer to the fulcrum, the effort used will decreased.
PMR 2007
Diagram 14Diagram 15
5Diagram 4 shows the process of pruning leaves.Diagram 4The tool used can be classified as a first class lever becauseAThe load is between the fulcrum and the forceBThe fulcrum is between the load and the forceCThe force is between the load and the fulcrumDThe load is the same position as the fulcrum
PMR 2006
6Diagram 20 shows a vegetable seller carrying two baskets, F and G. F has a mass of 40 kg and G has a mass of 60 kg. The distance between G and the seller is 1.0 m.Diagram 20What should be the distance between the seller and F in order to balance both thebaskets?A0.5mB1.0mC1.5mD2.5m
PMR 2006

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