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Show Me One Verse in the Bible Commanding Christians to Forsake Sin!

Show Me One Verse in the Bible Commanding Christians to Forsake Sin!

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Published by Ronnie Bray

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Published by: Ronnie Bray on Jul 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Ronnie Bray
The Challenge
An Anti-Mormon taking Mormons to task for their acceptance of thecommandments of Jesus Christ as requirements to follow him and obey thecommandments of his Father, including forsaking their sins, challengedLatter-day Saints:
“Just show me any Bible verse or passage that talks about forsakingsins “
Second, you need to look at the entire context of "Be ye thereforeperfect.Jesus never told his followers to be perfectly, morallysinless in word, thought and deed. But, only, specifically in the waywe love our enemies. Context. Read all of Matt. 5:43-48.
The Response
If he actually believes that Christians are
by Jesus Christ to be perfect in loving his enemies, then, by his words and manners in
communicating with Concerned Latter-day Saint Christians as they defendtheir faith, then he signally fails to conform to what he claims to accept ashis Lord Jesus Christ’s commandment.
 His claim that Jesus referred only to the necessity of his disciples to be perfect in loving their enemies is a defiant attempt to retreat from the fullimport of what Jesus actually said, and to lessen the burden placed by Jesusupon the heads of all that profess him Lord and Saviour, whom he insists areto follow his example, even unto death if needs be.
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let himdeny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
For the convicted disciple or Christian, the only way to follow Christ is ascompletely and as earnestly as possible. There is no easy, or royal, road for the Christian dedicated to Christ and seriously committed to following hisexample. There are lazy, partially committed Christians that are willing onlyto do the minimum to, as they suppose, obtain their salvation, andconsequently excuse themselves from the rigorous demands to which thosethat are spiritually reborn as Christians willingly and joyfully submitthemselves, no matter what the cost.That the verse in Matthew 5:48 goes far beyond loving our enemies, becausethe whole of Matthew 5 goes far beyond loving our enemies is evident if wequote the verse in its entirety.
“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”
 Non-LDS Bible commentaries dealing with this verse offer:“The Hebrew word rendered "blameless" (NKJV) or "perfect" (KJV) inGenesis 17:1 means "entire, complete, full, without blemish." The Greek word found in Matthew 5:48 translated "perfect" means "finished, complete,having reached its end," and implies being fully grown or mature. Thedefinition of the English word perfect is "lacking nothing essential to thewhole, without defect, complete." All three definitions contain the word"complete."
My purpose here is not to reprimand him, but to open the Scriptures to his understanding that he mightcome to know what the Holy Bible actually says about forsaking sin, so that he can come to understanding.
Matthew 16:24
[Mike Ford, ‘Perfection...Piece by Piece’]“Perfection, as used in Scripture regarding everyday life, means maturityand completeness. We can certainly attain an increasing level of spiritualmaturity, yet we cannot truly complete the process until changed into God— until our human nature has been totally changed. Only then can we reach thestated goals of being perfect "as our Father in heaven," having "the mind of Christ," bringing "every thought into captivity," and never uttering a wrongword.”[Martin G. Collins, ‘Basic Doctrines: Going On to Perfection’ Emphasisadded]“Matthew 5:43-48: - These verses contain perhaps the most startling,sublime statement Christ made [
‘be ye therefore perfect’ 
]. Jesus does notmean that we resolve to like everyone, but that we act in goodwill towardthose we do not like as well as those we do. This command seemsunreasonable and absurd, but only because of our carnality. Christ desiresall to be happy. Both the hater and the hated are miserable to some degree,and the misery will not cease until the hatred dissolves. The antidote tohatred is love. […]“In this section Christ lists three ways people show their ill-feelings towardothers. Cursing indicates verbally denigrating others and working to destroytheir reputation; gossiping. Hatred implies an active, passionate feelingagainst another. Spitefully using and persecuting means continually at war with, harassing, always being on another's case.[John W. Ritenbaugh, ‘The Sixth Commandment,’ Part One, 1997]Thus, we find that even as some commentators take the words of Jesus totheir highest expression, others, like Ritenbaugh shrink from the fullmeaning of God’s intentions that Christians are progressing towardsgodhood and joint-heirship with Jesus of his Father’s kingdom, others takethe lesser view as if Jesus asked too much, and that they, as commentators of Jesus’ words, must minimalise them and their intention, rather than boldlyfollow what Jesus said as evidence of the glorious salvation offered tofaithful Christians.

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