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Coaching and Mentoring Manual

Coaching and Mentoring Manual



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Published by Amey Joshi

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Published by: Amey Joshi on Jul 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Training manual for Coaching and Mentoring skills
1. What is Coaching and Mentoring?
Coaching and mentoring are two important processes that can be applied in different areas suchas academic institutions, athletic teams, and in workplace settings. In many companies andorganizations, coaching and mentoring are regarded as highly effective techniques in employeedevelopment, for both managementand staff level.The normal process is that the higher management has the task to conductcoaching and mentoring to the entrylevel employees or the staff. Themain purpose of coaching andmentoring in the workplace is tomotivate professionals to bring outthe best of their capabilities. Usually people think that those who gothrough coaching or mentoring areweak and incompetent, and this iswhy they need guidance from thosewho know better. This is not true asthe process focuses more ondeveloping individual potentials andrealizing the person¶s capabilities.
1.1The Definition of Coaching andMentoring
Both terms µcoaching¶ and µmentoring¶ are usedoften as synonyms, and they are indeed closelyrelated, but in a stricter sense, the two terms arenot completely the same concepts. Coaching is a process of enabling individual learning anddevelopment, so performance and skills areenhanced. Mentoring is a process of improvingindividual knowledge, work efficiency, and wayof thinking. It is also about maximizing theindividual¶s potential, but this can be an off-line procedure, which means that the mentor may notnecessarily be your boss or your supervisor.
Training manual for Coaching and Mentoring skills
1.2When to Conduct Coaching and Mentoring
There are many reasons to provide coaching and mentoring to employees. A few reasons are thefollowing:‡
Developing Skills
: The main reason to coach and mentor staff members is to createopportunities for building new skills and talents‡
Continuing Projects
: If there are current projects in the pipeline, coaching and mentoring arehelpful in keeping track of the progress and spotting any issues on the project.‡
Enhancing Careers
: This is a very common reason for coaching and mentoring. It prepares theindividual for future career growth and promotion or simply leads the employee to a clear career  path.‡
Solving Problems
: When employees are mentored in the wake of problems and issues in theworkplace, they get a better understanding of how to identify these problems and find practicalways to solve it.‡
: Supervisors or managers may give coaching and mentoring to the members of the staff in order to facilitate the working ideas of the team for the benefit of the tasks or projects being worked on.‡
Resolving Conflicts
: Coaching and mentoring is very helpful in diffusing any disagreementsamong employees.‡
Motivating Team Members
: This seems to be the most practical and common reason for coaching and mentoring in the workplace. Employees and team members will regain enthusiasmand motivation to give their best in their work.
Training manual for Coaching and Mentoring skills
1.3 Various Types of Coaching and Mentoring
There are different types of coaching and mentoring that may be used or applied depending onthe need of the individuals.These are:
a. Performance Coaching and Mentoring
 This is a very common type of coaching and mentoring especially in the workplace setting.Instead of rectifying issues of an individual¶s performance, the coaching puts more emphasis onenhancing and identifying the person¶s strengths in varied areas in order to create a better  performance.
b. Skills Coaching and Mentoring
 This kind of coaching and mentoringconcentrates on developing the potentials and capabilities of a person,which can be useful for the role of theindividual in the company. The coachesor mentors must be highly adept inmanifesting or demonstrating the skillsthat they also deliver to the individuals.The normal set-up for this type of coaching and mentoring is a one-on-onetraining that addresses the person¶sknowledge, core skills and experience.
c. Personal Coaching and Mentoring
 The main objective of personalcoaching and mentoring is to createsignificant changes in a person¶s life.This type is based on a completelydifferent approach from the perspectiveof the individual.
d. Executive Coaching and Mentoring
 This is geared towards coaching and mentoring professionals, including the management andemployees, in their goal to enhance professional and personal development.

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