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The Dreamer

The Dreamer

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Published by Mike7star
One man's experience with the Light & Sound of God and his Inner Journeys - including personal observations.
One man's experience with the Light & Sound of God and his Inner Journeys - including personal observations.

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Published by: Mike7star on Jul 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Once while having an Out-of-Body experience, I was listening to a preachergiving a classic Hell-Fire and Brimstone sermon to his congregation.Telepathically, an Other-Dimensional-Being commented to me:
Why do youhumans dwell on the negatives? You kill all of your potentials
.The story of my early life (the small portion I am sharing with you) is in part aboutpotentials. It is about knocking down fences and expanding perimeters, or toparaphrase other explorers
Boldly Going Where (few) Others Have GoneBefore!
 One of the things that I have come to recognize is that no matter whom we are orwhat we think we know, we have at best  in any single lifetime  just scratchedthe surface of what there is to experience and know, of the world and dimensionsaround us.If we take a moment and think about the fact that there are close to 7 billionpeople on this small orb we call Earth. And we then think about how many of these Billions of people we actually know
 Well maybe, theremight just be many individuals among us who are experiencing things that wehave not yet dreamed of, as possible.And, becoming exposed to their experiences might give us pause to wonder aboutour own hidden potentials. Perhaps, even to consider taking the bold steps tobecome
Explorers on a Cosmic Sea
that will challenge all that we believe aboutourselves, and what we accept as both accessible and achievable.So, I invite you now, to (hopefully) objectively, read this partial narrative of myyouth. We all, of course, form uniquely personal feelings, inner dialogues, andimages according to whatever colored lenses we are currently accepting as ourview of the way things are for that is how things are for us here  we rarelyperceive more than glimpses of the underlying reality we swim in.
(Note: Please do not assume I am promoting myself as an authority onanything Back in the spring of 1969, I had an experience that reset the
of my life. What I am doing here is sharing with you my experiences and someof the conclusions or ideas that came to me  at the time these events weretaking place  way back there in the youth of my life. And in some places, I willshare later realizations  that I acquired as I gained further experience  inlater years.As much as I have strived for it, I am aware that my interpretations of what Ihave experienced  do not always represent the True underlying reality  of what took place. The best I can offer is my interpretation of the experiencesof my life; which I know to be imperfect; subject to either change and/orgreater clarification, as I continue to grow into a greater understanding of allthings.Direct experience is a wonderful teacher, but it doesnt always come in amanifestation, that includes an illumination  that is wholly understood orappreciated by the mind  at the physical level of awareness.)(Additional Note: Most of the names  of the roll players  on the stage of mylife have been changed, to respect their privacy. Also, this is my story, myexperiences, my interpretations, and they do
NOT necessarily reflect those of any other individual, group, or institution.Also: In this book I have made occasional use of certain terms (Eckankar, Eck,Mahanta, Soul Travel, and Vairagi) that are trademarks of ECKANKAR. This doesnot imply any endorsement or sponsorship by ECKANKAR. I have intended onlyto make a fair use of such terms, recognizing that the rights to their trademarkusage belong entirely to ECKANKAR.)

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