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A Talk on Werewolves

A Talk on Werewolves

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Published by Alex Skowronski

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Published by: Alex Skowronski on Jul 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Hunter¶s ChroniclesA Talk on WerewolvesWerewolves are very simple. Most of the so called facts are indeed true. Werewolveshave three keys points of interest in discussion. The first if the power they posses and where itcomes from. Second is how to stop that power, should one have to confront a raging werewolf.Lastly is how werewolves maintain their species.Werewolves are extremely power creatures. Their strength can only be matched and/or compared to that of a vampire¶s. I have nearly been crushed by a werewolf thrown car.Werewolves are subject to the moon in a similar way to vampires. Though a full moon is notrequired to change, and transformation can be done at will, the fuller the moon the stronger thewerewolf. Changing in daylight requires energy, skill and concentration to maintain form. Achange at night, under the light of the moon, is much easier and less draining on the individual.It is impossible to spot a werewolf until they change form, this makes hunting them verydifficult.If a werewolf is in need of being taken down, it is advised that the hunter have a largecaliber weapon and ample ammunition or be able to avoid their claws, and keep swinging a blade. Werewolves are much more resilient to physical damage than any other creature that Ihave faced. The best bet for taking down a werewolf is to have silver bullets. The bullets that Iemploy are silver 454 Casull, and blessed; and as always, one in heart, one in the head, tends tokeep things on the ground. Using a blade and taking the head also seems to work well. The useof silver nitrate in a liquid form is effective at weakening werewolves; however, it has not beenused effectively enough to kill one.

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