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SansRival 1.5

SansRival 1.5

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Published by Ige Ramos
Rustan's Supermarket SansRival Magalogue 1.5 The Pleasure of Taste. From India to your kitchen!
Rustan's Supermarket SansRival Magalogue 1.5 The Pleasure of Taste. From India to your kitchen!

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Published by: Ige Ramos on Jul 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 1 • No. 5 • July-August 2011
From India o your kichen
The pleasure of taste
COMPARED to that of our other South East Asian neighborslike Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the Filipino palatestill needs to be educated when it comes to Indian cuisine.I’ve interviewed friends, and the verdict is 50-50—it’seither they hate it or they love it. There is no middleground, and no such thing as indifference.I personally adore Indian food. The strong aroma andthe layers of flavors definitely send me into orbit. The veryfirst Indian restaurant I went to in Manila was Kashmiron Padre Faura. Kashmir was my soft introduction tothe various nuances of Indian cuisine via their curries,chutneys, and
. Joseph Cortes had a conversationwith Indra Mirchandani about this 36-year-old, Manilaculinary institution.My predilection for curry opened my taste buds to thedifferent curries not just of India, but of Penang, Malacca,Colombo, Bangkok, Singapore, Java, and Kuala Lumpur,which offer a spectrum of flavors and experiences.My other favorite Indian restaurant, started as a holein the wall along Buendia Avenue; today, the New BombayCuisine (formerly Canteen) has grown into a popular hauntfor office workers and Pinoy foodies alike. Tracey Pascatalked to Rainy Khanchandani about how Bombay Cuisinepromotes Indian food to the local market.In
sansRival Recommends
, Rustan’s Supermarketensures that the primary ingredients for Indian cuisine, likehard-to-find spices, are made available for you. Plus, weoffer more than 20 popular Indian recipes, from chicken
tikka masala
rogan josh
, to make at home.Our resident food stylist Sandee Masigan painstakinglydid our cover design for this issue; the design is based onthe Rangoli pattern used during the Diwali Festival. Rangolidesign is created on doorsteps to welcome everybody.Although Rangoli usually features a specific color patternfor each region, we decided to use colored rice, grains,pulses, and seed spices to come up with our version.The Diwali Festival or “Festival of Lights” is one of the biggest festivals of the Hindus, celebrated with greatenthusiasm and happiness. On this auspicious day, peoplelight oil lamps and candles all around their house. Andwith this, like the lights of Diwali, we hope
 will enlighten us, and help us to better understand andappreciate the nuances and finer points of Indian cuisine.Have a great Indian Food Festival!
Ige Ramos
Managing Editor
Glenna Aquino
Associate Editor
Roda Masinag
Art Director
Joan Soro
Stanley Ong
Food Stylist
Sandee Masigan
Contributing Editors
Joseph CortesAlya HonasanTracey Paska
Bernie C. Lizardo
LDV and Associates
Gastronomy Consultant
Beth Romualdez
Rustan Supercenters, Inc.
Bienvenido R. Tantoco, Sr.
Chairman Emeritus,
Bienvenido R. Tantoco, Jr.
President & CEO
Donnie V. Tantoco
Chief Operating Officer
Patrick Simon
VP Marketing Division
Frances J. Yu
AVP Marketing Division
Aggie G. Artadi
Ad & Promo Manager
Tet F. Bachmann
Ad & Promo Head
Pinky Lim
Ad & Promo Coordinator
Vangie S. Isla
Published every 15th of the monthby
Rustan Supercenters, Inc.
4th oor, Morning Star Center347 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Maka City
Telefax: 899-1915Website: www.rustansfresh.comE-mail: sansrivalmag@shopwise.com.ph
Follow us on Twier at hp://twier.com/rustansfresh and like us on Facebook at hp://www.facebook.com/rustansfresh
magalogue is distributed forfree to Fresh Shopping Rewards and Star Sapphirecard members.
Copyright ©2011 Rustan Supercenters, Inc. All rights
reserved. Neither this publicaon nor any part of it maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmied
in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording or otherwise — without the priorpermission of 
 All foo  coc    of pg.Pc  bjc o cg wo po oc.
Rustan’s Supermarket
• Greenbelt 1 • Makati-Glorietta • Rockwell• Shangri-La Plaza • Gateway Mall • Corinthian Hills• Katipunan • San Antonio • Tomas Morato• Magallanes • Fairview • Ayala
Center, Cebu
• Banawa, Cebu
The pleasure of taste
Spices and lighs
 Vol. 1 • No. 5 • July-August 20112
July-August 2011sansRival
| The real deal4
T K o  R’ Spk o dlco foz d, o yo clo y Id food  K,  po Id    coy 
sansRival recommends
| Essenal Indian ingredients
 A odco o  c d colofl pc d gd of Id c
A avorful tour of India
Tcy Pk  dow o  l w Ry Kcd of Nw Boby d dcov ow y  kg Id vo o cg o  Flpo pl
sansRival recipes
| Starters
N Bd, Plk P, Vgbl Pko, Ng Ko
| Salad and Condiments
Mgo Cy, F Mgo d Cl Rl,Ccb d Yog R, F M d Cl Sbl Rojk (pcy f d vgbl ld)
| Vegetable, Rice, and Pulses
Mxd Dl, Cdo-pcd Plf w Pco,Vgbl Cy d Vgbl By 
| Chicken
Cck Tkk Ml, Mg Mk (B Cck),Ko Cy 
| Beef 
Md Bf Cy, Xc (Go Cy), Rog Jo
| Seafood
Bgl Pw Ml, Go F Cy 
sansRival recommends
| Yoh-Frozen Yoghurt
T o cold foz dlg  lo  low-clo !Mk yo ow Id L yog-bd dk 
| The spirit of India
Yo do’ v o v o Id o y o of  op Id b, wky d g,bc R’ Spk  ldy bog  fo yo
R’ Spk cod qly bd fo o dcg co
Cover: Indian Rangoli pattern
used on doorsteps of homes towelcome family and friends duringthe Diwali, the festival of lights
 from the editor’s table
THERE IS a mistaken notion that all Indianfood is spicy hot. This is what IndraMirchandani, one of the co-owners of Kashmir Restaurant, wishes to dispel whenshe opened a satellite store at Rustan’sSupermarket in Makati. While Kashmir’s foodis indeed spicy, rarely is it hot.“It is not
,” says Indra. “Butit is spicy, because Indian food uses a lot of spices. We have toned down the chilies foryou familiar with a cross-section of Indianmeals. There are beef, chicken, or vegetariansamosas, chicken tandoori,
kebabs thatyou can bake, grill, or pan-fry, and lamb andchicken curries, chicken tikka masala, and
that you can just pop in a microwaveoven.
When you have familiarized your taste
buds with Indian food, then you are ready forthe real thing: a visit to a Kashmir restaurant.There are two in the metro, one in MakatiCity along Pasay Road, and another in Manilaat the intersection of Padre Faura andAdriatico Sts.For the past 36 years, Kashmir has beenserving Indian food to a discriminatingclientele of expats, Indian nationals, andadventurous Filipino gourmets. It hasbecome the bastion of Indian fine dining inthe country. And don’t take our word for it.Even the
Nw Yok T
has praised therestaurant for being the real deal in Manila,and a copy of that article hangs proudly bythe door of the restaurant in Makati City.There might be other Indian restaurantsin the metro, but none have enjoyed thelongevity of Kashmir. Surjan Singh, husbandof Indra’s co-partner Kamla, says it is becauseof the consistency in their kitchen. Any timeyou have a hankering for Indian food, justdrop by the restaurant, and you’re sure toget the same delicious meal you ordered onyour last visit.Singh says their clientele has slowlychanged through the years. Since the ’90s,there are now more Filipino diners at theirrestaurants. It isn’t surprising to see Filipino-Chinese diners and Indian nationals on anordinary day, enjoying platters of 
rogan josh
 or vegetable curry.Arjan Mirchandani, Indra’s husband, addsthat since they work closely with tourismboards, they enjoy a steady stream of touristsfrom India, especially now that PhilippineAirlines has direct flights to New Delhi.The menu at Kashmir isn’t exclusivelyIndian, too. There’s a smattering of MiddleEastern and Malaysian items on the menu.The bulk of the items, however, are Indian,especially from North India.If you enjoyed your first taste of chickentandoori from the Kashmir kiosk, here you’llsee it served the way it should be: chickenpiled high on a platter, colored bright orangefrom the marinade of spices. The
rogan josh
and curries are served in metal bowls,swimming in gravies that are best sopped upwith some
or pita bread.And you can also try other dishes that arequintessentially Indian:
, toastedlentil wafers;
, breadsflavored with garlic, onion, tomato, or egg; avariety of lentil dishes, like Punjabi
dahl chana; paneer 
(Indian cottage cheese),
(okra), and
(chickpeas), servedin a variety of ways; and chicken
,cooked in an exotic sauce with cream. Fordessert, do not miss
gulab jamum
(milk ballscooked in scented syrup),
(an Indianversion of 
(rich Indian icecream), and
(milk bars stuffed withcoconut and nuts).
Fo vo d q, v www.kl.co.
July-August 2011
The Kashmirstore at Rustan’sSupermarket offersdelicious frozendinners, but when you’re ready for anauthentic diningexperience, visitManila’s mostenduring Indianrestaurant
Filipino diners. But if you want it the way it isserved in India, then you can tell your serverthat you want it hot.”Indeed, the best way to start youradventure in Indian cuisine is by trying out avariety of dishes at home. The Kashmir storeat Rustan’s Supermarket carries a number
of frozen dinners that you can cook or
microwave at home. The selection of takeoutdinners is quite extensive, enough to make
Cpo pl Cpo pl Cpo plCpo pl Cpo pl Cpo plCpo pl Cpo pl Cpo plCpo plFk, py cp oppd w bold poo, coppd oo, cod lv,pkld w  w d o d-bd c d clld lg yog B kbb, glld  pc d  yog, gg d pcLb cop glld 
in tandoori oven
 J cy, f pcookd  c cy c
The real deal
Top: Id  dg  K Rg: K k-wy o  R’ Spk, Mk 
By Joseph Cortes

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