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2011 Utah Black Bear Guidebook

2011 Utah Black Bear Guidebook

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Published by State of Utah
For more information, please visit http://wildlife.utah.gov
For more information, please visit http://wildlife.utah.gov

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Published by: State of Utah on Jul 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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     U    t   a     h     D     i   v     i   s     i   o   n   o     f     W     i     l     d     l     i     f   e     R   e   s   o   u   r   c   e   s
      T   u   r   n     i   n   a   p   o   a   c     h   e   r   :    1  -    8    0    0  -     6     6    2  -    3    3    3    7
    w     i     l     d     l     i     f   e .   u    t   a     h .   g   o   v
    U   t   a    h    B    l   a   c    k    B   e   a   r  •
       2       0       1       1
    w     i      l      d      l     i      f    e .    u     t    a      h .    g    o    v
Contact inormationHighlightsWho makes the rules?Take a closer look at the rulesBoundary descriptions onlineKey datesLicense and permit eesUpdated bear management planKey acts about the revised planBasic requirementsIt’s required: Hunter educationBlack bear permitsWhy a pursuit season?Applying or a bear permitGuides and outttersBonus pointsConservation and sportsmanpermitsBear orientation courseHarvest reportingAvoid harvesting collared emalesPursuit permitsWaiting periodHunters with disabilitiesSales nal: exceptions and reundsField requirementsHunting hoursCheckpoints and ocer contactsFirearms and hunting equipmentAre you allowed to possess aweapon?Camp and hike responsiblyProhibited hunting methodsFewer conicts during the summerLimit to hounds in national orestBear baitingPossession and transportationDisposal o wildlieLivestock depredationTrespassingHarvest and pursuit restrictionsHunt tablesDenitions233456678910111111121314141414151515161818181819202121212224242525262834
Division oces
Ofces are open 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.,Monday through Thursday.
 Salt Lake City 
1594 W North TempleBox 146301Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6301801-538-4700
Central Region
1115 N Main StreetSpringville, UT 84663801-491-5678
Northeastern Region
152 E 100 NVernal, UT 84078435-781-9453
Northern Region
515 E 5300 SOgden, UT 84405801-476-2740
 Southeastern Region
319 N Carbonville Road, Ste APrice, UT 84501435-613-3700
 Southern Region
1470 N Airport RoadCedar City, UT 84721435-865-6100
Washington County (Field Oce)
451 N SR-318Hurricane, UT 84737435-879-8694
 U  t   a  B l    a  c k   B  e a • 
wi    l     d  l    i    f     e . u t   a h   .  g ov
What’s new this year?
New premium limited-entry hunt:
In 2011,the Division will oer a new premium limited-entrybear hunt. For more inormation on this hunt, seethe description on page 11 and the hunt tables thatbegin on page 28.
More hunting permits:
The Utah Wildlie Boardhas approved a 14 percent increase in the numbero bear hunting permits available to the public. Forseason dates and available permit numbers, see thehunt tables that begin on page 28.
Extended season or additional units:
Thisyear, additional units will participate in the extendedspring season. This extension gives hunters a betterchance to harvest bears that might otherwise beremoved or livestock depredation or nuisancebehavior. For season dates and available permitnumbers, see the hunt tables that begin on page 28.
Avoid harvesting collared emales:
TheDivision has collared some emale bears as part o along-term reproduction study. Please avoid harvest-ing these bears, i possible. For more inormation,see the inormation box on page 14.
GPS location required or bait stations:
I youdraw a bear limited-entry archery permit, you canalso apply or a certicate o registration (COR) thatallows you to have up to two bait stations. In 2011,you must submit a GPS location or any bait stationyou plan to establish. For more inormation on usingbait and obtaining a COR, please see pages 22–23.
Longer spot-and-stalk hunt:
The Division hasadded an extra month to the all Book Clis spot-and-stalk hunt. For specic hunt dates, see the hunttables that begin on page 28.
Higher ee or nonresident pursuit permits:
 This year, the cost o a nonresident bear pursuitpermit has increased to $135. For a list o all permitees, see page 6.
Accompanying someone on a restrictedpursuit unit:
I you obtain a restricted pursuitpermit—or you’re a dog owner who accompaniesa permit holder on a restricted unit—be sure to re-view the new denition o 
on page 34.
And remember
Hunting license required:
Beore you can applyor a 2011 black bear permit or bonus point—orpurchase a pursuit permit—you must have a validUtah hunting or combination license. Please seepage 9 or more inormation.
Who makes the rules?
The Utah Wildlie Board passes the rulesand laws summarized in this guidebook.There are seven board members, andeach serves a six-year term. Appointed by thegovernor, board members are not Divisionemployees.The Division’s director serves as the board’sexecutive secretary but does not have a vote onwildlie policies.Beore board members make changes towildlie rules, they listen to recommendationsrom Division biologists. They also receive inputrom the public and various interest groups viathe regional advisory council (RAC) process.I you have eedback or suggestions orboard members, you can nd their contactinormation online at
Wildlie Board members
Rick Woodard,
Ernie Perkins,
Vice Chair 
James F. Karpowitz,
Division Director &Executive Secretary 
Jake AlbrechtDel BradyBill FenimoreTom HatchKeele Johnson

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